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The Proxio Group Ltd Evaporators - Vacuum Mixers - Reactors - Two Roll Mills - Stainless Steel Tanks - Chiller/Heat Exchangers - Lab & Plant Equipment and much more Timed Online Auction Ended Apr 25, 2017 5:16pm ET (10:16pm BST)

Sale Date(s)

  • Ended Apr 25, 2017 5:16pm ET (10:16pm BST)

Venue Address

  • Proxio Group USA, LLC
  • 279 Quail Court
  • Santa Paula
  • 93060
  • California
  • United States

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Currency: USD
Buyer's premium: 18.00%

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There are 185 item(s) within this sale
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8" x 13" Farrel two roll mill, chromed and cored rolls, micrometer roll adjustments., Roll diameter: #": 6, Roll face width: #": 12, ...[more]

Morse Drum Carrier. Full capacity 800 lbs, half capacity 500 lbs ...[more]

Pearse Fluid Power 5HP Pump ...[more]

6 kw Sterlco heater, model F6C18-MX, single zone, 460 volt, serial# 66769. ...[more]

Hydrualic Press ...[more]

Hydrualic Press with controls ...[more]

Lot 8

Heat Tunnel

Heat Tunnel, 12" wide x 72" long. ...[more]

Plastic Storage Containers ...[more]

Lot 10

Work Table

Work Table ...[more]

Torit Donaldson Baghouse Dustcollector, Model 84, Serial number 202838, 208/230/460v 3phase, 60c/3HP/3500 RPM ...[more]

Two Heat Exchangers on Pallet. Stilmas S/N 4220/A. Shell rated 145 PSI at 364 degrees. Tube rated 87 PSI at 329 degrees. Second heat exchanger she...

3 HP pump 208-250/460v 3ph. ...[more]

Air Powered Drum Press ...[more]

Pfaudler Glass Lined Reactor, 5 Gallon capacity, Jacket rated at 350 deg F at 150 PSI, Vessel rated at 450 degrees at 25 PSI. Made in 1971, repair...

Pallet of three heat exchangers. One rated 248 degrees at 145 PSI. ...[more]

Pallet of two XP Motors. 1X20HP & 1X10HP. ...[more]

Pallet of Drum Press Parts ...[more]

Custom Pressure Vessel ...[more]

Tridak Filler Plugger, model 2200 cartridge filler, designed to fill cartridges or syringe barrels up to 500 mL, 2.5" max diameter, 7" max height....

Pallet of Misc Parts ...[more]

Lab Equipment for Parts ...[more]

Pallet of parts, including Chantillon HTC Tension Tester ...[more]

Stainless steel Work cabinet with Blower. 6' long ...[more]

Blue Model POM 256B-1 Oven. S/N P14-1216. Up to 650 Degrees, Stainless Steel interior chamber ...[more]

Cardinal Floor Scale. Model 8852F-204, 1000Lb capacity. 19" x 28" ...[more]

Lot 29A

Reactor Parts

Reactor Parts ...[more]

Pallet of Oil Spill kits ...[more]

Pallet of Pumps. One 3HP Trivac vacuum pump, One Regenair Model R4110-2 pump ...[more]

Lot 32

Spill Cart

Spill Cart ...[more]

Eyewash Station ...[more]

Envirosaver Oil/Water filter ...[more]

Blue M ESP-400BC-4 Over. S/N E6-273. Up to 500 Degrees ...[more]

WWR Halo 1600 Oven. Model 1602, S/N 1200197 ...[more]

Stainless Work Table. 30" x 5' ...[more]

Lot 38

Three Ladders

Three Ladders. One 32' ladder, two 10' ladders. ...[more]

Lot 39

Shelf Cart

Shelf Cart ...[more]

Pallet of two Refridgerators. ...[more]

Blue M Model ESP-400B/C-UL Oven. S/N ESP-3479. Up to 500 degrees ...[more]

Lot 42

Work Cart

Work Cart. 3' x 2'. ...[more]

36" Glass reactor lid ...[more]

36" Glass reactor lid ...[more]

Glass Reactor Parts ...[more]

800 LB Morse Drum Carriage ...[more]

54" Glass Reactor Lid ...[more]

Water Cooling Tower ...[more]

Yale 3500Lb Electric Forklift with Charger. Model ERP035TGN36TV078. ...[more]

105 Gal Lleal double arm mixer, model AM400, stainless steel construction, 400 liter total capacity, 250 liter working capacity, vacuum cover, tan...

350 Gal Morton double arm mixer, stainless steel construction, model #10 Duplex Mixer, 350 gallon total, 250 gallon working capacity, approximatel...

Stainless Table ...[more]

Ladder/Platform ...[more]

Glass Reactor Parts ...[more]

150 Gal JH Day double arm mixer, stainless steel construction, overlapping sigma blades, jacketed bowl, vacuum cover, 60 hp 230/460 volt xp motor,...

General Steel 530 Gallon Tank, 150 PSI at 150 degrees ...[more]

1000 Gal Pfaudler Reactor Body ...[more]

1000 Gal Pfaudler Reactor Body ...[more]

  • Lots per page
  • 60
  • 120
  • 240
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