Formerly of Olam Tomato Processors - Canning Lines, Sorting & Peeling Systems, Evaporators, Pepper Peeling & Roasting Systems, Spare Pars & more!
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Williams, California
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  • Ended May 20, 2021 6:33pm PT (May 21, 2021 2:33am BST)

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6229 Myers Road Williams, California 95987 United States

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This auctioneer has chosen to not publish their results. Please contact them directly for any inquiries.

Waring Heavy Duty Blender, model CB15N, s/n 619628 [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1002

pH Meters

[LOT] (2) Thermo Scientific pH Meters, model Orion Star Series [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1003

pH Meters

[LOT] (3) Metrohm pH Meters, model 780 [LOC: QC Lab]

VWR Immersion Circulator, model 1112A, s/n 109800344 [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1005


Beckman Coulter Ultracentrifuge, model Optima TLX, s/n ID-482808 [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1006


Beckman Ultracentrifuge, model Airfuge, s/n AD509 [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1007


Beckman Ultracentrifuge, model Airfuge, s/n SP2036 [LOC: QC Lab]

Bausch & Lomb Dbl Viewer Microscope, model Balplan [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1009


[LOT] (2) Microscopes, (1) Motic model BA310; (1) Vistavision viewer [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1010


[LOT] (3) Bellingham + Stanley Refractometers, (1) model RFM130; (2) model RFM710 [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1011

Can Openers

[LOT] (2) Edlund Can Openers [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1012

Can Openers

[LOT] (4) Edlund Can Openers [LOC: QC Lab]

[LOT] Monitoring Instruments, includes Honeywell AM-20H ambient ozone monitor, digital buret, Atago Palette, Bostwick meters [LOC: QC Lab]

[LOT] Wahl Digi-Stem Thermometers, model DST600, includes (2) new in box, and (6) used [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1015

Dial Indicators

[LOT] Mitutoyo Dial Indicators, includes (1) outside caliper [LOC: QC Lab]

Hunter Lab ColorFlex EZ Device, model 45/0, s/n CFE20369 [LOC: QC Lab]

Stomacher Lab Paddle Blender, model 400-Circulator [LOC: QC Lab]

Stomacher Lab Paddle Blender, model 400-Circulator [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1019

Testing Sieves

[LOT] Palmer Scientific Testing Sieves, approx (18) assorted stainless and copper sieves [LOC: QC Lab]

[LOT] Assorted Lab Stands, with (2) boxes of supplies [LOC: QC Lab]

OneVision Can Seam Stripper, model 700, with assorted cutting dies [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1022

Mystery Lot

Mystery Lot, name the (3) components and earn Rabin points [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1023

Food Processors

[LOT] Food Processors [LOC: QC Lab]

[LOT] Gram Scales & Weights [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1025

Table Top Scales

[LOT] (3) Table Top Scales, (2) Weigh-Tronix QC-3265, (1) Mettler Toledo 60 lb cap scale [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1026

Platform Scale

Ohaus Platform Scale, model Defender 5000 [LOC: QC Lab]

Refrigerated Bath, with drying rack [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1028


Yamato Sterilizer, model SM510, (located in hot brake room lab) [LOC: QC Lab]

BioMerieux Microbial Analyzer, model Bact/Alert 3D, s/n 411CL2254, with Dell PC and probe [LOC: QC Lab]

Shel Lab Temperature Cabinet, model 1540, s/n 1101389 [LOC: QC Lab]

Fisher Isotemp Incubator, model 200-series, s/n ID10761 [LOC: QC Lab]

Fisher Isotemp Incubator, model 200-series, s/n ID10763 [LOC: QC Lab]

Fisher Isotemp Incubator, model 200-series, s/n ID10762 [LOC: QC Lab]

Fisher Isotemp Incubator, model 200-series, s/n ID10764 [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1035

Fume Hood

Labconco Fume Hood, model 36125-00, s/n 222986 [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1036

Air Conditioner

Friedrich Air Conditioner, with GE refrigerator [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1037

Lab Supplies

[LOT] Lab Supplies [LOC: QC Lab]

Lot 1039

Floor Hoist

Hercules Floor Hoist, 2000 lb capacity (located in hot brake room) [LOC: Main Shop]

Miller Diesel Driven Welder, model Trailblazer 302, s/n 907217, CC/CV, AC/DC welder, 10,00 watt, mounted on mobile cart with welding leads [LOC: M...

Lot 1041

TIG Welder

Lincoln TIG Welder, model Precision Tig 275, s/n U1060607336 [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1042

MIG Welder

Lincoln MIG Welder, model Power Mig 350 MP, s/n U1110606335 [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1043

DC Arc Welder

Miller DC Arc Welder, model CP-250TS, s/n JK714497 [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1044

Hose Clamp Stand

Hose Clamp Stand [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1045

Safety Cans

[LOT] Safety Cans [LOC: Main Shop]

Portable Controller, with AB PowerFlex 70 VFD [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1047

Dialarc Welder

Miller Dialarc Welder, model 250-AC/DC, s/n HH078638 [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1048

Jib Crane

Jib Crane, with Yale 1/2 ton electric chain hoist [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1049

Drill Sharpener

Drill Sharpener [LOC: Main Shop]

Dayton Double End Grinder/Buffer [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1051

Arc Welder

Lincoln Arc Welder, model Idealarc 250, s/n AC-551296 [LOC: Main Shop]

[LOT] (2) Oxy-Acet. Burning Carts [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1053


Ridgid Pipethreader, model 535 [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1054

Drill Press

Jet Drill Press, model 420F3P, with Baldor double end grinder [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1055

HD Surface Plate

Challenge HD Surface Plate, model LP-182404, s/n 920214, 18" x 24" [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1056

Parts Cabinet

Parts Cabinet, includes (1) section of shelving with contents [LOC: Main Shop]

Assorted Analyzers, with 2 tier cart [LOC: Main Shop]

[LOT] Milwaukee Power Tools, includes (2) band saws, (1) Roto hammer; (1) Die grinder, (2) electric drills [LOC: Main Shop]

[LOT] Makita Power Tools, includes (1) cut off saw, (3) assorted drills [LOC: Main Shop]

[LOT] Assorted Tool Sets, includes gear wrenches, taps & dies, pullers, etc. [LOC: Main Shop]

Lot 1061

Power Shear

Wolf Power Shear, model 48X1/SPS, s/n 90142 [LOC: Main Shop]

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  • 120
  • 240
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