Hard to find spring manufacturing equipment including winders, tempering furnaces, four-slides, manual machine tools and plant support equipment.
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Multiple Facilities, Illinois
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Greenville, IL, Three Rivers, MI , Athens, GA, Kingsville, ONT CANADA Multiple Facilities, Illinois United States

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Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine, 9" X 42" T Slot Table, 60 to 4,200 Spindle Speeds, 1 1/2 HP, 3 PH, With Machine Vise, S/N 114878 ( Loc. Green...

Bridgeport Vertical Milling Machine, 9" X 42" T Slot Table, 80 to 2,720 Spindle Speeds, 1 HP, 3 PH, With Machine Vise and Automated Table, S/N 657...

  • 239 item(s)

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