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Late Model Baking, Processing And Bottling Equipment - Kozlowski Farms

Rabin Worldwide Producers of Natural Jams, Sauces, Dressings & Pies Timed Online Auction Ended Sep 10, 2019 12:48pm PT (8:48pm BST)

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  • Ended Sep 10, 2019 12:48pm PT (8:48pm BST)
Forestville, California

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  • Kozlowski Farms
  • 5566 Gravenstein Hwy
  • (5566 Hwy 116)
  • Forestville
  • California
  • 95436
  • United States

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Lot 101

Impulse Sealer

AIE impulse sealer

Lot 102

Voidfill System

Ranpak Fillpak TT voidfill system, model PC-0646, s/n 50903370, 24vdc, 150w

FB Pease Co. apple peeler /corer, model P25

Lot 104

Apple Slice

FB Pease Co. apple slicer, single station, stainless steel frame and deck, interchangeable blade sets for 8 to 24 wedge cut

Lot 105


Best expandable conveyor, s/n 300227

Lot 106


[LOT] (3) Table top conveyors, stainless frames, 72", 90" and 128" long with 4.5"w plastic belts, ...[more]

Lot 107

Inkjet Printer

Lynx ink jet printer, model 4900, s/n EJ858 ...[more]

Lot 108

Inkjet Printer

Markem ink jet printer, model Imaje 4040 ...[more]

Lot 109

Shrink Tunnel

Beseler T-18-8 Heat shrink tunnel, model 2220MTBA-A, s/n O6950540, with L-bar sealer, 220v ...[more]

Lot 110

Dough Sheeter

Dough sheeter, stainless ...[more]

Accutek Bottom up filling machine, 4 piston head, surge hopper with product agitator, 16oz, plus set of filling nozzles for chunky and liquid prod...

Lot 112

Hopper Elevator

Cap hopper elevator, stainless with cleated belt

Lot 113

Spindle Capper

Inline spindle capper with 36"l gripper belt, stainless frame

Rotary accumulation table, 36"dia x 38"h, stainless

Lot 115


Ribbon/Paddle mixer, 26"l x 18"w x 24"deep, with lid cover, stainless

Lot 116


Sunset model MC-625PX stainless milk farm tank, 100"l x 48"w x 36"deep with 42"l flip top lid covers, top mount agitator, HD casters, stainless, s...

Lot 116A


Legion Utensils Tilt Kettle, jacketed, open top with hydraulic run top mount agitator, approx 60gallons cap, stainless, s/n 680983

Lot 117


Kettle, double motion, hydraulic tilt-out top mount agitator, full sweep with nylon scrapers, open top, jacketed, bottom discharge, 38"dia x 35"de...

Lot 118


Lee Kettle, double motion, hydraulic tilt-out top mount agitator, full sweep with nylon scrapers, open top with lid cover, jacketed, bottom discha...

Lot 119

Stainless pump

Murzan diaphragm pump, stainless, model P1-50 ...[more]

Wilden diaphragm pump, stainless, model M8

Column hoist buggy dumper, 12'high, stainless, mobile base ...[more]

[LOT] (2) 600 lbs. VeMag type buggies, 25"l x 25"w x 28"deep, stainless ...[more]

Lot 123

Screw Elevator

JDA incline screw auger conveyor system, model SC4, with 8cuft vibratory feed hopper, safety screen, 100"discharge height, stainless with HD caste...

Lot 124

Vertical Mixer

Blakeslee planetary mixer, model DD80, s/n 12766312EDD, 20"dia x 18"deep stainless bowl 208v, 60hz, 2hp, variable speed control, with spiral hook ...

Lot 125


Hamilton kettle, model CW, s/nD7176, jacketed, hydraulic tilt-out top mount agitator, approx 100 gallons cap, 38"dia x 30"deep , flip top lid cov...

Lot 126


LEE kettle, s/n 137U, jacketed, hydraulic tilt-out top mount agitator, 250 gallon cap, 52"dia x 40"deep, full sweep with nylon scrapers, stainless...

Lot 127


LEE kettle, model 500D9MS, s/n 23544-11, double motion jacketed kettle, (2002) top mount agitator, full sweep with nylon scrapers, 500 gallon cap,...

Lot 128


LEE kettle, model 300D9MT, s/n 65316-1, double motion jacketed kettle, (2010) hydraulic tilt-out top mount agitator, full sweep with nylon scraper...

Lambertson steam vapor hood, stainless, 2013

Lambertson steam vapor hood, stainless, 2013

Captive-Air steam vapor hood, stainless, 2013

Lot 132A

Water Pump

[LOT] Dayton centrifugal water pump thermally protected, model 4HFA7 ...[more]

IME Rotary accumulation / unscrambling table, model 900-48U, 48"dia x 38"h, with penta KB speed drive, stainless s/n 111181,

Lot 135

Bottle Filler

IME bottom up bottle filler, model 2400 series, 6 head piston heads, used for 16oz and 32oz, 30 gallon agitated hopper, ultrasonic level control, ...

Lot 136


Table top conveyor, with 90 deg, stainless frames, approx 25'long with 4.5"w plastic belts, gear drives

Massily "Massily Jr." vacuum cap sealing machine, model MY1000, with Coudert Constructions magnetic cap elevator, feed hopper, with no cap detecto...

Lot 138


Table top conveyor, stainless frames, approx 20'long with 4.5"w plastic belts, gear drives

Lot 139

Washing Tunnel

Bottle washing tunnel, approx 16'l x 24"w two stage washer with 1hp Sta-Rite centrifugal pumps and FSI filters, with 18'l modular feed conveyor, ...

Lot 140

Air Knife

Air knife, model 4C659B

Lot 141

Conveyor System

Single filers conveyor system with 90 deg discharge/transfer, stainless frames , with 4.5" and 5" x approx 20' total length, table top plastic bel...

Lot 142


Table top conveyor with 90 deg, approx 20'l, 4.5"w plastic belts, gear drive, stainless

Lot 143

Neck Bander

Axon neck bander, model EZ-100-003-02, s/n 1111-03, with star wheel spacer, 100 ppm capacity, with TAKK Industries model 2002s static eliminator, ...

Lot 145


Southern California Packaging Co. auto pressure sensitive labeler, model ST600, s/n 311600811, microprocessor control, stainless and anodized alum...

Lot 146

Labeler System

Ketan auto pressure sensitive labeler system, model K200, s/n 410820, with round jars wrap belts, spacing wheel system with spacing rails, integr...

Lot 148

Inkjet Printer

Markem ink jet printer, model Imaje S8-Classic, s/n 4390027U

Lot 149

Pack-Off Table

Products Line Unlimited pack-off table, 6'l x 22"w, stainless with integrated table top feed and 8"w gravity roller box conveyor

Lot 150

Case Sealer

Little David case sealer, top seal

Lot 151


Best expandable conveyor, 18"w x 3' to 12'l expanded

Lot 152

Rack Oven

LBC double rotary rotary rack oven, model LRO-2G, s/n L-27634, stainless clad, power vent, Nat. Gas fired with (1) roll-in rack  ...[more]

Lot 152A

Rotary Racks

2) Rotary double pan racks for rotary rack oven  ...[more]

Portable Aluminum pan racks  ...[more]

Asst. portable aluminum pan racks ...[more]

Lot 152D

Portable Rack

(2) Asst. Portable Racks ...[more]

Lot 153


(3) Atago handheld refractometers  ...[more]

Lot 154

pH/Temp Meters

(2) Beckman pH/Temp meters  ...[more]

Lot 154A

Bag Sealers

(4) Assort. bag sealers  ...[more]

Lot 154B

Label Dispenser

(2) Dispensa-matic "Select-a-matic" model D5 Label Dispensers ...[more]

Lot 154C

Speed Controller

Dayton 4Z377D speed controller  ...[more]

Lot 155

Convection Oven

Montague convection oven, stainless clad, gas fed

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