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Clamco L-Bar sealer, model 6650 Automatic, stainless steel construction, 17" W x 23" L-bar sealing section, with controls, inlet and outlet convey...

Clamco Shrink Tunnel, model 852, 20"W x 26"L heat zone, on wheels, with controls, 220 volts, single phase, serial# 5271.

Hubbard Vulcaweld vulcanizer, model V8-64, 64"long x 10" wide working area, 220 volts, serial# 1081-69.

Audion stand-up pouch heat sealer, type D552 AVTS-5, stainless steel construction, 1100 watts, 10" wide x 49" long belt area, 34" sealing area, ad...

Egan forming machine, stainless steel construction, 8" diameter x 13" long plastic top forming rolls with smooth plastic bottom rolls, with outlet...

Egan slab line, stainless steel construction with plastic forming rolls and rails, consisting of slab roller table, 18" wide x 171" long smooth be...

Eagle Case Sealer, model T100, top and bottom tape heads, on wheels, 110 volts, serial# FC1170694.

Ishida Checkweigher, model DACS-G-S015-12/SS-I-S, 6" wide belt with 9" long measuring area, with pneumatic reject, air tank for reject included, 1...

Plastic Process Equipment temperature control unit, model MFT0754C, 9 kW, 460 volts, 3 phase, serial# 0T973.

Egan cantilevered 2-roll extruder, stainless steel construction, (2) approximately 9" diameter x 14" long toothed rolls, with plastic feed chute, ...

Kruger-Salecker pick-n-place unit, model DOS800, with 31" wide belt, (2) ABB robotic pickers, 480 volt, serial# 1746, built 2019, with control pan...

Egan guillotine, stainless steel construction with plastic cutter, 36" long blade, with VFD and touchscreen controls, 208 volts, 3 phase, serial# ...

Spare drive for slab line, consisting of (4) .5 hp, (1) .125 hp drives, unused in boxes.

700 liter Shandonge Longze kettle, model LZ-CG-1000, 304 stainless steel construction, approximately 1000mm diameter, hemispherical bottom, hinged...

Thiele Streamfeeder universal friction feeder, model ST1450, 12" width capacity (missing one magazine arm), with manuals and controls, serial# 132...

Thiele Streamfeeder universal friction feeder, model ST1450, 12" width capacity (missing one magazine arm), with controls, serial# 13200336.

Thiele Streamfeeder universal friction feeder, model ST1450, 12" width capacity (missing one magazine arm), with controls, serial# 13200349.

425 gallon jacketed storage tank, stainless steel construction, approximately 54" diameter x 43" straight side, flat top with lid, flat sloped bot...

 600 gallon Stainless steel tank, approximately 54" diameter x 60" straight side, open top, flat bottom, on legs, 1.5" bottom outlet.

2000 gallon Stainless steel tank, approximately 6'6" diameter x 87" straight side, dish top and bottom, on legs, 4" bottom outlet. (Loading Fee $7...

Dover Kettle, model TDC /2-20, 316 stainless steel construction, jacket rated 100 psi at 300 F, serial# 59800.

Used 10 gallon Groen Kettle, Model D-10, stainless steel construction, jacket rated 25 psi at 300 F, on legs, National Board# 59200, built 1971.

Used 15 hp Fuller blower, model 7 L-B, on stand with silencer, 230/460 volt, serial# 157189.

Used Geelen Counterflow Mash Cooler, stainless steel construction, with feeder, adjustable vanes and agitator, Allen-Bradley HMI.

Used 60 gallon Hamilton Kettle, stainless steel construction, jacket rated 90 psi at 320 F, on stand, serial# A-975-4.

Used 2 cu ft stainless steel ribbon blender, approximately 12" x 24" trough, ribbon driven by 1.5 hp motor, with 3 hp chopper, portable, 208-220/4...

Static liquid mixing system, with .5 hp Neptune metering pump, model 7220-N8, serial# 205835, rated 185 GPH at 50 psi, DHT plate heat exchanger, m...

Shii Meei Industrial pallet wrapper, model SM-1517R, 110 volt, serial# 05051385, built 2005. (Loading Fee $75.00)

Bepex Solidaire Dryer, model SJS10-6, stainless steel construction, approximately 6" inner diameter x 120" long barrel, jacketed for 150 psi at 36...

20 gallon Groen Kettle, model N-20, 316 stainless steel construction, jacketed for 125 psi at 353F, serial# 127632, National Board# 127632, built ...

38" continuous twin-screw mixer, stainless steel construction, on stand. (Loading Fee $75.00)

40 Gallon Dover dual motion kettle, model NEM-40, 316 stainless steel construction, jacket rated 100 psi at 338 F, on wheels, serial# 101298, Nati...

Thermo Goring-Kerr DSP2 inline metal detection system, with approximately 10" wide plastic belt, with pneumatic reject, 3 phase voltage.

Thayer loss-in-weight feeder, model LWF, stainless steel hopper, rated 240 l/hour, series 5200 and S52i controls, serial# 1500-855.

 Donaldson Torit dust collector, model Easy Trunk, 750 cfm, 1.5 hp blower, 115 volt, serial# IG719799.

Shanklin wrapper, model B2RA, serial# B9601.

200 gallon Precision Stainless kettle, 304L stainless steel construction, approximately 50" diameter x 28" straight side, dish top, flat slopping ...

Budzar Industrial Chiller, model BWA-AC-10-FCB-22-0-000, water chiller contains 17lbs R-22 refrigerant, driven by 10HP Motor, 460V, 3 phase, seria...

Pester bundler, model PEWO-Fold1, serial# 10183, built 2000.

Filamatic Cubitainer bag in a box liquid filling system, rated up to 10 containers/minute, stainless steel product contact surfaces, with twin hea...

General Packaging Vertical Fill Form and Seal Machine. Currently set to fill liquids. Model 70LC4. S/N 000-1667. Liquid filling pump, 21" diameter...