Case Erector Rigging Fee: $100

In Pouch and Tray Packaging Equipment

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Case Erector Rigging Fee: $100 - Image 1 of 2
Case Erector Rigging Fee: $100 - Image 2 of 2
Case Erector Rigging Fee: $100 - Image 1 of 2
Case Erector Rigging Fee: $100 - Image 2 of 2
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Leesport, PA, Pennsylvania
Case Erector Rigging Fee: $100
Case Erector Rigging Fee: $100

Pouch and Tray Packaging Equipment

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Leesport, PA
Leesport, PA
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  • Effytec Pouch Filler, Model 6P-32-PMP
  • Raque Tray Filling Line with Film Heat Sealer, Model 269-47-1, with Conveyor, Stick Filler and Spread Filler
  • Quadrel 12-Station Labeling System Rotary Labeler
  • Mac Air Conveyor Package, Model 562- Horizontal Blower Packager
  • Bosch Sigpack System Flow Through Wrapper, Model HBM, with Markem 9064 Ink Jet Coder
  • (2) Bosch Sigpack Systems Flow Through Wrappers, Model HBM
  • KHS-Bartelt Formula 2000 Cartoner with Nordson Glue Pod, Control Cabinet and VFDs
  • Doboy Microtronic Flow Wrapper, Model Microtronic L-B, with Bosch Outfeed Conveyor
  • Lockner Flow Wrapper P2000 V, with Infeed Conveyor and Safeline Metal Detector Model PPH
  • WePackIt Case Packer System, Model 3105
  • Smurfit-Stone Meta Systems Case Former, Model Meta 150
  • Aasted Frozen Cone Dispensing Line, Model FCT 850-15
  • Ishida 14-Head Scale Filler, Model CCW-RZ-212P-D105



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