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Removal:   Payment must be made within 72 hours.   All equipment is to be shipped June 19 - 26. Freight to be arranged by customers, contacts be...

3000L Cherry Burrell Jacketed Processing Tank with Agitator   Rigging Fee: $700 ...[more]

4000L Cheddar Vat with agitator and curd mixer, dimple plate and utensils   Rigging Fee: $960 ...[more]

7000L Chevre Press Vat with press units, Drain Bags and Rods   Rigging Fee: $960 ...[more]

1956 200L Kettle, CRN 7013.5, Serial 2582, MWP 60PSI, 304SS   Rigging Fee: $150 ...[more]

600L DeLaval Jacketed Tank with agitation   Rigging Fee: $480 ...[more]

1000L CIP Washtank with basket   Rigging Fee: $480 ...[more]

Fulton Propane 15HP 64900BTU/H Boiler Model 15-E, with condensation tank, feed pump, and steam valve   Rigging Fee: $600 ...[more]

HTST Pasteurizer, custom built, ran at 1300L/hr capacity, last calibrated Nov. 2022   Rigging Fee: $500 ...[more]

Gaulin Homogenizer, 7HP Single Phase   Rigging Fee: $250 ...[more]

Centrifugal Separator, McCormick Model 3G, 20L bowl processed 200L/hr   Rigging Fee: $100 ...[more]

Centrifugal Separator, Vega Model R8, 110v   Rigging Fee: $100 ...[more]

Seapro Yogurt Depositor with Gas Flush The cup filler has: A cup drop A filler Heat sealer with gas flush Unloader onto a platform It runs about...

Frey Stuffer, Model Konti A-50, Serial FP521299025   Rigging Fee: $240 ...[more]

Poly Clip Automatic Clipper, Model DOD.H6029, Serial 91558   Rigging Fee: $240 ...[more]

Clippack Manual Clipper, Model ACD-16, Serial ACD160198   Rigging Fee: $120 ...[more]

Poly Clip Double Clipper   Rigging Fee: $90 ...[more]

Seapro Cup Sealer for 4" cups, Model ET-95M   Rigging Fee: $120 ...[more]

20 Quart Emery Thompson Ice Cream Machine, needs compressor   Rigging Fee: $120 ...[more]

Walk In Cooler, McKinnley and Taylor with Larkin 5 fan evaporator   Rigging Fee: $960 ...[more]

Cheese Press with racks for gouda and cheddar, holds 24 molds   Rigging Fee: $150 ...[more]

1988 International 5T Milk Truck with Air Brakes, Equipped with Jacob Brenner 4000 Gallon Milk Tank, VIN1HSZEGGR7JH574479   Rigging Fee: $120 ......

RCR Incubator, Model A411   Rigging Fee: $40 ...[more]

Quincy Lab Incubator, Model 10-140, Serial L17528   Rigging Fee: $40 ...[more]

Polyspede Spedestar PCL 150 15HP VFD, 1PH 230vac input, 3PH 230V output, Serial TB400382   Rigging Fee: $75 ...[more]

Automation Direct GS2-25PO VFD, 5HP, 3PH 200-240V input, 0-240V output, 0.1-400HZ   Rigging Fee: $75 ...[more]

ABB ACS150 1.5Kw/2HP VFD, 1PH 200-240V input, 3PH 0-240V output   Rigging Fee: $75 ...[more]

Hitachi X200-075LFU 10HP VFD, 3PH 200-240V input and output   Rigging Fee: $75 ...[more]

SS Horizontal Tank, Internal Dims 72"Lx24"Wx16.5"H   Rigging Fee: $120 ...[more]

Circle C Manual Clipper, model CFA3100, serial 019   Rigging Fee: $90 ...[more]

60 L Balance Tank, 2" outlet   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

SMC Air Dryer Model ADFB65E-11N, Serial MP 0093C, 25SCFM   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Denver Instruments pH Meter, Model UB5, Serial UB504C255   Rigging Fee: $25 ...[more]

Lacticheck Butterfat Milk Analyzer, Model LC-02/A   Rigging Fee: $25 ...[more]

Lot of spare electronics, regulator   Rigging Fee: $30 ...[more]

Warnock Hersey / AZCO Ozonator Unit, Model HTU 500AC, Serial 25134   Rigging Fee: $40 ...[more]

Dry Ice Machine with 10ft hose and gun, Insta-Ice Polyfoam Packers Model 460   Rigging Fee: $25 ...[more]

Ecolab Oxidizer Test Kit 322, Model ECL-57800.88   Rigging Fee: $25 ...[more]

2 Boxes Haynes Food Grade Lubricant   Rigging Fee: $25 ...[more]

Page & Pederson MA50 Moisture Scale and Analyzer, SN MA30105-1   Rigging Fee: $40 ...[more]

Rosa Charm Strip Incubator, serial 3156L9694   Rigging Fee: $25 ...[more]

SP Scienceware Light Box, Model ULB-100, Serial 26744   Rigging Fee: $40 ...[more]

Gast Vacuum Pump with 1/2HP Worldwide Electric Motor   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Waukesha Positive Displacement Gear Pump, 2in inlet/outlet, 2HP 115/230v 1PH motor   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Water Pump with motor, 2.5" in and out, 1/4HP 1PH 115/230V 1725RPM   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Pump on Cart, 1.5" in 1" out, Baldor 3/4HP Motor   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Pump with motor, 1.5" in 1"out, 3/4HP Motor   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Berkeley Water Circulation Pump,1.5"in 1.5" out, 1HP 115/230V 1PH 3450RPM Motor   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

AMPCO Centrifugal Pump, 1.5" in, 1" out, Baldor Single phase 115/230v 1HP 3450RPM Motor   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Waukesha Size 30 Positive Displacement Pump, 1.5" in and out, Serial 1289 SS, no motor   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Centrifugal Milk Pump, 1.5" in 1" out, Baldor 1HP Single Phase 115/230v 3450 RPM Motor   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Burks 7CT7H-FE-CS Boiler Pump Spare, Bluffton Single Phase 0.75HP 3450RPM Motor   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Centrifugal Milk Pump, 1.5" in 1" out, Baldor 1HP Single Phase 115/230v 3450 RPM Motor   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Versa-Matic Diaphragm Pump, Model SV186FG   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Milnor Commercial Washing Machine, Model MWR18J4, 208-240V 3 Phase 38A   Rigging Fee: $200 ...[more]

Berkeley Water Circulation Pump, 1HP   Rigging Fee: $60 ...[more]

Control Panel With Temperature Recorder Chart, Custom Built by DELC   Rigging Fee: $180 ...[more]

Omega 2 inch electronic flow meter, Model FTB-406A, Serial 151599   Rigging Fee: $20 ...[more]

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