Complete 25 BBL Brew System, Stainless Fermentation & Brite Tanks, GEA GSC-60-077 Centrifuge (new 2015), Aged White Oak Standard Tanks
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Lot 101

Breaker Hammer

Bauer breaker hammer, model 1633E-B, 70 lb. Pro, 1-1/8" Hex, 120vac, 60hz, 15amps, [RIGGING FEE: 25]

[LOT] (2) Milwaukee and Black and Decker straight grinder [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 103

VSR Drills

[LOT] (4) DeWalt , 1/2" VSR drills, 120vac, 50/60hz, 0 -850/min RPM [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 104

Power Tools

[LOT] (2) Angle Grinders, DeWalt and Hercules, 4-1/2 and 5/8" to 11" , 120vac, /vds, 50/60hz, (3) Makita rechargeable hand drills with (1) battery...

Lot 105

Pneumatic Tools

[LOT] (8) Pneumatic tools, including Central Pneumatic air rachets, staple gun , impact tool, rotary wire brush [RIGGING FEE: 25]

[LOT] Assorted sizes wrenches and sockets as shown [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 107

Lifting Aids

[LOT] Lifting Aids, including (1) 600lbs capacity electric hoist, 8,000lbs capacity cable winch pullers, [RIGGING FEE: 25]

[LOT] Assorted hand tools on 2 door storage cabinet, not included [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 109


[LOT] Eppendorf pipettes, Rainin Pos D various sizes, approx. 36 pieces, plus (3) pipettes racks, [RIGGING FEE: 50]

Lot 110


Eppendorf, micro centrifuge, model 5415C, 1,000 to 14,000 rpm , 115v, (1993) [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 111


Eppendorf, low speed centrifuge, model 5702, s/n 0013571, 120v, (2007) [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 112

Water Baths

Thermo Scientific multi purpose microprocessor controlled water bath, model 280 series, [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 113


Tuttnauer Brinkmann portable lab autoclave /steam sterilizer, model 2540E, s/n 9406402, approx. 10" dia. x 18" chamber, 3full / 3half capacity, 15...

Lab Companion, table top shaker, model SK600, open top, fly wheel shaker system, reciprocating motion sensor, brushless motor, 10-300 rpm, 10 sec ...

Bio-Rad, electrophoresis power supply, model 3000Xi, 3000v constant current to 300mA [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 116

Thermal Cycler

Bio-Rad Peltier thermal cycler, single block , model Alpha unit DNA Engine, ALS1296, s/n PTC0200 , 96v, holds 96 x 0.2 ml tubes /one microplate [R...

Bio-Rad Alpha unit dual block assembly for DNA engine system, model ALD1234, s/n AL103558, holds 30 ml tubes /block [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Helios gamma thermo spectronic /spectrophotometer, model UVG-101332, s/n 55155 [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 119


Leica, model Microstar IV, 410, s/n 19558 dual head, compound microscope, 120v, 60hz [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 120


Nikon microscope, model - ALPHAPHOT-2-V52, 1.25 phase contrast [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 121

PH Meters

[LOT] (3) PH meters including (2) Hanna, model HI0991990-1 and (1) pH-20 [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 123


Narco incubator, model 6300-E85010, s/nn2-85-6546-1, 2 high, 120v, 1ph/60hz, 900w [RIGGING FEE: 125]

Air Clean chemical workstation, model 600, ductless, class 100, vertical laminar flow and timed UV light [RIGGING FEE: 125]

Air Clean chemical workstation, model 600-PRC Workstation, with model 300 controller, ductless, class 100, vertical laminar flow and timed UV ligh...

Lot 126


Hygiena Ensure, multiple tests luminometer [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 126A


Hygiena Ensure, multiple tests luminometer [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 126B

Lab Instruments

[LOT] Lab Instruments, including (1) corning stirrer/hot plate, calibration weights, (2) Nubee infrared thermometers [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 127

Vacuum Pump

[LOT] (1) Kozyvacu vacuum pump , model TA350, 1stage, 5Pa, 1.4hp, 120a continuous duty plus (2) electric motor, regulator [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 128

Lab Supplies

[LOT] Assorted lab supplies as shown, on table, and on cabinet [RIGGING FEE: 150]

Lot 129


Hotpoint dishwasher, model HDA3600 series, s/n GD839036b, 120v [RIGGING FEE: 75]

Whirlpool, lab refrigerator, model W4TXNWFWQ03m [RIGGING FEE: 75]

[LOT] Janitoria supplies, Including wet dry vacuum and trash cans as shown [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 132

Stainless Table

Stainless table, approx. 7' long [RIGGING FEE: 150]

Lot 133

Stainless Table

Stainless table, approx. 7' long [RIGGING FEE: 150]

Lot 134

Lab Counter

[LOT] (2) Lab counters with(3) multiple drawers counter cabinets [RIGGING FEE: 200]

Lot 135

Lab Counter

Lab counter, with black top counter, 16 drawers [RIGGING FEE: 250]

Lot 136

Kitchen Counter

Approx. 5' long 2 sink kitchen counter, with cabinet below [RIGGING FEE: 100]

Lot 137

Diaphragm Pumps

[LOT] (2) Wilden Stainless Diaphragm pumps, 316ss [RIGGING FEE: 125]

Inoxpa stainless centrifugal transfer pump, model RF-10/40,stainless mobile base with drive control [RIGGING FEE: 125]

Ampco stainless centrifugal transfer pump, stainless mobile with drive control [RIGGING FEE: 125]

Ampco stainless centrifugal transfer pump, stainless mobile with drive control [RIGGING FEE: 125]

Waukesha Cherry Burrell SPX, positive displacement transfer pump, model 030-U1-R1-0, s/n 1000003079513, stainless mobile base [RIGGING FEE: 125]

Waukesha Cherry Burrell, model 018 series, s/n 294358, positive displacement transfer pump, 1.5hp, stainless mobile base [RIGGING FEE: 125]

Lot 144


Endress + Hausser Promag H, electro magnetic flow meter, s/n K9042A16000, with RA33 -16N0/0 batch controller, stainless mobile base [RIGGING FEE:...

Stainless pressure discharge unit with (1) pneumatic valve, flange end with tri clamp hose connection [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 144B

Butterfly Valves

[LOT] (23) Stainless butterfly valves , 2" dia with (23) sanitary clamps plus (1) sample tap as shown [RIGGING FEE: 25]

Lot 145A

Stainless Tanks

[LOT] (2) Stainless tanks, approx. 24"dia x 32" and 30" dia. x 48" high, open top [RIGGING FEE: 125]

Lot 146

In-Line Filters

[LOT] (3) Stainless in line filters, 36" and 24" x 4" dia., tri clamp [RIGGING FEE: 125]

[LOT] (20) Stainless butterfly valves [RIGGING FEE: 125]

[LOT] Stainless sanitary fittings, including sanitary clamps, end brackets, spray balls [RIGGING FEE: 125]

[LOT] Stainless sanitary fittings, Including (18) elbows, (29) tees and cross tees [RIGGING FEE: 125]

[LOT] Stainless sanitary fittings, including sanitary clamps, end brackets, spray balls [RIGGING FEE: 125]

Aquafine Ultraviolet water treatment unit s/n GS91050, 79,368 hours, stainless with sample port, 118v, 1.10amps, 60hz [RIGGING FEE: 125]

Lot 152

In-Line filter

Rosedale Stainless in-line filter, model MCLC08-30-11/2P, (2015) approx. 8" x 48" high [RIGGING FEE: 125]

Lot 153

Plate Filter

Industrial plate and frame filter press, with (70) Toffola filters, 16" wide, with Hydrafore hydraulic liquid jack press, stainless pressure and f...

Lot 153A


SFoggia Tech, (diatomite) DE filter, centrifugal discharge, 8sqm dry cake discharge, approx 28" dia x 46" straight filter chamber with sight gl...

JVNW stainless hop back tank, approx. 36" dia. x 36"high, 30" dia. x 30" high basket with lid top cover [RIGGING FEE: 150]

  • 271 item(s)