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G Series, AA638 with G638 Udo optical, 120-240V wall outlet; Tag: 281904

(1) Forma Scientific Water Jacketed Incubator, Model: 3546, 120V, 4A; (1) Forma Scientific Water Jacketed Incubator; Tag: 282110

Model: 3529, 120V, 6.6 Amps, 800 Watts; Tag: 282116

Model: SSU2540A29, 1ph, 115V, 11.1A; Tag: 282123

115V, 11.5 Amps; Tag: 282326

Model: SSU2540A29, 125/250V; Tag: 282327

Lot 4

Lab Table

Lab Table 3' x 6'. 125002 Location: 303

Date of installation: 01/01/2012 TSQ Quantum Serial #: TQU03396 Thermo GC Model #: K473000000000DO GC serial # 620110523 (AC input: 230V 50/60Hz ...

Lot 5

Lab Table

Lab Table 3' x 6'. 125003 Location: 303

1- PMS Freezer 100 Serial Number: 402 A Type: FR 100 Continuous Ice Cream Freezer Capacity: 150 Litres/Per Hour Stainless Steel Cladding Water Coo...

LOCATED IN PALM DESERT, CA- Unused ProChrom Custom Hipersep L Automated Production System w/ 590 column & Slurry Skid.  Specs & Features:  -Only U...

Loading Fee: $30 Tepco Media Air / Dust Cleaner

1- Thermo Scientific Forma Series Clean bench 1800 Features: All interior surfaces of the work area align with the edge of the HEPA filter media t...

Thermo Scientific Freezer; Model: TSX2320FA; S/N: 114145801220325; 2022

Lot of Leap Analytics Autosampler parts, consisting of transport arms, lifters, and power sources. {TAG:1190018}

Labconco Logic+ Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet; Cat No: 302611101; S/N: 220226104B

Nuaire Model NU-475-600 Approx. 6' Self Contained Environmental Hood, 2015, Downflow/TA 60 FPM, Inflow 105 FPM, S/N 168714052815

Lot (4) Thermo Scientific Pipettes; (2) 1-10ml, (1) 10-100ml, (1) 100-1000ml

Lot of Thermo Scientific Finntip Filter Pipette Tips

1- Helmer Model: HLF125 Laboratory Freezer Serial Number: 2071905 Application : Upright Freezer Capacity : 25.2 cu.ft. Defrost Type : Automatic De...

Fisherbrand Sonicator Model FB505 w/ Model CL-334 Sonicator Head, Lab Stand, S/N 125543AT-03-22 & 2022010588

(3) Fisher Scientific Model 1495521B Mini Heat Blocks

LOCATED IN LANSING, MI-Used Across International 10 Liter Jacketed Glass Reactor. Model R10.  Specs & Features: -Max Pressure: 4.4 psi or 0.03 Mpa...

1 - Terumo SCD® IIB Sterile Tubing WelderModel: 72508Serial Number: 8305Product Description:SCD® IIB Sterile Tubing Welder Uses polyvinyl chloride...

1-Retsch Easy Sieve Model: Klopfsiemaschine AS 200 tap   Serial Number: 121207032 Volts: 120 Hertz: 60 Amps: 5 Manufacture Date: 2012 Part Number:...

Glass syringes 10ML will last 10 units Glass syringes 10ML will last 10 units 164

Stainless Steel Lab Table

bulk jar test tubes bulk jar test tubes 165

1- Fisher Scientific Fume Hood 93-409 HQ Serial Number: CS0100-FH966 Dimensions: 48x36x60  Product Information:  The Fisher fume hood has a stainl...

Test tubes for MOB Test tubes and jars for MOB 167

Lot 111

Ro Tap RX- 29

1- Ro Tap Model: RX – 29 Serial Number: 26348 Voltage: 115 Herts: 60 Manufacture Date: 2006 Description: The industry standard is the test sieve...

Astoria-Pacific autosampler system, model 311, with associated compenents, units, bottles, with computer & software, 115 volts, serial# 4643A11281...

Branson Mdl. 3510-MTH Ultrasonic Cleaner

Baker Sterilgard, Biological Safety Cabinet, Model SG600, made in 1993, S/N 48778, 115V, approximately 24" x 70" workspace. {TAG:1190098}

(5) Hard Foam Lab Stools

Nuaire lamineer fume hood, model NU-201-430, made in 2008, 19" x 46" work space, S/N 126264100708. {TAG:1190106}

LOCATED IN LANSING, MI- Used Air Sciences Pure Air BASIC Ductless Fume Hood. Model P5-36-XT-A Specs & Features: -36" / 900mm Nominal Width, Standa...

Lot 42

Lab Table

Lab Table 33" x 98", late removal item. 125043 Location: 311

(5) Hard Rubber Lab Chairs

Eppendorf Pipette holders with pipettes 125052 Location: 314

Stainless Steel Lab Table (Approx. 4' x 30")

GNB 36 Volt Battery Charger

VWR Digital Heatblock | Required Rigging and Loading Fee for Simple Loading: $25

GNB 36 Volt Battery Charger