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Tiger Commercial & Industrial Molders, Extruders, Blenders, Classifiers, Dryers, Tumblers, Spare Parts, Forklifts, Plant Support and Much More... Live Webcast Auction Jul 19, 2016 10:30am EDT (3:30pm BST)

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  • 10am EDT - 4pm EDT

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  • 251 S. Bailey Road
  • Thorndale
  • Pennsylvania
  • 19372
  • United States

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Currency: USD
Buyer's premium: 18.00%

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There are 862 item(s) within this sale
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Lot of Stampers: 1/8 in. Hanson Combination Steel Letter and Number Stamps, 1/2 in. Number Stamps (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Site Location: Tho...

Lot of: KD Tools Torque Wrench, 0-150 Foot Lbs., Sturtevan Richmont CCM-200Nm Torque Wrench (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Site Location: Thorndal...

Metal Carts, 36 in. x 24 in. x 26 in., 48 in. x 24 in. x 36 in, 31 in. x 25 in. x 35 in., 36 in. x 24 in. x 27 in. (Asset Location: Warehouse), (...

Full Fire Extinguisher Cart, 48 in. x 30 in., Containing (16) Assorted Fire Extinguishers (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Site Location: Thorndale, ...

Dayton Battery Charger/Booster, 60/2 Amp Battery Charger, 250 Booster Tester, 6/12 V, Dual Range, M/N 3Z51H (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Site Loc...

Pallet of Lock-out/Tag-out Supplies Consisting of: Assorted Tags, Locks, Covers, (New and Used) (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Site Location: Thorn...

National Public Seating Corp. Shop Stools w/ Backrest, (New in Boxes) (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Site Location: Thorndale, PA)

Lot of: Little Giant Mag Drive Pump, Little Giant Indoor High Water Alarm (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Site Location: Thorndale, PA)

Dayton 1/4 HP Electric Motor, Single Phase, 4.7 Amps, Continuous Air Over, (New) (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Site Location: Thorndale, PA)

Lot of Jupiter Pneumatics Load Balancer, 19.8-33 Lb. Cap., (3) Coil hose Pneumatics Load Balancer, 2-4 Lb. Cap. (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Sit...

Lot of: Hydroforce Power Washing Gun, Guardair Extended Reach Air Gun (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Site Location: Thorndale, PA)

Lot of: Miller Ultra Class A Safety Harness, Miller Scorpion Personal Fall Limiter, Miller Sofstop Lanyard (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Site Loc...

Lot of: (2) Gibraltra Products Spreader/Clamps, (3) Empire Magnetic Levels, Stanley Rafters Square (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Site Location: Th...

Lot of: 8 ft. x 6 in. Nylon Lifting Sling, Lifting Strap with (2) 4 ft. Leads, 5,000 Lb. Cap. (Asset Location: Warehouse), (Site Location: Thornd...

Lot of: Kuplex-T Lifting Chain Sling, 5 ft. Reach, 12,300 Lb. Cap., 3/8 in., Grade 8, Lifting Chain Sling, 2 ft. Reach, 9,100 Lb. Cap., 9/32 in., ...

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  • 60
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