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Lot 1

Uschel Model G Serial # 1183 240V 3 phase, ( ...[more]

Lot 1A

2008 Millennium Pro Goose Neck , Trailer custom built by ...[more]

Lot 1b

Urschel Model RA. (NOTE to bidders: All items ...[more]

Lot 2

Urschel Model H Serial # 503 240V 3 Phase. (N ...[more]

Lot 3

Urschel Model GK-A Serial # 2729 240V 3 phase ...[more]

Lot 4

Urschel Model GK-A Serial # 2854 240V 3 phase ...[more]

Lot 5

Grasso 230 volt Compressor 1995 Type RC 29, S ...[more]

Lot 6

Grasso Compressor, Type RC29, s/n 96021068, m ...[more]

Lot 8

Urschel RA. (NOTE to bidders: All items inclu ...[more]

Lot 9

Urschel SL-A Slicer, Serial 334, w/ Manual. ( ...[more]

Lot 10

Colborne Rotary Pump Filler, Model CF38725000 ...[more]

Lot 11

Hinds-Bock Piston transfer pump, Model P-128, ...[more]

Lot 12

Hinds-Bock Piston Filler 4 head - 65 gallon h ...[more]

Lot 13

60CU FT Stainless Blender / Mixer 4'wide X 5' ...[more]

Lot 14

Olney Onion topper / tailer, Model 4-1990 Ser ...[more]

Lot 15

Hinds Bock Filler, Model P-128, Serial # 3725 ...[more]

Lot 16

Stainless Ribbon auger / filler. (NOTE to bid ...[more]

Lot 17

6 ft long conveyor On Stainless Stand. (NOTE ...[more]

Lot 18

Urschel CC. (NOTE to bidders: All items inclu ...[more]

Lot 19

Blender / with Discharge Auger, Stainless. (N ...[more]

Lot 20

Bar Slitter 1 Stainless. (NOTE to bidders: Al ...[more]

Lot 21

Bar Slitter 2 Stainless. (NOTE to bidders: Al ...[more]

Lot 22

Lot of (8) Sections of 54 inch long steel Bar ...[more]

Lot 23

Commercial Manufacturing shaker, 8Ft Long, Pa ...[more]

Lot 24

Lyco Potato Peeler Frame with Auger, Stainles ...[more]

Lot 25

Sunshine Systems High Speed Coring and Trimmi ...[more]

Lot 26

2 ABB Low Voltage AC Drives With User's Manua ...[more]

Lot 27

Filper Magnuson Coring machine. (NOTE to bidd ...[more]

Lot 28

Baader Conveyor 6ft, Variable speed. (NOTE to ...[more]

Lot 29

Grote Meat Slicer Model fg101-2005-2, S# 1024 ...[more]

Lot 30

Lot: Set of steel stairs 12 ft 6 in, Steel l ...[more]

Lot 31

Breader, Stainless. (NOTE to bidders: All ite ...[more]

Lot 32

Onley Radish topper / tailer, Stainless. (NOT ...[more]

Lot 33

Brothers / Legrow Vegetable Drier, w/ Basket ...[more]

Lot 34

Lot of (4) Dryer baskets for Brothers spinner ...[more]

Lot 35

Morlings FTC one-way, Meat / Fish slicer 563 ...[more]

Lot 36

Conveyor 11ft long X 6ft tall, Stainless. (NO ...[more]

Lot 37

Conveyor 66inch tall X 9 ft long. (NOTE to bi ...[more]

Lot 38

Conveyor 7ft tall X 11ft long. (NOTE to bidde ...[more]

Lot 39

Commercial Manufacturing shaker, Pan is 25 in ...[more]

Lot 40

Bettcher Slicer , Model 39. (NOTE to bidders: ...[more]

Lot 41

Stainless Steel Double Hole work station, Inc ...[more]

Lot 42

Stainless Steel 2 Hole Sink Garbage Hole, 38 ...[more]

Lot 43

Conveyor, 15 ft long, 7 ft tall. (NOTE to bid ...[more]

Lot 44

Work platform with steps. (NOTE to bidders: A ...[more]

Lot 45

Tub Lift Elevator & Dumper, MFG Parma Mixer 4 ...[more]

Lot 46

Spare parts for an Urschel OV (new blade & Ri ...[more]

Lot 47

Spare parts for an urschel RA. (NOTE to bidde ...[more]

Lot 48

Spare parts for an Urschel GK_A & GK. (NOTE t ...[more]

Lot 49

Spare parts for an Urschel CC. (NOTE to bidde ...[more]

Lot 50

Service Robots Scrubber Vac, 24 volt, Model K ...[more]

Lot 52

Mixer made by Grace Machinery Co. W/ Steps an ...[more]

Lot 53

Stainless Ribbon auger / filler. (NOTE to bid ...[more]

Lot 54

Pop-A-Top Machine for, Cauliflower, Broccoli, ...[more]

Lot 56

Spare Parts for Urschel H-A . (NOTE to bidder ...[more]

Lot 57

Spare Parts for Urschel GK-A, (1-pallet). (NO ...[more]

Lot 58

Spare Parts for Urschel GK-A (1-pallet). (NOT ...[more]

Lot 59

Orange Interlake Pallet Rack Rails,(19) -- 8 ...[more]

Lot 60

Lot of (4) Stainless Steel tubs , 32 x 48 x 3 ...[more]

Lot 62

2 hole bagging station for Vegatables, 74 x 4 ...[more]

  • 82 item(s)

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