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Montreal , Quebec

Lot of Bottle Caps

Lot of Bottle Caps


Ends from
Venue Address
Proxio Group Ltd
H9G 1T7

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Removal and Service Providers:

Any Unskidded Freight will be loaded at no additional Cost. If Lots are already skidded, we will strap and wrap for you. 

Skidding and Crating and Freight services are available from our contractor: 

Cleveland Craters and Freighters: 216-749-3390

Small Items: UPS Stores in the area:   Phone:(216) 661-2232   Phone:216-921-5500

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Move It (specialized logistics made easy)
800-831-0030 Logistics Department

Recommended Freight Carrier:

Ex-Trans Cargo 1-800-340-5644   Attn: Martin Beaulieu (English/Francais)

Vintage Logistics Attn: 734-478-1138                                        Nancy Wiseman  English/Espagnol 

Removal: Removal must be completed by April 26, 2019.  Items not removed by this date will be considered abandoned by the buyer.

Carrier of your choice and Local Pickup available

All Invoices payable in U.S. Currency ONLY.  15% Buyers Premium is applicable.

Registrants subject to Terms and Conditions of the auction

Important Information

In our capacity as Professional Auctioneers, we have been mandated by our corporate client,
to sell by Global Online Auction, The production assets of IMMOCLEAN PRODUCTS LTD. A manufacturer of plastic bottles
and detergents
Global Online Auction to take place on, Lots begin to close Wednesday, February 1, 2017, from 1:00 PM ET.

Location of assets:

9100 Edison Road, Anjou (Montreal), Quebec, Canada H1J 1T1

(Lots 66 and higher are located off-site..Please contact auctioneer for inspection arrangements

Inspection January 31 (by appointment)and prior by special arrangement.

Assets include: Krupp Kautex,Wylie-Fischer and Ingersoll-Rand Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines, Plastic Granulators, Process & Liquid Packaging Equipment
Unused Carrier Chiller and Baltimore Air Coil Cooling Tower, Plant Support such as unused circuilation pumps,and Air Compressor, Raw Materials, Clark and Toyota Electric Forklift Trucks, Honda Generator, Liquid and Dry Packaging Equipment and Much More!

Rigging and Loading: Your choice of licensed riggers providing they supply proof of insurance prior to commencing work.
Local Riggers include: Landry Rigging and Handling 514-589-4160 (pour service en Francais 514-712-4160)

Transport: Your choice of carrier..make sure they supply the right truck for the job. Transport service also
available from Extrans Cargo: 514-592-4237

 Rigging, Loading, Handling, Freight, Transport, Duties Etc..are at the cost of the buyer.. All assets sold as is and where is.


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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions:
Payment accepted via Wire Transfer, Bank Draft or Certified Cheque. Visa or Mastercard, Cash. Credit Card Payments subject to a 3.0% service charge. All purchases must be paid prior to removal. Loading, Skidding, Freight and Customs Clearing services are available and will be quoted upon request. All services must be paid for prior to shipping. For any questions, please contact the auctioneers office at 514-262-7727. Bidspotter buyers are subject to a 15% Buyers Premium. Sale conducted in United States Currency.

1. The seller retains the title and the ownership of the goods, including all the repairs, spare parts, and additions, until all due or to fall due amounts regarding the present are completely paid.
2. All that has been added or fixed to the goods, whichever in repairs, replacement addition, modification accessories or changes, will form a whole of said goods and will be included in the term "Goods" as used in this contract. The buyer will not make any important changes on or in the goods without the written consent of the seller.
3. The goods will be at the buyer's risk and no loss, damage, destruction nor confiscation of the goods will affect in any way the obligations created by subject contract.
4. The buyer will keep the goods in excellent condition and good working order, will replace and will have repaired at his own expense any used, broken or faulty parts. The buyer shall hold the seller harmless for injuries, death, or damages of any kind resulting from the use of the purchased goods.
5. Should the buyer neglect to pay on due date all payments relative to this contract or to derogate to any other conditions or stipulations of the subject contract becomes insolvent, becomes or is declared bankrupt or to be put in into liquidation or again should the goods be destroyed or substantially damaged or seized for rent or for any other legal proceedings or if they are confiscated, whatever happens, the amount of the deferred balance then unpaid will become due and payable (taking in consideration of all discounts in the cost of credit allowed by the law).
6. The delays will be treated with stringency. The buyer engages himself to pay the interest according to the annual credit rates on all late payments starting from the faulty date until payment, and in case of non-execution of any of the buyer's obligations, to pay the legal fees and others permitted by law.
7. The buyer can reimburse his obligations regarding this contract any time before the expiry date and at the time of this payment he will be entitled to a reduction of the cost of financement, calculated in conformity with the general regulations of the law.
8. In the present contract, the transfer of ownership of sold goods (called in this contract "goods") does not occur during the formation of the contract but will occur only upon full payment with interest. In defect by the buyer to accomplish his obligations herein contained the seller can at his choice:
a) demand the immediate payment of past due payments;
b) demand the immediate payment of the balance of the debt, this losing the benefit of term;
c) repossess sold goods;
If seller repossesses the goods, he will keep all the amounts received at that date as damages but this does not limit this amount to payments received.
9. This agreement will bind the parties hereto, their respective heirs, executors, administrators, legal personal representatives, successors and assigns. The present document constitutes as the whole contract intervened between parties. No changes, modifications or renunciations to any of the clauses will be valid unless they are done in writing and signed by the buyer and the seller. It is understood that the seller can excuse a default by a written notice to the buyer, but the fact of such a decision will not bind the seller towards any other default.
10. The buyer recognized that he does no mention to the seller as to a specific goal for which the goods are destined to, unless otherwise specified in this contract. The seller guarantees that he is the owner of the goods. Any other warranty provided by the civil code of the Province of Quebec is specifically excluded.
11. The buyer agrees by this contract to execute and remit to the seller all declarations or others which should be produced in connection with the privilege or pledge created by subject contract and/or to do everything necessary to allow said privilege or pledge to be indicated the ownership certificates. The buyer nominates the seller as his attorney at he, to the choice of the seller and at the buyer's cost, to come to terms to any and everything judged necessary by the seller to perfection at and maintain the privilege or pledge created by subject contract.

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