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Lot 102


[Lot] Miscellaneous tools ...[more]

Lot 103

Corner Rounder

Lassco corner rounder model 20, s/n 7093 ...[more]

[Lot] CLI aluminum screw posts, various sizes ...[more]

[Lot] Assorted binding materials /supplies including adhesives, ribbons, weights, binding fabrics, threads ...[more]

Lot 106

Press Boards

[Lot] Aluminum edge press boards ...[more]

Lot 107


Peck , Stow and Wilcox no. 62B, s/n 71, table top shear, 21"w ...[more]

Pot Devin rotary glue press , 1/3hp , type ZAN-68, s/n 105, 110v ...[more]

Pot Devin rotary glue press, size W-30, s/n 1743 , 30"w ...[more]

Lot 110

Finishing Press

Standard Machinery Co. /Harry Brintnall finishing press, 24" wide ...[more]

Lot 111

Glue Machine

Pot Devin type ZB74, s/n121, 110v glue machine, 26"cut, 31"x18" table ...[more]

Lot 112

Standing Press

Hydraulic Standing press, 25" x 20" ...[more]

Crawley s/n 36-71-234 pneumatic bender /turning-in machine , 36"w, 44" x 20" bender table ...[more]

Lot 114

Paper Drill

Challenge paper drill, back gauge adjust, 1/4hp, 115v , foot control ( Note: simnimlar to model EH3A ) ...[more]

Gane Lanr type Br33, hot foil stamp/embossing machine with Lot 101 spare hot foil stamp/embossing head  ...[more]

J.Jacques and Son, counter weight board guillotine, 40" w , 42" x 26" shear table ...[more]

Schwarz corner rounding machine , foot control ...[more]

Kensol -Olsenmark Inc hot foil stamping machine , model K65,s/n A82QAX, 220v, left to right , RAM set at 450 ...[more]

Lot 119

Paper Cutter

Challenge paper cutter , model Diamond, sie 265, s/n 2036, 1ph/60hz, 26"w x 4"h cut capacity, power clamp blade ...[more]

Lot 120

Air Compressor

IR Garage Mate 2 HP, air compressor, model SS3F2-GM, s/n CBV103972, 40psig, 90PSIG/5.7CFM, 115v, 1ph/60hz, with 30gal air tank ...[more]

22 Drawers with partitions Typesetting/typoghraphical tooling drawers with toolings included, 34"x24"x44"h ...[more]

Hamilton, 19 drawers with partitions Typesetting/typoghraphical tooling drawers with toolings included , 42" x 32" x 42"h ...[more]

Lot 123

Metal Rack

5 Tier Metal rack , plyboard top decks, 25"x72"x48" ( NOTE: rack only, material is sold separately ) ...[more]

Lot 124


Wood top, Steel legs and support table ...[more]

Lot 125


Wood top, Steel legs and support table, natural grain finish , 45"x84"x38"h ...[more]

Lot 126

Metal Rack

(2) 6 Tier Metal racks, plyboard top decks ( NOTE: racks only, finishing roll materials not inlcuded and sold separately ) ...[more]

[Lot] Book binding finishing materials ( multiple rolls of suede, cloth and leather) ...[more]

[Lot] (2) Wooden work bench and table , 10'x4' x39"h ...[more]

Lot 129

Foil Materials

[Lot] Miscellaneous Infinity Foils Inc foil materials ( multiple rolls , various width ) ...[more]

Lot 130


[Lot] 2 and 3 steps wood and fiberglass ladders ...[more]

Advance food Service Stainless wash sink with hot and cold faucet , 20"x20"x12"deep x 36"h ...[more]

[Lot] Steel weight sections , 2"x2"x 14" and 3" x 2" x 14" ...[more]

Lot 133


Portable Vacuum

Book binding materials ...[more]

Lot 135

Work Table

Glass top work table, metal legs and support with casters ...[more]

Lot 136

Sewing Table

Wood Top , steel frame support sewing table ...[more]

Lot 137


HP Pavillion Table top PC, A6500FPC,s/n MXX8342103 with Dell flat screen monitor , Pention Dual core , USB and card reader ...[more]

Lot 138


Epson Precision class printer , WF7710 ...[more]

Lot 139


Canon Image class D320 printer ...[more]

Lot 140

Office Chairs

[Lot] (2) Swivel office chairs ...[more]

Lot 141

Hand Truck

Hand Truck ...[more]

VIN: 1NXBU40E29Z152590, Clean Title, In Hand, Under 130k miles, Single Owner, 1.8L / 4 Cyl / Automatic,Blue Streak Color / Charcoal Cloth Interior...

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