BULK BID: Stein Deep Frying System, Includes Stein S/S Fryer, M/N HPF-4023-TF, S/N 126, with 41" W

In Pinnacle Foods Frozen French Toast Stick Equip...

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Mattoon , Illinois
BULK BID: Stein Deep Frying System, Includes Stein S/S Fryer, M/N HPF-4023-TF, S/N 126, with 41" W S/S Mesh Conv., Aprox. 4" High Product Clearance, 2016 Oberlin S/S Fryer Filter System, M/N OPF24, S/N 601MD, and Vertical S/S Fryer Scrubber Unit, with S/S Duct Work, LOTS 20-22
BULK BID: Stein Deep Frying System, Includes Stein S/S Fryer, M/N HPF-4023-TF, S/N 126, with 41" W S/S Mesh Conv., Aprox. 4" High Product Clearance, 2016 Oberlin S/S Fryer Filter System, M/N OPF24, S/N 601MD, and Vertical S/S Fryer Scrubber Unit, with S/S Duct Work, LOTS 20-22

Pinnacle Foods Frozen French Toast Stick Equipment Auction

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