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Lot 101

R&D Mill

Straub grinding mill, model 4E, 5" X 5" feed hopper, 1/3hp motor, #2 auger ...[more]

[Lot] Assorted inspection equipment including: (1 Computrac model Max-50 moisture analyzer, s/n 18155, (1) Fluorphos model FLM200 ALP test system,...

Lot 103


Lot of (2) Brookfield viscometers, model RVT, s/n 104050 & 104603, (no attachments) ...[more]

[Lot] Assorted balances & scales including: (1) Mettler Toleldo model PG8002 Delta Range balance, (1) Mettler Toledo model PG5002 Delta Range bala...

Lot 105

Lab Oven

Fisher Scientific lab oven, model IsoTemp 630G, 18" X 17 1/2" X 15" deep ...[more]

Lot 106

Lab Sterilyzer

Lab sterilyzer 21" dia., 36" deep, max temp 300F, national board # 8692

Traulson 2-door reach in refrigerator, model G20010, self contained, on wheels, s/n T10166K05

[Lot] Refrigerator and freezer includes (1) McCall single door self contained refrigerator, model 7-7020 FTC; (1) Frigidaire top load chest freezer

[Lot] (1) Cecilware 2 basket deep fryer, (1) Aroma model No-Arc 150SB slow cooker ...[more]

Lot 109A

Lab Supplies

[Lot] Assorted lab supplies includes: sample cups, ice chests, seasoning, plastic bages, pot lids, press dies, Belshaw manual piston press, stainl...

Auto Mate induction sealer, model AM-20, s/n A5640

Lot 111

5 lb Box Filler

Temco 5 lb. box filler, semi auto, with Eriez HD30 vibrating feeder and weigher ...[more]

Lot 112

Dbl Bag Filler

Starflex double bag filler, model SFS-IOADH, semi auto, with (2) Weigh Tronix WI-127 digital readouts, plc controller ...[more]

Lot 113

Liquid Filler

Sure Kap liquid filler, model SKF6000, s/n NY12275-F, 1 to 5 gallon range, mobile base ...[more]

Lot 114


Waukesha CB homogenizer, model 1000, s/n 265877-00, 4000 psi, 1.125 plunger size, 30 hp motor ...[more]

Osmonics duplex pump skid, with (2) 25 hp, 4x6 centrifugal pumps ...[more]

Hot Water System, with temp and motor controller, and additional steam regulator unit (could be utilized with steam peeler) ...[more]

Lot 117

Stainless Tank

Stainless tank utilized with CIP system

Lot 118

Jacketed Kettle

Groen jacketed kettle, model N100, s/n 22928, 100 gallon, 100 psi jacket, scraper agitator (motor removed)

Lot 119

Jacketed Kettle

Lee jacketed kettle, 250 gallon, s/n 353C, 90 psi jacket, 650 F, 3" discharge

Lot 120

Stainless Tank

Cherry Burrell stainless tank, 400 gallon (approx), top agitator

Lot 121

Abrasive Peeler

Lyco abrasive peeler hydraulic, model 7000, s/n 70416908087

Lot 122

Stainless Auger

Boldt Ind stainless auger, model SC1816, 18' long, 16" dia, hydraulic, s/n 4511

Lot 123

Inspection Belt

FMC inspection belt, 9' long, 24" wide mesh belt,

Lot 124

Hydraulic Unit

Recently replaced pump, air cooled ...[more]

Lot 125

Steam Peeler

Odenberg steam peeler, model Thermo-Flow, includes top mounted Key model 402302-7 holding bin, inclined cleated elevating belt (stored outside in ...

Lot 126

Discharge Auger

Odenberg discharge auger, 18' long x 16" dia, hydraulic operated ...[more]

Key inclined conveyor, approx 30' long x 24" wide cleated belt, stainless framework

Lot 128


Fulton boiler, model FR-015-A, s/n 74197, 150 psi, Nat Board # 74197, (utilized with steam peeler)

Lot 129

Abrasive Peeler

Magnuson abrasive peeler, rollers removed, replacement necessary

Lot 130


Key shaker, model Iso-Flo, dapproximately 10' long separating table

Lot 131

Rotary Blancher

Huges rotary blancher, 20' x 48" dia drum, dual function for steam or hot water blanching, modified with internal coils for hot water heating, inc...

Lot 132

Infeed Conveyor

Infeed conveyor custom built ss framework, approx 18' long x 12" wide cleated belt, infeed for blancher

Lot 133

Shaker feeder

Allen shaker feeder, 11' long x 12" wide, painted frame with mesh separating layer

Lot 134

Shaker Disharge

Allen shaker discharge small piece separating shaker, 7' long x 16" wide

Lot 135

Batter Coater

Heat & Control batter coater, continuous mesh belt, hydraulic pump set and mobile base

Lot 136


Key shaker, model Iso-Flo, 10' long x 18" wide, mounted on painted steel frame

Lot 137

Inspection Belt

Inspection belt custom design, 16' long with 30" wide mesh belt

Lot 138

Starch Tank

Stein starch tank, used for cooling batter prior to coating segment, 30" tall x 24" dia ss tank with cooling coils and paddle type mixer

Lot 139

Blend Tank

Likwifier blend tank, 300 gallon, with 40 hp motor

Lot 140

Pneumatic Pump

Pneumatic pump, model IR ARO ...[more]

Cook King continuous fryer, model DFI, steam or gas fired, 20' overall length with 30" wide belt, on board hydaulic system, includes belt filter w...

Lot 142

Stainless Tank

Stainless tank, 5' on straight wall x 60" dia, open top, stands on 48" high legs

Fryer infeed belt, 40' long x 24" wide mesh belt, stainless frame, gear bead drive

Discharge conveyor, inclined, 19' long with 24" wide SS mesh belt (extending from dryer to equalibrator cooling belt)

Casa Herrera cooling conveyor, model CCFB, s/n 93111213

Continuous fryer 40' long, accomodates 36" wide ss mesh belt (currently removed and stored outside), with connecting Alfa Laval heat exchanger, Pe...

Lot 147

Fire System

Honeywell fire system, with RP 2000 controller

Lot 148

Process Boiler

Fulton process boiler, model FT-0600C, coil design thermal fluid heater, 6 million BTU, 150 psi, 650 F max operating temperature, s/n 5443C, 2010 ...

Allen Z-bucket elevator, approx standing height of 12', 30" long x 8" wide buckets (feeding IQF freezer)

Lot 150

FF&S Bagger

Ohlsen FF&S bagger, with 14 pocket multi-head weigher, remote adjustable film carriage, set up for gusset style bag packaging

Allen Z-bucket elevator, approximate standing height of 14', with 18" long x 4" wide buckets (infeed for Ohlsen bagger)

Allen collection hopper, with 9'4" long x 20" wide live bottom belt

Bagger discharge Inclined S style product discharge belt with cleated belt

Lot 154


Super Turner turntable 60" dia with speed controller

Lot 155

Air Compressor

Kaeser air compressor, model TA8, s/n 1098, 2000 mfg date

Lot 156

FF&S Bagger

Ohlsen FF&S bagger, with 14 pocket multi-head weigher, remote adjustable film carriage

Lot 157

FF&S Bagger

Hayssen FF&S bagger, model Ultima CMB/SF, s/n U83124, with Yamato ADW-123RB 9 pocket multihead weigher

Lot 158

Infeed Conveyor

Infeed conveyor 10' long x 24" wide double slat belt, with variable drive controller

Lot 159

Case Sealer

3M case sealer, top seal only

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