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[LOT] of flex inspection scope and steerable sheaths consisting of (1) Healthmark, model FS3-500, s/n 0003000054 + (4) OxygeniX - 061806183, (2) F...

[LOT] of (1) NDS Conductor surgical imaging unit + heating chamber control unit as shown

[LOT] of (1) TSI, ML-0051, Phantom ML Led light source, + Keyence -LS-5121t, high speed sensor/laser scan micrometer with monitor

[LOT] of (2) Fiber-Lite illuminator, series 180, 50 quartz halogen lamp, 350, 000 foot candles intensity, cold illumination, (1) Olympus MU1- leak...

Storz endoscopy light source unit, model Xenon 300

Lot 106

Leak Tester

Uson leak tester, model Sprint iQ, (Sanovas unit 0194)

Nuaire laminar airflow control

Lot 107A


[LOT] of (1) Sanovas surgical unit/physio-logix bio sensor assembly, + portable mini scissor table, (1) OEMB1, eye model bracket-single post, Ocul...

Smart board projector display, model UX60 - 03-00157-22, s/n B012DL14D0262, Ultra Short throw smart unit,

Stratasys support cleaning system, model Wavewash 55, s/n ww5500222, p/n 570-10000, 100-120/220-240v, 60/50hz, 1 gal capacity,

Olympus digital signal processing unit, model OTV-S4, OES TV system, NTSC, 50/60hz,

Luxtec light source unit, MLX series, Xenon

Smith and Nephew HD camera system unit, model 560P, s/n AAW, 100-120-240v, 50/60hz, 250va

Lot 114

Generator Unit

Smith and Nephew generator unit, model Vulcan, 200w max, 110-250ohm, 460khz, 100-240v, 50/60hz, 800va

Unico spectrophotometer, model 1201, s/n 110811109068, 110v, 60hz, fast acting

Lot 117

Water/Oil Bath

Buch and Holm water/oil bath, Precisterm, s/n 0438494, 1500w, 50/60hz, 230v, stainless

[LOT] of (1) Eppendorf centrifuge, model 5414, no. 5414, 15000rpm, 115v, 230w, 2g/vessel, plus MJ Research Inc thermal controller, model PTC-100, ...

Lot 120

Water Bath

Thermo Forma water bath, type 003-8830, s/n 200004-019, 115v/60hz, stainless

Branson ultrasonic bath/cleaner, model M8800, s/n BGQ121407940B, 120vac, 50/60hz, 320w

[LOT] of (1) Sony Trinitron, (2) Sanovas flat screen surgical monitors

Steris liquid chemical processing unit, System IE/P6500, s/n 405701, 115v, 60hz, 15amps

[LOT] of assorted surgical/medical accessories as shown

Lot 125

Vacuum Chamber

Poly vacuum chamber with Associated gauge, valves, and Omega digital monitor, on shop cart, included

Lot 126

Ice Maker

Whynter ice maker, model-FIM-450HS, s/n1B15010119, freestanding, stainless, 44lbs/day capacity rating, 232psi/90psi-high/low, 115v, 60hz, R134a/3....

Lot 127


LW Scientific Inc centrifuge, model LWS Combo -V24, s/n 1202017, micro hematocrit 24 place set, 110v, 60hz, 4000rpm,

[LOT] of (1) Olympus endoscopy imaging equipment, model OTV-S4, OES TV system, digital signal processing unit, NTSC, 50/60hz, and (1) Vicera CLV-S...

[LOT] of (4) PPC Atom, slim ONYX, 21DTT-A1-1110, Sanovas breathing innovations, medical monitors, + (2) Ikam, model VL7e LED on camera HDMI monito...

[LOT] of (3) ONYX Healthcare medical monitors, model Zeus -227ST-1-1010, 1521DTT-A1-1010

[LOT] of health/medical parts and accessories consisting of (1) New Era syringe pump, injection paraphernalia, Sanovas clear vessel tech unit Gas ...

Lot 133


Microscope with WF10X eye piece, s/n HG-511853, F1A-110v, 110v-120v,

Scienscope binocular microscope, with WF10x/22, double arms boom stand mount,

Scienscope trinocular microscope, model NZ-BD-T3, stereo zoom, with WF10x/22eye piece, double arms boom stand mount, UV free,

Scienscope trinocular microscope, model NZ-BD-T3, s/n NT3A1410133, stereo zoom, with WF10x/22eye piece, double arms boom stand mount, UV free,

Lot 137


LUXO microscope, wide field, with SWX10 eye piece, double arms boom stand mount

Lot 140

3D Printer

Stratasys 3D printer, model Mojo, p/n 690-10000, 100-240v, 6-3 amps, 50/60hz, 127 x 127 x 127 mm (5 x 5 x 5 in.), max, 100 base ethernet protocol,

Lamb knitting machine, model LX11 Single Feed Singular Special, circular weft, with Contrex digital touch control, start/stop/jog switch, 1/2hp-HP...

Lamb knitting machine, model LX11 Single Feed Singular Special, s/n 55105/Platform SN 292, circular weft, with Contrex digital touch control, star...

[LOT] of (1) OmniCure/Lumen Dynamics UV curing unit, series 2000, s/n S2000-XLA-4211, 100-240v, 50/60hz + (1) Tti EL302R power supply, 30v, 2amps ...

Sorvalis Instrument centrifuge rotor, model HS4, 700rev/min max + Sanovas surgical instrument unit as shown

Keyence laser sensor unit, model Intelligent -G

Lot 147

CO2 Incubator

Sheldon manufacturing CO2 incubator, Shel-Lab series, model RF3552, s/n RF08028913, 110-120v, 50/60hz, p/n 9151171, 180degC high heat decontaminat...

Nuaire air jacketed incubator, DHD Auto Flow, NU-5510, s/n 108492081106, (2006) 115vac, 60hz

Lot 149

Incubator Oven

Napco incubator oven, model 301-M23145, s/n 03-89-M23146-15, 120v, 1ph/60hz, 375w, 3000rpm,