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Maple Leaf Foods Sale #3 - Spares and Stores Department

TCL Asset Group Inc. Over 350 lots of new, used and refurbished assets including: s/s motors, drives, pumps, tools and related assets from stores and spares Department Timed Online Auction Ended Jun 21, 2018 3:36pm EDT (8:36pm BST)

Sale Date(s)

  • Ended Jun 21, 2018 3:36pm EDT (8:36pm BST)

Venue Address

  • 149 Brock Street
  • Thamesford
  • Ontario
  • N0M2M0
  • Canada

Auction Details

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Currency: USD
Buyer's premium: 18.00%
Tax on hammer: 13.00%

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There are 673 item(s) within this sale
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Results for live webcast and timed auctions may not have been verified by the auctioneer. If you are in any doubt of the accuracy of the prices provided, please call the auction house to confirm.

Lewis s/s hock cutter, model LH84-T, ser. no. 08808LH, c/w (3) 2 h.p. circular blade cutters, (cutter chain is driven by Kill Line conveyor chain)...

approx. 16 in. x 20 ft. s/s frame trussing belt conveyor, c/w cleated plastic belt, 1/2 h.p. drive (Eviscerating) ...[more]

approx. 20 in. x 15' s/s frame belt conveyor c/w flat plastic belt, (chiller #3 exit conveyor) (Chillers) ...[more]

(2) ice discharge chutes (Coolers)

s/s shallow tank on casters(Chillers) ...[more]

deep fryer, s/s c/w control panel (further processing) ...[more]

Mahti E. s/s mesh glove washer c/w Rheem Ruud 120 USG hot water tank, model EGS120C-9, ser. no. 1210L01511(Upper Packaging) ...[more]

s/s parts cleaning tank c/w pump, & lid(Upper Packaging)

s/s floor platform scale c/w Rice Lake digital weight indicator, model IQ+355-2A, ser. no. 153200 (Floor Scale #2)(Upper Deboning)

tank dumper (no. 1), 8000 lbs. cap., 36 in. lift height (further processing)

tank wash station, incl. (2) polt tanks, (2) pumps, etc. (Coolers)

s/s single-station hand wash sink, knee valve activated(Coolers)

s/s 4-station hand wash sink, knee valve activated(Live Receiving)

s/s 5-station hand wash sink, motion activated(Lower Deboning)

s/s 6-station hand wash sink, motion activated(Upper Deboning )

double-sided s/s cone cut-up & deboning  line, approx. 40 ft. long, 20 in. cone centers, variable speed, plastic chain conveyor, c/w (1) approx. 1...

Foodcraft s/s leg processor, c/w 15 h.p. hydraulic power unit, & approx. 10 in. x 6 ft. s/s frame drum discharge belt conveyor c/w flat plastic be...

approx. 16 in. x 35 ft. s/s frame north/south belt conveyor c/w incline, overhead section, & cleated plastic belt, (north/south carcass conveyor) ...

approx. 16 in. x 35 ft. s/s frame north/south belt conveyor c/w incline, overhead section, & cleated plastic belt, (north/south wing conveyor) (IA...

approx. 12 in. x 14 ft. s/s frame drum feed incline belt conveyor, c/w cleated plastic belt (IATP No. 122) (Upper Deboning)

auto-trim take-up unit, mod. F-300B (further processing)

Loma metal detector, mod. IQ2, ser. no. Q1MH17622(further processing) ...[more]

conveyor (brine tank, no. 3), 18 in. x 27 ft (further processing) ...[more]

shrink tunnel, 20 in. x 20 in. aperture (further processing)

(5) operator stools(Eviscerating)

Toolex pedestal drill press, mod. DP-30, ser. no. 1146007 (1999), 12-speed c/w 4 in. machine vice(maintenance shop, 2nd floor)

Toolex bench grinder, 8 in.(metal/wood shops)

PowerFist hydraulic press, 50 ton(mechanic shop)

Miller Millermatic Challenger 172 mig welder(maintenance shop, 2nd floor)

Hypertherm plasma cutter, mod. PowerMax1250, ser. no. 1250-014921(metal/wood shops)

ProStar fume exhauster (yr. 2012)(storage, 2nd floor)

2-door cabinet c/w contents: welding rods, etc.(maint. shop, south basement)

anvil(maint. shop, south basement)

PureWash parts washer, mod. Kustom221(maint. shop, south basement)

(2) bottle jacks (maintenance shop, south basement)

(5) retractable air hose reels (IATP No. 300)(mechanics garage)

ShopVac ,13 gal. (metal/wood shops)

pedestal fan(Coolers)

3M digital pipettor(Lab)

Denver MXX-413 balance(Lab)

misc. Garvey price guns (lab)

(4) folding cafeteria tables & stacking cafeteria chairs(Cafeteria)

qty. of picnic tables(metal/wood shops) ...[more]

automated security gate (not in service) (metal/wood shops)

contents of office (furnishings only) (mechanic shop)

CleaverBrooks packaged boiler (no. 5), mod. CB700-600, ser. no. S-87418 (1994), 25,100,00 BTU, 400 hp, gas c/w alarms, controls, isolation (boiler...

Thermogenics thermocoil steam boiler (no. 6), mod. MG300 NAX, ser. no. 94236, 1,850,000 BTU, 365 hp, natural gas (boiler room)

AOSmith hot water tank, mod. DRE-120 100, ser. no. 1742F800007, 426 liter cap. (Cafeteria) ...[more]

R/O poly storage tank, 10000 gal. (boiler room)

s/s brine hopper, 10-ton (boiler room)

Quincy air compressor, 3 hp (not in service) (mechanic shop, 2nd floor)

Beko oil/water separator, mod. Z545110 (north basement)

Beko oil/water separator, mod. WOS5, ser. no 4007479 (north basement)

Engineered Air make-up air unit(Roof)

(2) RotoJet high pressure pumps, mod. RIII2X2, 40 hp, 40 gpm ea., skid mounted c/w control panel & (2) VSDs(sanitation)

RotoJet high pressure pumps, mod. RIII2X2, 40 hp, 40 gpm (not in service)(sanitation) ...[more]

RAM control panel (further processing) ...[more]

incline conveyor (Waste Transfer)

rotoscreen intermediate conveyor, s/s, 20 in. x 10 ft (Waste Transfer) ...[more]

rotoscreen lift incline conveyor, s/s, 9 in. x 10 ft (Waste Transfer)

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