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Canceled** May 1 - Surplus Bottling Line from Ongoing Operations of Flavor Producers

United Food and Beverage LLC HTST Pasteurization Skid, Bevco M150 Rinser, Aesus Inline Filler, Bevco ZPPI Cap Sterilizer, Cooling Tunnel, TriBlender Skid, 2016 Conveyor Timed Online Auction Ended Dec 25, 2014 11am EST (4pm GMT)

Sale Date(s)

  • Ended Dec 25, 2014 11am EST (4pm GMT)
Sharonville, Ohio

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  • Sharonville, OH
  • Sharonville
  • Ohio
  • 45235
  • United States

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Buyer's premium: 18.00%

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Bulk Bid - Lot 1 through Lot 25

Lot 0

Bottling Line was Last Running 2oz, 8oz, and 30oz Support Protein Drinks and 10oz Cold Brew Coffee *Bulk Bid Offer to Win Must be Greater than t...

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2015 Bykowski Engineering HTST Pasteurization System

Lot 1

Model: IZMAG032D010SAR0R100, Serial: 1540322, Mounted on Stainless Steel Skid, Rated for 130 GPM, Includes Control Panel with Allen Bradley PanelV...

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2016 Conveyor Solutions 4.5 Inch Tab Chain Conveyor

Lot 2

Includes 7 Feet of Straight and one 45 Degree Curve - Infeed Conveyor used with Bevco Rinser

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Bevco M150 Gripper Rinser

Lot 3

Model: M150, Serial: J23506, Ionized Air Rinser, Adjustable Hand Crank for Different Size Bottles - Min Diameter: 1.5 Inch, Max Diameter: 3.5 Inch...

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2016 Conveyor Solutions 4.5 Inch Tab Chain Conveyor

Lot 4

Includes 7 Feet of Straight and one 45 Degree Curve, one Crossover with a Total Length of 15 Feet - Discharge Conveyor from Bevco Rinser through F...

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2016 Aesus Systems 8 Valve Inline Filler

Lot 5

Model: AF8 Filler, Serial: 525630516, Includes Todd Street, INC 48 Gallon (Wash In Place - WIP) Tank Serial: 9330-15 and Allen Bradley PanelView P...

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Ampco 10 HP Centrifugal Pump

Lot 5A

Stainless Steel Washdown Motor, 230/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, Last used in Conjunction with Tank for Aesus Filler

More details

2016 Aesus Systems Delta Cap 4 Spindle Inline Capper with Sort Elevator

Lot 6

Model: DeltaCap, Serial: 525650516, Includes Capper Sorter and Elevator, Four Spindle Unit with Easy to Adjust Cap Tightening Stations, Motorized ...

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2016 Conveyor Solutions 4.5 Inch Tab Chain Conveyor with Aesus Bottle Rejecter

Lot 7

Includes 12 Feet of Straight and three 90 Degree Curves, one Idle End, and one End Mounted Drive Motor, Aesus Bottle Rejecter - with Manual

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2016 Enercon Super Seal 75 Induction Sealer

Lot 8

Model: LM5022-295, Serial: 125392-1-1, Mounted on Stainless Steel Frame, Adjustable Height by Crank Wheel, 208 Volt, 1 Phase, 50/60 Hz, Manual Inc...

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Bevco Laydown Cap Sterilizer

Lot 9

Model: ZPPI (Zero Pressure Product Inverter), Serial: J23507, Includes Allen Bradley PanelView C600 and Infeed and Discharge Crossover Sections, T...

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2016 Conveyor Solutions 4.5 Inch Tab Chain Conveyor

Lot 10

Includes 7 Feet of Straight with two 90 Degree Curves - Meets up with Double 4.5 Inch Conveyor Section (roughly 7 Feet) - Additional 12 Feet of St...

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2016 Cooling Tunnel 6x20

Lot 11

6 Foot by 20 Foot Tunnel, Includes Plastic Belting, Comb Transfers, Discharge Conveyor - 10 Feet of 4.5 Inch, Air Knives on Discharge of Tunnel, S...

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2016 Conveyor Solutions Bi Flow Accumulation Table

Lot 12

Includes two 45 Degree Curves, 2 Feet of Straight, 12 Feet of Straight Tab Chain through Center of Table, 14 Inch Blue Mat Top Conveyor on both Si...

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Domino A420i Ink Jet Coder

Lot 13

Model: A420i, Serial: AST000117600, Max number of unicode characters per line: 255, Max number of lines Standard: 4, Includes QVGA (320x240) with ...

More details

Side Belt Transfer Conveyor

Lot 14

2 Feet 4 Inches of Transfer Conveyor, Hand Crank to Adjust Belt Width, Transfer from Accumulation Table to Labeler, Used in Conjunction with Domin...

More details

2016 Aesus Systems Eco Wrap Labeler

Lot 15

Model: Eco Wrap, Serial: 525670516, Includes 7 Feet of Stainless Steel Conveyor, 14 Inch Wrap Belt, Optional Prism Roller - Allen Bradley PanelVie...

More details

2016 Aesus Systems Eco Shrink Plus Neck Bander / Sleever

Lot 16

Model: Eco Shrink Plus, Serial: 525640516, Includes Multi-Knife Cutting System - Tamper Evident Shrink Banding Machine, 17 Feet of Straight 4.5 In...

More details

2016 Aesus Systems Hybrid Steam Tunnel

Lot 17

Model: Hybrid Tunnel 48 Inch Dual, Serial: 525660416, Includes Reimers Steam Boiler - Model: RH-30, Serial: 0216-102799 - 480 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz...

More details

2016 Conveyor Solutions 4.5 Inch Metal and Plastic Tab Chain Conveyor

Lot 18

Total Length: 19 Feet 6 Inches, Includes Crossover from Metal Tab Chain to Plastic Tab Chain, two Drive Motors

More details

Pack Off Table with Powered 14 Inch Case Conveyor

Lot 19

Total Length: 11 Feet, Mounted on Stainless Steel Frame, Plastic Chain

More details

Domino C6000 Ink Jet Case Coder

Lot 20

Model: Multi Head Base, Serial: CSB 014157, Stainless Steel Construction, Print Capabilities - 8 Lines, Bar Codes and Graphics, 70mm Print Height,...

More details

Cleveland Equipment Semi-Auto Tape Case Sealer

Lot 21

Model: 554TS, Serial: 0116 15554TS01, Features Both a Side and Top Belt Drive System - Supported by Three 200 Watt Motors, Includes Breaker Switc...

More details

Best Flex Expandable Case Conveyor

Lot 22

When Compressed - 2 Feet 6 Inch, When Expanded - 8 Feet, 18 Inches Wide, Adjustable Height, Capacity - 200 lbs per Linear Foot, No Caster Wheels

More details

TriBlender Mixing Skid

Lot 23

Stainless Steel Skid Mounted on Casters, Includes 50 HP Centrifugal Pump 230/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, Ampco Model: SP225-250TC, Serial: 176970-5-...

More details

Bottling Line Control Panel

Lot 24

Includes 14 Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 VFDs, Allen Bradley Logix 5561 PLC, and Other Components

More details

2016 Trane CGAM Air-Cooled Scroll 40 Ton Chiller

Lot 25

Model: CGAM 040F 2N02 AXD2 A1A1 B1AX XA1A 1AXX XA8B 1A1A 3A1D 1XXL XX, Serial: U16B53242, High Efficiency, Wide Ambient (0-125 Degree F), Freeze P...

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  • 60
  • 120
  • 240

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