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Large lot of engraving stock as well as the shelf   2nd floor  ...[more]

Gast Vacuum Diaphragm Compressor Pump DOAV1 88-AA   2nd floor ...[more]

Gast Vacuum Pump DOAV270 AA   2nd floor ...[more]

Amana time Clock    2nd floor ...[more]

Gast Vacuum Diaphragm Pump R1102C 14    2nd floor ...[more]

GSP Vinyl Lettering Machine  2nd floor ...[more]

Kensol Foil Stamper Stamping Machine K36T w/ stand 2nd floor ...[more]

Hermes Engraver with Vanguard 5000   2nd floor ...[more]

Hermes Vanguard 5000 w/ Monitor (older unit) 2nd floor ...[more]

 Hermes Vanguard Engraving Cutters Large Lot  2nd floor ...[more]

Cincinnati Silk Screen Table 48" X 72" 2nd floor ...[more]

Hermes Concept 2000 Engraving Machine 2nd floor ...[more]

 Hermes Concept 2000 Engraving Machine 2nd floor ...[more]

Polychrome Vacuum Frame Press  3' X 4'  2nd floor ...[more]

Heat sealing equipment 12 P Foot Control 12" 2nd floor ...[more]

NuAire Light Table 3' X 4' 2nd floor ...[more]

Impulse Plastic Heat Sealer Tish 200C Manual  2nd floor ...[more]

Hermes Beveler Engravograph  2nd floor ...[more]

 Hermes Vanguard 5000 2nd floor ...[more]

Hermes Plastic Engraving Safety Stock Saw 2nd floor ...[more]

Butcher Block Top Cabinets LOT of 2 Tops and 2 Cabinets 3'X6'  2nd floor Tables Only no contents ...[more]

Metal Desk Old School   Desk only no contents included 1st floor entrance ...[more]

Accuset 1000 AGFA   For Parts Only Not Working 1st floor ...[more]

Accuset 1000 AGFA  Imagesetter Film Developer Working 1st floor ...[more]

Metal Shelf 6' NO contents   1st floor   ...[more]

Metal Cabinet w/ contents Lot of Tools Included  Everything you see included 1st floor ...[more]

PHI Heated Rod Bench Press  50 Ton 1st floor ...[more]

PHI Heated Rod Bench Press  90 Ton 1st floor ...[more]

Lars Pentograph Engraving Profiling Machine P1-2 1st floor ...[more]

Lars Pantograph Engraving Profiling Machine P1-2 1st floor ...[more]

Naurc 32-1 KS Metal Screen Engraving Exposure System 1st floor ...[more]

Hermes Cutter Grinder Engraver with Bits  1st floor ...[more]

Scripta Cutter Engraver Grinder  1st floor ...[more]

Kamweld Plastic Welder with Case and Contents 1st floor ...[more]

Wood Topped Work Table 36" X 60"    no contents   1st floor ...[more]

Visual Thermaforming Skin Packaging Machine CT23X 1st floor ...[more]

Metal Bin Shelf 1st floor ...[more]

Miscellaneous Test Equipment   Included everything seen on top of table 1st floor ...[more]

2 Wood Top Work Tables with Metal Cabinets  36"X 60"  No Contents 1st floor ...[more]

Jet Benchtop Drill Press OR-1458 1st floor ...[more]

Spectronic 20 Milton Roy Spectrophotometer 1st floor ...[more]

Peck Stow & Wilcox Foot Sheer Petxo 137-L   ...[more]

Nuarc Light Exposure 40-631  System 631 ...[more]

The Master Line Whirller w/ Etcher 1st floor ...[more]

Heated Sealing Tank Sealer ...[more]

Tennsco Wood Top Work Table  36" X 60"  No contents ...[more]

Tennsco Wood Top Work Table  36" X 60" ...[more]

Nuare Light Table 30" X 42"  ...[more]

Wood Top Work Table 36" X 60"    No contents  ...[more]

Nuare Light Drafting Tracing  Table  30"  X 42" w/ contents 1st floor ...[more]

Wood Top Work Table 36" X 60"  No contents  ...[more]

Nuare Light Drafting Tracing Table  no contents included ...[more]

Rotatrim Paper  Cutter - Trimmer  24"  Lot of 2 ...[more]

Lot of Vintage Desk Lamps  ...[more]

Lot of Vintage Dark Room Equipment ...[more]

  • 118 item(s)

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