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BK Precision digital storage oscilloscope, model 2190E, s/n 512G17107, 100-240v, 50/60hz, 30w max power

BK Precision function generator, model 4003A, s/n 40031022606013100, 4MHz with 50MHz autorange counter, 110-240v

Lot 104

DC Power Supply

Sorensen dc power supply, model XPF 35-10, s/n CJ0343, programmable, dual 35v 10a output, 115v, 50/60hz

Lot 105

DC Power Supply

GW Instek dc power supply, model PSP-2010, s/n GEQ150758, programmable, single 0-20v output, 115v, 50/60hz

Lot 106

DC Power Supply

GW Instek dc power supply, model PSP-603, s/n GEP222730, programmable, single 0-60v output, 115v, 50/60hz

Lot 107

DC Power Supply

BK Precision dc power supply, model 1672, s/n 295G13385, programmable, triple output, (2) 0-35v, (1) 5v fixed, 110-120v, 50/60hz

[LOT] of (3) Microscopes and Boroscope, includes Cambridge Instruments stereo microscope, mod StereoZoom4, Celestron handheld digital microscope p...

Fluke visual ir thermometer, model VT04A, s/n 18020618, -10 to 250 degC range, 28x28 FOV, 4x AA 1.5v batteries

Omega datalogging thermometer, model HH374, s/n 170407183, 9v battery

Dakota Ultrasonics ultrasonic thickness/coating gauge, model CMX DL+, s/n 9634, 3x AA 1.5v batteries

[LOT] of (2) Assorted ultrasonic thickness gauge, includes Benetech mod GM100 and Positector Standard mod UTG

[LOT] of (2) Assorted ultrasonic coating gauge, includes Extech Instruments mod CG204 and Positector 200 mod B3

Lot 114

Mass Flowmeters

[LOT] of (2) Assorted mass flowmeters, includes Alicat Scientific MCRS-250SLPM-D, NH3 and Aalborg GFM-1700, air

Inficon ultrasonic leak detector, model Whisper, w/ air quality detector as shown

[LOT] of (8) Assorted Testers, includes multimeters, anemometer, light meter, circuit finder, and balance charger/discharger as shown

Lot 118

Thermal Printer

Zebra thermal printer, model ZD420, s/n D2J214309416, 4" thermal transfer, monochrome

Brinno time lapse camera, model BCC200, construction camera pro, w/ Braun phototechnik hunting, and (2) tripods as shown

Proto tool chest (electrician's special), includes specialty electrician tools - wire cutters, crimpers, pliers, screwdrivers, precision sets, all...

Lot 122

Hook-Up Wires

[LOT] of Hook-Up Wires, assorted AWG and colors, includes terminals, heat shrinks, spool rack and metal cabinet as shown

Weller soldering station, model WESD51, digital, includes consumables and fume extractor as shown

GOM 3d camera system, model ARAMIS, includes (2) Mako G-507B PoE cameras w/ Edmund Optics lenses, tripod setup, (10) ELP 8MP USB cameras, software...

Lot 128

Drill Press

Wilton drill press, model 22221VS, s/n 9100092, 20", 1-1/2hp motor, 115/230v, 60hz, 1ph

Lot 129

Band Saw

JET band saw, model JWBS-18QT, s/n 13041051, 18", woodworking, w/ quick tension, 1-3/4hp, 115v, 1ph

JET horizontal/vertical bandsaw, model HVBS-712D, s/n 1705BF01229, 3/4hp, 115/230v, 60hz, 1ph, mobile

Lot 131

Chop Saw

Evolution chop saw, model S380 CPS, s/n K2112US04501, 15", metal cutting, 120v, 60hz, w/ extra blades and workbench as shown

JET combination shear, brake and roll, model SBR-30N, s/n 304441, 20GA x 30" cap, w/ mobile workbench as shown

Shop Fox pan and box brake, model M1011, s/n A20051354, 24" x 20ga mild steel cap, 0 to 135 deg brake range, 2020, w/ mechanical miter saw as shown

JET belt sander/disc grinder, model JSG-6DC, s/n 10804200, combination, 1-1/2hp, 115v, 1ph

[LOT] of (2) Dayton bench grinder and sander, (1) mod 2LKR5, 6", 1/4hp and (1) sander-grinder mod 2Z646B, 1" belt, 8" disc

Bench Grinder and Sander, (1) Baldor cat no. 510, 1/2hp, and (1) Craftsman 4" x 36" belt, 6" disc sander, mod 351.215141, 1/3hp

Lot 138

Arc Welder

Chicago Electric arc welder, model FLUX 125, s/n 372452111, flux core, 120v, 60hz, 20a

Lot 139

Arc Welder

Chicago Electric arc welder, model FLUX WELDER, s/n 4418-37147-1526, flux core, 120v, 60hz, 20a

Lot 140

Plasma Cutter

Chicago Electric plasma cutter, model 64808, s/n 0319371475478, inverter, 240v, 50/60hz

Lot 141A

Cabinet Oven

JPW Industrial cabinet oven, s/n 002010, 480v, 3ph, 60hz

Q-Panel Lab accelerated weathering tester, model QUV/SPRAY, s/n 97-9733-60-SPRAY, SOLAR EYE UV irradiance controller, 120v, 60hz, 1800w

Lot 145

Air Compressor

Atlas Copco air compressor, model LF10-10CV 270, s/n ITR1404029, horizontal, 11hp, 230v, 60hz, 3ph, w/ pneumatics and electrical components as sho...

Lot 146

Air Compressor

Atlas Copco air compressor, model LF10-10CV 270, s/n ITR1377265, horizontal, 11hp, 230v, 60hz, 3ph, w/ pneumatics and electrical components as sho...

Lot 147

Air Compressor

Kaishan air compressor, model KRSB, s/n 410416, horizontal, 7.5hp, single stage rotary

Lot 149

Air Compressor

Atlas Copco air compressor, model LF10-10CV 270, s/n ITR1404025, horizontal, 11hp, 230v, 60hz, 3ph