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Ended Aug 11, 2020 8:24pm MT (Aug 12, 2020 3:24am BST) Timed Online Auction

Important Information

MVM Machining - Complete CNC Machining Facility

Date & Time:  Lots starts closing on Tuesday, August 11th at 10:00 am MT

Location10983 72 St SE, Calgary, AB T2C 3G2

Inspection Date:  Monday August 10th, 9AM - 4PM or By Appointment

Industry: Machining

18% Buyers Premium applies on all online purchases.  

 A $2000 refundable security deposit is required upon online registration.  See Terms & Conditions Below. 

In conjunction with Joiner Sales Corp.  


CNC Vertical Machining Centers

2011 OKUMA GENOS M560-V CNC High Speed Vertical Machining Center, 15,000 RPM, s/n 152026, CNC Control, (2) NIKKEN 4th Axis w/ Tailstocks, Chip Conveyor

2010 HAAS VF-6/50 CNC Vertical Machining Center, s/n 108573, CNC Control, HAAS 4th Axis, Chip Conveyor

(2) 2008 HAAS VF-4B CNC Vertical Machining Centers, s/n’s 1068224, 1051361, CNC Control, HAAS VOP-D, 20HP, 2-Speed Gear Drive, 1,000 IPM, Through Spindle Coolant, 4th Axis w/ Tailstock

2008 TORMACH Personal CNC 1100 CNC Vertical Milling Machine, 4th Axis 

CNC Lathes

2014 HAAS ST-45L CNC Lathe, s/n 3099310, CNC Control, Turret, 3-Jaw Chuck, Powered Steady Rest, Chip Conveyor

2005 HAAS SL-40TB Big Bore Lathe, s/n 71327, CNC Control, 55HP, Vector Dual Drive, 3-Jaw Chuck, Turret, Tailstock, Chip Conveyor

(2) 2009 OKUMA Captain L470 CNC Lathes, s/n’s 143740, 145058, CNC Control, Chip Conveyor, Turret, Tailstock, 3-Jaw Chuck, Tool Presetter

(2) 2010/07 OKUMA Heritage ES-L10 II CNC Lathes, s/n’s P0492, P0684, CNC Control, Chip Conveyor, Turret, Tailstock, 3-Jaw Chuck 

Lathes & Milling Machines

MODERN 560X2000 Lathe, s/n 20310, DRO, 3 & 4 Jaw Chucks, Tailstock, Tool Post

2005 MODERN C6241X1500 Lathe, s/n 510802, DRO, 3-Jaw Chuck, Tailstock, Tool Post

CHALLENGER J2 Vertical Milling Machine, s/n 942J151, DRO, Power Feed 


2006 HYD-MECH S20A Automatic Horizontal Band Saw, s/n 80306823FD 


DV SYSTEMS C-15TD Air Compressor, 15HP, s/n 36948 w/ DV ProDry Dryer

QUINCY 325 Air Compressor 


2007 HYSTER H50FT Propane Forklift, s/n L177B10888D, 4,800lb Cap., 194.9” Max Lift, 3-Stage Mast, Side Shift, Outdoor Tires, Finger Control 

Plant Support

2008 FARO Photon Laser Scanner, s/n LLS000800379

TENNSMITH Manual Box & Pan Brake

HOBART Handler 140 Mig Welder

BLUE GIANT XPS 22 Manual Push Stacker

PRO PEN M3000 Metal Marking Machine

PLUS: Sandblast Cabinets, Vibratory Polishers, LIVE Tooling & Tool Holders, Chop Saws, Power & Hand Tools, Drill Bits, End Mills, Reamers, Carbide Cutters & Attachments, Boring Bars, Precision Instruments, Workbenches, Pallet Racking, Rotary Tables, Machine Vises, Drill Presses, Welding Supplies, Shop Presses, Arbor Presses, Pallet Jacks, Raw Material & WIP, MAGNESIUM Metal & Bar Stock, Strapping Carts, Portable Compressors, Parts Washers, Toolboxes, Metal Carts, Dump Hoppers, Jib Cranes, Engine Hoists, Dollies, Hydraulic Lift Carts, Tool/Cutter Grinders, Collet Sets, Cantilever Racking, Seacans, Hardness Testers, Snowblower, PELICAN Storm Cases, Office Equipment & Much More! 


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Terms and Conditions

PAYMENT:    All payments must be in either Cash, Certified Cheque, Wire Transfers or Company Checks must be accompanied with a bank letter guaranteeing irrevocable payment to Infinity Asset Solutions Inc., Visa & Mastercard will be accepted for total payments of $2,000.00 or less (amounts more than $2,000.00 will be subject to a 3% administrative fee).

Payment is due by:  

A 18% buyers premium will be added to all online purchases

Your credit card added through the fully secure and PCI compliant registration process will be charged a $2000.00 deposit in order to be approved to bid within the auction. You will not be approved without your credit card entered at the stage of registration being charged a deposit of $2000.00 

Credit Card Payments: Payments via credit card are accepted up to $2000.00 final invoice total (amounts more than $2,000.00 will be subject to a 3% administrative fee). Any invoice total larger than $2000.00 must be paid by wire transfer or certified check. Your deposit may be applied to your final invoice amount, even if your final invoice is larger than $2000.00

Removal deadline:  TBD 


Site Supervisor:   Kevin Joiner 604-308-8040


Accounting: Victoria 437-994-6586,

Banking Information (Wire Transfers):

Beneficiary Bank:
3300 HIGHWAY #7

Beneficiary Customer:

ACCOUNT #: 1007137

TRANSIT #: 00192
BANK #: 003


Terms and Conditions of Sale Persons participating in the auction shall be bound by ALL of the following terms and conditions, which are subject to amendments and modifications by the Auctioneer at the time of auction. 1. This catalogue is meant merely as a guide. The Auctioneer believes the descriptions contained herein to be correct, but make no warranty in connection therewith. 2. Auctioneer reserves the right to sell subject to reserve and to bid for its own account and for the accounts of others, whether by verbal or written proxy, all lots are subject to prior sale. 3. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse any applicant the privilege of bidding or attending at the auction and may revoke such privilege at any time. 4. All Articles will be sold to the highest bidder conforming to the bid process, provided that the Auctioneer reserves the right to sell articles by individual, group lots and “in bulk,” as he deems appropriate. The Auctioneer reserves the right to sell on behalf of third parties, its own account or on the account of others. Should any dispute arise between two or more bidders or as to any bid, the lot in question may, at the Auctioneers discretion, be immediately put up again and resold. The Auctioneer shall regulate all matters relating to the conduct of the auction and his decision shall be final and binding on all bidders. The record kept by the clerk of sale, shall in all cases be accepted by the bidder as final. 5. All sales shall be concluded as indicated by the Auctioneer and no Purchaser may thereafter revoke his bid. Title to the lots purchased shall not pass until payment in full of the purchase price is received. 6. ALL SALES ARE FINAL, ON AN “AS IS WHERE IS,” “IN PLACE” “WITH ALL FAULTS” BASIS WITH NO CONDITIONS OR WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, STATUTORYOR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS, AS TO TITLE, DESCRIPTION, FITNESS FOR PURPOSE, QUANTITY, QUALITY, MERCHANTABILITY, STATE, CONDITION, LOCATION OR OTHERWISE. NO SALE SHALL BE INVALIDATED AND THE AUCTIONEER SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY FOR A MISDESCRIPTION OF ANY ARTICLE OR LOT WHETHER CONTAINED IN A CATALOGUE, ADVERTISEMENT, OR OTHERWISE. DESCRIPTIONS HAVE BEEN PREPARED FOR GUIDE PURPOSES ONLY AND SHALL NOT BE RULED UPON BY THE PURCHASER FOR ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS. PLEASE INSPECT ALL ITEMS BEFORE BIDDING. PURCHASERS SHALL BE DEEMED TO HAVE RELIED ENTIRELY UPON THEIR OWN INSPECTIONS AND INVESTIGATIONS. 7. A deposit of equal to 25 percent of the purchases shall be made at the time of sale. The balance of the purchase price must be paid in full before or immediately after the conclusion of the auction. All payments must be in Cash, Certified Funds, Visa, MasterCard or Interac, Wire Transfers or Company Checks must be accompanied with a bank letter guaranteeing irrevocable payment to Infinity Asset Solutions Inc. Deposits on account of purchases may be made in advance of the auction and the balance thereof will be refunded immediately after the auction. The Auctioneer reserves the right to put articles back up for auction if deposit is not received at or before the time of sale. 8. No article shall be removed unless paid for in full and articles purchased shall be removed within the guidelines and terms stipulated. The Purchaser shall be responsible for all the costs of removal and shall be liable for all damages, including without limitation, any environmental damage, caused during or as a result of the removal. Purchasers shall comply with all environmental laws and regulations including requirements as to bonding of movers. No claims shall be allowed after removal of the purchased article. 9. Where available, documents of transfer, including motor vehicle ownership documents, which are in possession of the Auctioneer, will be provided to the Purchaser following the auction or as soon thereafter as such documents are available. 10. No purchaser may assign, transfer or dispose of his rights in any article purchased before he has paid the purchase price in full. 11. Purchasers shall pay applicable federal and provincial taxes, or furnish exemption certificates at the time of payment for goods purchased. All purchases are subject to Federal Harmonized Sales Tax (H.S.T.) at all times (including buyer's premium). No exceptions whatsoever. 12. Time shall be of the essence. If a Purchaser fails to make payment of remove goods within the time periods hereinabove provided, the Auctioneer may resell the article purchased by auction, private contract or otherwise, as the Auctioneer in his discretion deems advisable, and the Purchaser shall be liable for the shortfall and all costs expenses, including but not limited to interest rates (a minimum of 1.5% per month or 18% per annum), legal fees, moving and storage (a minimum rate of $2.00/sq.ft. per month) and commissions, incurred such as resale. 13. The Auctioneer assumes no responsibility or any liability once title passes, which occurs at time of payment in full. Purchasers are advised to prearrange for insurance coverage of their purchase. Title will revert to the seller in the event purchaser does not remove his purchases by the time specified. 14. If the Auctioneer is unable to deliver an article sold to a Purchaser due to fire, theft or any other reason whatsoever, the Auctioneer shall reimburse the Purchaser for all monies paid to the Auctioneer in respect of the article and the Auctioneer shall have no further liability to the Purchaser arising from or relating to such loss, including without limitation, any damages or loss of profits. 15. Bidders acknowledge that any auction site is a potentially dangerous place with noxious, corrosive and pressurized substances being present, heavy equipment being operated and electric circuits being live. Every person at the Auction Site before, during and after the auction sale shall be deemed to be there at their own risk with notice of the condition of the premises, the activities on the premises and the conduct of third parties, and the Bidder shall so advise his/her agents and employees. No person shall have any claim against the auctioneer, his agents, employees or principals for any injuries sustained for damages to or loss of property which may occur from any cause whatsoever.




The following are the standard procedures and terms and conditions for the removal of equipment or other items purchased at an Infinity Asset Solutions Inc. (“Infinity”) sale:


  1. All invoices must be paid in full prior to removal of equipment/ Each invoice must be marked “Paid in Full” and initialed by an authorized Infinity representative.
  2. All buyers are solely responsible for coordinating the removal of items purchased at the Auction and all associated costs.
  3. Buyers are responsible for, at their expense: a. Proper and safe disconnection and termination of all electrical, gas, water and/or air lines to machines conforming to all governing building codes; b. Shearing flush to the floor of all anchor bolts or fasteners; c. Erecting safety barriers around pits and holes in the floor created by removal of equipment until repaired; d. Repair all holes in the floor, walls or roof created by the removal of items purchased conforming to all governing building codes; e. Removing, off premises, machine oils and all hazardous materials (including all contaminants) contained in items purchased; f. Repairing all damage cased to the premises by a buyer, its representative or any other party hired by a buyer for the removal of items purchased; g. Leaving the work area in a clean, broom-swept condition conforming to all governing building codes; h. Any other specific terms and conditions communicated by Infinity before, during or after the auction sale; i. Removal of items purchased by the time and date set by Infinity before, during or after the auction sale; and j. The safety of all of a buyer’s employees, agents or representatives including all movers/riggers hired by such buyer.
  4. Prior to removal, all buyers, or any movers or riggers hired by a buyer, must provide to Infinity a satisfactory certificate of insurance evidencing at leas $5,000,000 in comprehensive liability insurance coverage (including workers compensation and automobile) per person, per occurrence.
  5. Prior to removal, an authorized Infinity representative must examine and approve the removal of all items purchased at the sale. Such approval shall be indicated by this representative initialing all invoices.
  6. No items shall be removed until after the auction sale. Removal hours are weekdays only between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified.
  7. Buyers and their movers/riggers are jointly and severally liable for all damages, costs and expenses to the premises or any other assets which were cased by any of them, their employees, agents or representatives whether through negligence or otherwise. The Buyer indemnifies and saves Infinity harmless from any and all costs, expenses and claims suffered or incurred by Infinity as a result of any act or omission of such buyer and/or any mover or rigger retained by a buyer.




NOTE: Buyers, please provide all movers or riggers hired by you with a copy of these procedures/terms and conditions as you will be held liable for their conduct.