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Plant Utilities, Material Handling, Laboratory, Test And Inspection Equipment

Rabin Worldwide No Longer Needed In The Continuing Operation Of Primus Power Timed Online Auction Ended Jun 02, 2020 5:15pm PT (Jun 03, 2020 1:15am BST)

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  • Ended Jun 02, 2020 5:15pm PT (Jun 03, 2020 1:15am BST)
Hayward, California

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  • 3967 Trust Way
  • Hayward
  • California
  • 94545
  • United States

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Buyer's premium: 18.00%

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Ametek bench top programmable electronic load, mod BPL 400-60-150E, s/n 1112A03085, 95-240V AC, 0-60V DC

Lot 102

Power Supply

Agilent DC power supply, mod E3634A, a/n MY49450061, 0-25V, 7A/0-50V, 4 amp

Lot 103

Power Supplies

[Lot] (2) Power supplies, including Protek triple DC mod 3040T, s/n 5632 and Electro Industries dual output DC, mod 303P, s/n 1058-01

Lot 104

Electronic Load

[Lot] (2) DC electronic load and power supply, including BK Precision 8500, s/n PP001076, 30 VA max, 50/60 Hz and Protek P600, s/n 003580, 350VA m...

Lot 105


[Lot] BK Precision 2MHz function generator, mod 4010A, s/n 40101057405112153, 115 VAC, 60 Hz, 0.2A and switching mode DC regulated power supply, m...

Lot 106


Slaughter ADW/DCW/IR/GB tester, mod 4320, s/n 335076A, 115V/230V, 6.3 amp max, 50/60 Hz

Venable FRA 2 channel frequency analyzer, mod 6305, s/n 374816, 1 amp, 250 V, 90-264 VAC, 47-63 HZ, 30 VA

Lot 109

Leak Tester

Uson-Raptor leak tester, mod 671000.3, s/n 58092-001R, 150 psig.. inlet pressure, 6.30 psig.., 120W, 24VDC

Sonitek digital sonic generator, mod Ultratek 40.4, s/n S655W0015, software 3.13, 115V, 50/60 Hz

Xytronic digital rework instrument, mod 852D, s/n 14401092501349, 110-115 VAC, 60 Hz, 550W, 100°F - 480°F, 40 L/min/max

Lot 112

Power Supply

[Lot] (3) BK Precision 100W multi range 60/5A DC power supplies, mod 9110, 300VA max, 50/60 Hz

Lot 113

Control Unit

Plating Electronic control unit, mod PE8005-2/TCP-IP, s/n PE1112/65469, 115V/1/50-50 Hz, 500 max, parts # FG00000443

SEL protection system, mod SEL351, s/n 1121720202, 125/250 VDC, 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Logic input 24 VDC

Cole Palmer economy variable speed drive, mod Masterflex LS 07516-02, s/n 7554-90, with easy load pump head size 15 and 24 tubing

Ohaus stainless platform scale, mod Defender 5000/T51P, s/n 0023996-6BN, 250 lbs. max

[Lot] (2) Magnetic hot plate/stirrer including 1KAC-MAG HS 10, s/n 03398507 and VWR 7X7, s/n 121204003, 120V

Mettler Toledo precision balance/scale, mod ML & XS1003S

Lot 119

Vacuum Pumps

[Lot] (2) US General 2.5 CFM vacuum pumps, 115 V, 60 HZ, 1/6 hp, 1720 rpm, 200 ML

Lot 120

Vacuum Pump

Dayton vacuum pump, mod 2VKY4, s/n 1010, 115/60 Hz, 5.0 CFM

Lot 121

Vacuum Pump

JB Platinum vacuum pump, mod C55-JXK5060, s/n 10215-133, 1/2 hp, 1725 rpm, 60 Hz

[Lot] (3) Renner 0.2 Hp magnetic drive pumps, mod 8293108 (2018)

[Lot] (2) KNF Simdos diaphragm metering pumps, mod VFEM-1.10-TT-18RC2, 24 VDC

[Lot] (5) KNF Simdos diaphragm metering pumps, mod VFEM-1.10-TT-18RC2, 24 VDC

[Lot] (2) Hach portable meter/probes, mod HQ30D, plus (3) boxes Thermo Scientific fill solution

[Lot] (2) Scilogex blue spin magnetic stirrers, mod MS-H280-PRO, s/n MR3C005917 & MR3E006113, 100-120V, 50/60 Hz, 515 W

[Lot] (2) Scilogex blue spin magnetic stirrers, mod MS-H280-PRO, s/n MR3C005330 & MR3C005223, 100-120V, 50/60 Hz, 515 W

Hydrogen rig/monitor with (2) RKI Instruments-Beacon 110 gas monitor and Sample Drawing gas detector, (1) HZ Scan IP67 rated instrument on Rubberm...

[Lot] Signet GF+ analytical instruments with pressure sensor, temp sensor, Smart Pro multi field transmitter, PVDF display, mad PVTI blind (13 box...

Emerson Rosemount dual input intelligent analyzer, mod 1056-03-22-38AN, s/n C14-6199923-001, with P/N 24281-00 RTD

[Lot] Lab miscellaneous parts, including pump tubing, gauges, pvc fittings

[Lot] Lab assorted parts, electrodes and dispensette on 2 blue bins

Lot 133

Height Gage

Fowler height gage, s/n 01125

Lot 134

Lathe Vise

Kurt lathe vise, mod Versatile Lock 3600Y, s/n 037469

Lot 134B

Lubrication Pump

Yeong Dien model YMGP-302FW-T6 lublication pump

Siemens model SAX61 Electromotoric actuator

Lot 135


[Lot] (3) testers including BK Precision 879B LCR meter, Klein Tools MM100 and Omega HH804

Lot 137

Crimping Tool

Panduit crimping took, mod CT 930, s/n 136003, hydraulic

Ion gas leak detector, mod Gas Check G3, s/n 09-02001

ATI gas leak detector, mod Porta Sens II, s/n C16006353

Lot 140

Caliper Gages

[Lot] (3) Mitutoyo caliper gages, mod IP63-209-536, s/n NW15M020, MT49K040, MT69K03B, 0-60mm, 0.02 mm, 0-40 mm

[Lot] (3) IKA lab overhead mixer agitator units, mod RW16 Basic

Green Lee slugbuster punch set, mod 7306SB, 1/2" to 2" conduit size

Green Lee slugbuster punch set, mod 7238SB, 1/2" to 2" conduit size

[Lot] (3) Green Lee mini panel punch set

Lot 145


[Lot] (4) Calipers, Fowler, Mitutoyo and PEC, 24", 6", 12"

[Lot] Misc. micrometer/dial gages

[Lot] (3 boxes) Starrett jack screw, S190

Vermont Gage plug pin gage set, mod PN# 102100300, 5.00mm +/9.98 mm +

Lot 149

Gauge Block Set

Mitutoyo gauge block set, s/n 0010853, grade 2, set-BEI-81-2F/A

[Lot] (3) Goat throat pumps, mod GT300

Lot 151

Toe Jack

GKS Perfekt toe jack, mod V5, 11500 lbs. capacity

Lot 152

Toe Jack

GKS Perfekt toe jack, mod V5, 11500 lbs. capacity