Lab Equipment including: Agilent Gas Chromatographs, Separations Modules, UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Nicolet 210 Spectrophotometer, specialty lab!
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(lot) Dynics control monitor FX15PTP1X117OXP14NXXN-MDM3-BIT7 s/n 22052, (3) Dynics control monitor A2T15T40XPL4NNNN s/n's 19679, 21291, 21292

Karl Storz Endoscope and cold light projector 81-472

Karl Storz Endoscope and cold light projector 81-472

(4) cases Karl Storz Endoscope and other parts

Ealing fiber optic light source FE75 S/N1525

(lot) IKA RCT basic magnetic stirrer, (2) IKA ETS-D4 Fuzzy temperature probes

(lot) IKA RW20 digital lab stirrer with stand, Caframo-Northstar BDC1850 high-torque stirrer (no stand)

Alltech ELSD LTA low temperature adaptor for use with Alltech evaporative light scattering detector, s/n 9808101L

Hamilton Micro Lab 900 diluter dispenser part 39941 s/n DL-AG0921

(lot) Penelson 600 series Link digital interface module, Metrohm 703 Ti titration stand (base only), Brinkmann 725 Dosimat control module

Dionex AS40 automated sampler s/n 96060556

Olympus BH stereo microscope with (4) objective lenses: 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x; mechanical X-Y stage, illumination

Advanced Instruments Spiral Biotech Qcount model 510 microbial colony cell counter s/n 00040010

Gould Data sys 740 digital storage oscilloscope 150 mhz (no probes)

Sensigent Cyrano Sciences Cryanose 320 handheld chemical vapor sensing instrument (electronic nose unit), with case

Kistler type 5019A multichannel charge amplifier

Kistler type 5019A multichannel charge amplifier

Thermolyne 1300 benchtop furnace FB 1315M s/n 1050990976715 watts 1050

(lot) Glas-Col 100B Tm 641 mantle 230V 1000 watts, Glas-Col TM572 mantle 335 watts 115V, Glas-Col 500W mantle

(lot) Chiu Technical HG-DM power supply unit, (3) lab titration stands

(lot) misc lab instruments: Lambda Model M-YS W-2 power supply, Humonics veri-flow 500 precision flow meter, (4) Rhino 60 W 100-240v to 24v power ...

(6) Atago CM-780 inline Brix monitor refractometers

(lot) Fisher hydrometers, heaters, probe stand parts

(lot) World scan coating weight analyzer 50 (paint gauge), Fostec 8375 Lamp supply

(lot) PE Nelson 900 series chromatography interface controller, PE Nelson 600 series chromatography interface link

Dionex model AD20-1 absorbance detector, powers on and passes self-tests s/n 97030646

Mettler AT261 delta range analytical lab balance

Mettler H10 analytical lab balance max load 160g s/n 3311457

Mettler PJ400 precision electronic balance

(lot) Mettler PM4600 digital balance lab scale, Mettler Toledo X520025 precision balance, Ohaus Adventurer series lab scale

Perkin Elmer auto system XL gas chromatograph 120v

Thermolyne 48000 benchtop furnace F480125, 120v, 1ph, 1800w, opining 6 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 10 1/2" deep, s/n 1058970705159

Semtech EFM exhaust flow meter EFM2 s/n LO6-SEO4

Semtech EFM exhaust flow meter EFM2 s/n G06-SE20

Airgas gas regulator gauges Y12-C445D660

(lot) UFS bonded microfiber filter elements 12-57-50521-P, hoses and parts

Dionex DX-120 ion chromatograph s/n 97040073

KNF Laboport UJN840. 1.2 FTP diaphragm vacuum pump s/n 1/667001

(2) Hiac Royco 8000 A eight channel partical counter

Hiac Royco ABS-2 automatic bottle sampler s/n 93068002

Hiac Royco ABS-2 automatic bottle sampler s/n D01006

Agilent 6890 series GC system gas chromatograph GC with auto sampler

Agilent 6890 series GC system gas chromatograph GC with auto sampler

Koehler K-39110 heat bath 11 1/2"w x 22"d with Koehler 1550RPM agitator

Koehler K-109 heat bath 16" x 14"d with Koehler agitator

Koehler heat bath 12" x 11"d with Koehler agitator

Fisher 2223 Iso temp water bath 12 1/2 x 11 1/2" x 5 1/2" s/n 240988-1330

Falex friction and wave test machine recording sytem s/n 800000200393

(lot) Waters 2424 evaporative light scattering (ELS) detector, Waters 2998 photodiode array detector (PDA), CPU cabinet

Malvern Panalytical Zetasizer Nano Z series ZEN3600 Zeta potential measurement system, 2007, s/n MAL1008909

  • 135 item(s)

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