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Lot 1

Aggregate Lot Overbid. ...[more]

Lot 1A

*Bulk Sale* Bulk Sale Purchase of the Commer ...[more]

Lot 2

*Bulk Sale* Bulk Sale Purchase of Machinery and Equipment ...[more]

Lot 3

*Bulk Sale* Bulk Sale Purchase of the Commer ...[more]

Lot 4

*Bulk Sale* Bulk Sale Purchase of Machinery and Equipment ...[more]

Lot 251

23' , 3 Strand log infeed deck with H-82 cha ...[more]

Lot 252

30' Infeed log trough conveyor with S-drive ...[more]

Lot 253

Nicholson 1980, Nicholson Ring debarker. Sawm ...[more]

Lot 254

60' outfeed log trough conveyor with S drive ...[more]

Lot 255

Control cab dual control for infeed, debarke ...[more]

Lot 256

110' Steel box waste conveyor with H-32 chai ...[more]

Lot 257

56' Concave belt conveyor with motor and dri ...[more]

Lot 258

Husky Husky stationary Knuckleboom loader wit ...[more]

Lot 259

4 Strand log accumulation deck with 4 arm st ...[more]

Lot 260

40' Log trough conveyor with 132 log chain, ...[more]

Lot 261

32' Log trough conveyor with H132 log chain ...[more]

Lot 262

Log turner with 36' 4 strand infeed deck wit ...[more]

Lot 263

Corley Corley, standard carriage with 1 tong ...[more]

Lot 263A

General Electric Genco, model CY255-1793607 2 ...[more]

Lot 264

Bandmill 8', mechanical weighted strain with ...[more]

Lot 265

30' Outfeed roll case 4 strand jump up cant ...[more]

Lot 266

Corley Sawyers cab, Lewis controls, hand and ...[more]

Lot 267

30' Roll case from head rig primary roll cas ...[more]

Lot 268

Salem 6' resaw, 150hp motor. Sawmill. Asset ...[more]

Lot 269

Corley Corley line bar infeed (hydraulic), 28 ...[more]

Lot 270

High Tech 1999 High Tech high speed optimizin ...[more]

Lot 272

*Bulk Sale* Bulk Sale Purchase of the Corley ...[more]

Lot 273

Corley Corley thin kerf gang saw, guided 120 ...[more]

Lot 274

Schuman Schuman console control panel and ope ...[more]

Lot 275

4 strand re-entry deck to gang pop up roll c ...[more]

Lot 276

Balcor Balcor solid state starter control mot ...[more]

Lot 277

(13) 120 Thin Kerf arbor saw blades. Sawmill ...[more]

Lot 278

LCI, High Tech Sawmill control room, (4) High ...[more]

Lot 279

*Bulk Sale* Bulk sale of Optimized Trimming ...[more]

Lot 280

Salem 1999 Salem high tech optimizing drop sa ...[more]

Lot 281

5 strand outfeed transfer deck with tipple, ...[more]

Lot 282

65' Roll case for 6' and less lumber and tim ...[more]

Lot 283

20' Diameter material accumulation merry-go ...[more]

Lot 284

30' 6 Strand transfer with board stop and de ...[more]

Lot 285

12 Strand lumber unscrambler with 81x lug ch ...[more]

Lot 286

60' (5) Strand landing and accumulation deck ...[more]

Lot 287

50' 4 strand transfer deck with H-78 chain. ...[more]

Lot 288

(3) 12' Heavy duty gravity roll section with ...[more]

Lot 289

Siemens, Allen Bradley Main electrical, Sieme ...[more]

Lot 290

Hemco Hemco 22 bay sling sorter 108' long wit ...[more]

Lot 291

87' 4 Strand H-78 chain primary haul out wit ...[more]

Lot 292

18'x24" rising roll case to separate ties an ...[more]

Lot 293

Fulghum HFTD Fulghum 66" knife chipper w/ 200 ...[more]

Lot 294

Webster, MDI Chip screen 78"x104", Webster FS ...[more]

Lot 295

Peerless Approximately 400' concave belt conv ...[more]

Lot 296

120' split level conveyor with motor and dri ...[more]

Lot 297

General Electric GE 7700 line control center, ...[more]

Lot 298

30' Split level waste conveyor with 110 ladd ...[more]

Lot 299

30' Belt conveyor, 12" sides with motor and ...[more]

Lot 300

70' Belt conveyor steel box construction, mo ...[more]

Lot 301

140' Main waste and slab belt conveyor with ...[more]

Lot 302

(2) Split level conveyors (1) 24', (1) 30' w ...[more]

Lot 305

Sullair LS 20 Sullair air compressor, LS-20, ...[more]

Lot 306

Sullair LS 20 Sullair air compressor, LS-20 1 ...[more]

Lot 307

Sullair 15-20-1001 Sullair air compressor, LS ...[more]

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