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Flow Sciences Hepa Filter Lab Hood. Balance Enclosre. Dimensions 36" x 24" x 42" high ...[more]

Nilfisk XP Stainless Steel Vacuum, 32KG capacity, Pneumatic Operation ...[more]

Nilfisk XP Stainless Steel Vacuum, 32KG capacity, Pneumatic Operation, No gaskets ...[more]

Nilfisk XP Stainless Steel Vacuum, 32KG capacity, Pneumatic Operation ...[more]

Nilfisk XP Stainless Steel Vacuum, 32KG capaciy, Pneumatic Operation ...[more]

Vacuum Accessories include Extensions, sweepers and hose ...[more]

Vankel VK-7000 Dissolution Testing system, 8 baket design, with glassware, and Vankel 650A Heater/Circulator, Printer, no stirrers or paddles. Loa...

Enviromental Specialties ES 2000 Environmtal Chamber. Serial number 0103011667, Temerature range 35c to 75c, 208v/1phase, equipped with Temperatur...

Micromeritics ASAP 2020 Surface area and Prosity Analyzer Accelerated Surface Area and Porosimetry System Analyzer Model ASAP 2020   Serial Number...

Sanpla Dry Keeper dessicator cabinet From the MFG Website Full automatic system. Replacement of silica gel is unnecessary. Humidity inside the des...

Perkin Elmer Pyris 1 differential scanning calorimeter, Serial Number 537N9052001, C/W Perkin Elmer intracooler 2P, Model FC100PEAL, S/N 12826, an...

Vankel VK-7000 Dissolution Tester with 6 baskets, glassware, and Varian VK7500 temperature controller/circulator, no spindles, paddles or stirrers...

MicroMeritics LN2 Transfer System 21, S/N 294, 50VA, 100/120/220/240 VAC From the MFG Website Micromeritics LN2 Transfer System Allows Convenient ...

Lot of (4) Honeywell Truline chart recorders, 2 equipped with Rotronic Hygroflex humidity sensors ...[more]

Vankel VK 7000 Dissolution Tester, 8 spces, with Varian VK 7500 Temperature controller/recurcuilator. Loading fee $100.00 Link to Brochure ...[mo...

Waters HPLC System, includes Separations Module 2695, 515 HPLC pump, 2487 dual lambda absorbance detector, 2475 multi lambda flourecense detector....

Mettler-Toledo Lab Balance, model PL-303, 310g max, 0.001 accuracy. Link to Brochure ...[more]

Toledo Platform Scale, M/N 1997, 100Lb/60Kg max capacity, 0.01 increments, 12" x 14" stainless steel platform ...[more]

Varian  50-1000 Tap Density Tester, 115V, with cables and manual   ...[more]

Mettler-Toledo Mositure Analyzer, Model HR-73, 115V, with controls. Link to Brochure What is the Halogen Moisture Analyzer used for? Your Halogen ...

Assortment of 17 Mostly stainless steel test sieve screens, Fisher Scientific, VWR and W.S. Tyler. ...[more]

Set of Calibration weights 5Kg to 100mg, ...[more]

Set of Calibration weights 2Kg to 1mg, ...[more]

Malvern Mastersizer 2000 Laser Particle Siszer, with water bath temperature controller and manuals. Loading fee $100.00 Link to brochure ...[more]

Nuaire Labgard containment Cabinet, model NU-813-300, with air flow monitor, 28" x 21" x 24" high Link to Brochure The LABGARD CONTAINMENT CABINET...

Lot of 2 Nitrogen Dewars VWR Cryopure L-5 and 10LD ...[more]

Sotax FT-300 Powder Flow Tester, Serial Number 97-2000Z, VA50/60Hz, 115V, aritcle 7000-2.  The Sotax FT-300 determes the flowability characteristi...

Silverson L4RT-A Benchtop emulsifier homogenizer, serial number 15645, 110/115v, 1ph, 60Hz, includes stainless steel shaft and workhead Loading fe...

Dott.Bonapace Benchtop Encapsulator, Semi-Automatic model MC 50, stainless steel construction ...[more]

IAS Tablet Press Tooling Inspection Unit, model AUTO, with 5 Mitutoyo guages ...[more]

Amprobe AC Amnetor Recorder ...[more]

Seekon Torque Analyzer ...[more]

Mitutoyo digital thickness guage, item #547-400 ...[more]

Epsco EC-2 DC Power Supply, output 0-1v, 5 amps ...[more]

Check-Line digital tachometer ...[more]

Hart Communicator model 275 ...[more]

Nikon Dual View Microscope, model Labophot, 120.v/60hz/6v ...[more]

Stir-Pack Laboratory Mixer, 3-25 50-5000RPM, with variable speed controller ...[more]

Napco Vacuum Oven precision SC, 35c to 200c, 120v/1phase with Operators Manual, model 5831 ...[more]

Mettler-Toledo PL-303 lab balance, max 310g d-0.001g (2 side glass missing) Link to Brochure ...[more]

Ohaus triple beam balance, 2610g ...[more]

Atlantic Scale Company Calibration Weight Set, 1x200g and 1x10g ...[more]

Troemner 2 Kg cylindrical class 1 electronic calibration weight ...[more]

Mettler Lab Balance, with data output module, type AE-163, 115v/ Serial E67420 Operating Instructions ...[more]

Mettler-Toledo PL-303 lab balance, max 310g d-0.001g Brochure ...[more]

Atllantic Scale Co, calibration weight set, 1KG &500Kg, plus 1,2,3,5,10, (2x20) and 100g ...[more]

Mettler-Toledo PR 803, Max 810g, d=0.001g, no power supply Brochure ...[more]

Virtis Shear 1700 Lab Homogenizer with control From the MFG Webpage The VirTishear 1700 Lab/Pilot Mechanical Homogenizer is designed to perform a ...

Polaris Gem Electric Car, model E825. 4 Wheel Model / 4Seater. According to CAR and DRIVER The NHTSB designates this as a Low Speed Vehicle, and i...

Vankel Friability Tester, model Friabilitor 10800, 115v, serial number 4-1127-1293, 60Hz, 25RP with spare drum For General Refrerences Only     ....

Troemner Calibration Weight Set 1-300g. ...[more]

Erweka TA 40 Dual Drum Friability Tester, S/N 102405-0125, 115V ...[more]

Mettler-Toledo PB303-S Lab Balance, Monobloc Weighing Technology, with power supply, Max 310g Min 0.029g Documentation ...[more]

Thermo Scientific Monostat Varistaltic Pump, model Simon, 72-310-00, 115VAC 50/60Hz, 1 phase, 24-720 RPM Documentation ...[more]

Sartorious Lab Balance Model LA 230 S Specifications & Description Capacity (g)230 Readability (g)0.0001 Linearity (g)0.0002 Weighing Unitsg, mg,...

VWR Scientific Series 400 HPS Hot Plate Stirrer ...[more]

Brady Handimark portable label maker ...[more]

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