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Lot 135

Lightning Mixer

SPX Flow lightning mixer, 0.25hp, 1750rpm, 115/230v [Start Of Sale]

Asset 12 - Groen model DTA/3-40SP 40 Gallon Tilting Double Action Cooking and Mixing Kettle, 45 psi at 300 degrees F, 2-speed, .75/1.5 HP, 3 phase...

Algonquin Products 1-way push lever mixing station, model AQP98110, with Control Box (CIP Room)

Lot 195

Stainless Sink

Lot of (4) Sani Safe stainless sink, with Foot Pedal Controls (14"l x 10"w x 4 3/4"dep Basin) (Production Floor)

[Lot] Hobart planetary floor mixer, model HL1400, s/n 31.1514-065, 4-Speed, 140qt, with (1) Mixing Bowl Moving Cart and Mixing Attachments, 200-24...

[Lot] Hobart stainless mixer parts, (1) Stainless Mixing Bowl-(23"dia x 24"h Bowl Size), (2) Mixing Attachments, (1) Mixing Bowl Moving Cart (Kitc...

Lot 204

Floor Mixer

Hobart floor mixer, model D-300, s/n 11-187-013, 2-Speed, 30qt, with Mixing Attachements, 115v, 1ph, 1725 rpm, 10.2a, 60hz, 1/2hp, (14"dia x 13"h ...

Lot 209

Gas Pot Ranges

Lot of (3) Imperial gas pot ranges, (2) Double Stock Gas Pot Range-(42"l x 18"w), M#:ISPA-19-2, (1) Single Stock Gas Pot Range-(16"l x 17"w), M#:T...

Hamilton Beach triple-spindle drink mixer, model HMD400, s/n E2121L, 120v, 60hz, 900w (Kitchen)

Lot of Assorted Building Maintenance Supplies Consisting of: Pneumatic Mixers, Motors, and Switches

Admix m/n 112RS70SS High Sheer Mixer S/N 73612-1

Crepaco Ingredient Blender, s/n C-4302-S-420

BREDDO LDDW Likwifier High Shear Blender, s/n 97738, 143676-3, 250-Gallon Capacity, Stainless Steel, Steam Heat, etc.

Stainless Steel Construction, Multiple Inlets and Outlets for High Flow Capacity, Side Manway, Top Mounted 5 HP Agitator with Internal Propeller B...


(6) Wooden Platforms

Lightnin A-720 Agitator Seal Unused in Crate (Location: Warehouse-BLDG P)

Lightnin Agitator Drive Rebuilt (Location: Warehouse-BLDG P)

Stainless steel frame 27" X 21 3/4" X 19 1/2" T

Stainless steel frame 21 3/4" X 12 1/2" X 19 1/2" T

Stainless steel frame 21 1/2" X 13 1/2" X 12 " T

Stainless steel frame 11" X 16 1/2" X 12" T

Stainless steel/Alluminum raised platform 2' X 6' X 3 1/2'

Hobart 4346 Mixer grinder, 28" width, 39: depth, 1725 rpm S/N 27-067-995

Robot Coupe 60 Quart VCM (Vertical Cutter Mixer), Model RSI 60, stainless steel construction, driven by approximately 15 HP, 3-phase, 220 V, 60 Hz...

Robot Coupe 60 Quart VCM (Vertical Cutter Mixer), Model RSI 60, stainless steel construction, driven by approximately 15 HP, 3-phase, 220 V, 60 Hz...

Lot 671

Cheese Mixer

Kraft cheese mixer, 5 cubic feet, 316 stainless steel contacts. Pear shaped, 21" diameter on top with (2) piece stainless steel cover, 24" diamete...

Lot 672

Dough Mixer

Pietro Berto 200-pound spiral mixer, dough mixer. With stainless steel bowl measuring 25" diameter X 15" deep and hook arm. Previously used at des...

Lot 673

Dough Mixer

Bakery Equipment Service, model BES-160-DB, spiral mixer, 200 kg dough capacity, digital control, 220v, 3ph/60hz, 1 HP. New in 2005. Serial number...

Lot 674

Dough Mixer

Sinmag, Model SM200T Spiral Mixer, 200 kg bowl, 2-speed, reversible bowl, with 36" diameter x 20" deep HD stainless bowl. Rated for 10-120 kg /15-...

Lot 675

Dough Mixer

Sottoriva, Twist/Spiral mixer, Model 200 AM fixed, reverse bowl rotation, 200 kg maximum dough capacity with safety grill, serial number 847512, 2...

Lot 676

Stainless Mixer

Mixer, High Shear, Oakes, Model 8MV-5A, Serial number 195. Type 316 stainless steel with 5 HP variable speed drive, 2" flanged connections, 2 inje...

Lot 677

Stainless Mixer

Stainless Steel Nauta Mixer, approximately 50 cubic feet capacity, measures 6' diameter x 8' deep, 60 degree cone with 10" diameter center bottom ...


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