ABSOLUTE AUCTION - Large Restoration Facility - Owner Retiring
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Monclova, Ohio
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  • Ended Jan 31, 2023 4:39pm ET (9:39pm GMT)

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Currency: USD
Buyer's premium: 18.00%

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9540 Airport Hwy Monclova, Ohio 43542 United States

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Contents of Shelf, 1/3 HP Bench Grinder, Electric Drill, label maker ...[more]

Contents of Shelf, Knee Pads, Tires, Torches and Face Masks ...[more]

Misc. Brushes, Sponges and Safety Glasses ...[more]

Extension Tools for Soot Sponge Cleaner with Clamps ...[more]

Lot 22


Zipwall extensions ...[more]

Wheelbarrow with (5) Boxes Roofmelt (3) Bags of Rock Salt not included   ...[more]

#905 Heatbond Iron for Seaming Carpet ...[more]

Safety Cones & Wet Floor Signs ...[more]

Misc. Hard Hats and Safety Vests ...[more]

Misc. Hard Hats and Cooling Vests ...[more]

  • 382 item(s)

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