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 Customer Support Hours:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

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Popcorn Bidding

If there are any bids within 5 minutes of the close of the auction, the close time for that specific item will be extended in 5 minute increments until there are no bids by the end of the following 5 minute block. For example:

If listing 1234 receives a bid at 4:56pm on Friday (4 minutes before the close of the auction), the close time for that particular lot will be extended to 5:05pm. If that lot receives another bid at 5:04pm, the close time is extended to 5:10pm. If there are no more bids between 5:05pm and 5:10pm, the lot will close at 5:10pm.

There is no limit to the number of times an auction can be extended. Therefore, EquipNet, Inc. recommends that you check back often as an auction nears closing time.

Payment Methods

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Wire Transfer
EquipNet DOES NOT accept checks as payment.

Tax Information:

All Equipment located in Massachusetts is subject to Massachusetts sales tax on the equipment purchased and All equipment located in California is subject to California sales tax on the equipment purchased. All buyers are responsible for paying MA or CA sales tax on their order.


1) Form MA ST-4 - If buyer is eligible for a MA sales tax exemption for resale, they can complete the ST-4 (Sales Tax Resale Certificate) only if they hold a valid Massachusetts sales tax number that they provide on the form. This MA sales tax number will be validated prior to accepting the exemption. This exemption only applies to MA sales tax registered buyers only!

2) Form MA ST-12 – If buyer is eligible for one of the exemptions listed on the ST-12 form, then a fully completed form may be submitted for exemption.

3) For CA tax - Exemptions can be requested only by CA resellers by submitting a completed BOE-230 form. Resellers not registered in CA are not eligible for exemption.

PLEASE NOTE – The vendor listed on these exemption forms is EquipNet Auctions, Inc, 5 Dan Road, Canton, MA 02021.

All exemption forms will be reviewed. If they are not fully executed properly or they do not adhere to MA sales tax compliance, then they may be rejected and buyer is responsible for paying the tax.

Refunds of MA sales tax:

For goods being shipped out of Massachusetts by commercial carrier only, a refund may be processed after the shipment is received by the buyer. Refunds will only be processed for shipments within 30 days after shipment is received.

Once tax is submitted to the Commonwealth of Mass., then the buyer will need to contact the tax agency for a refund.

Please note! If any goods are picked up at locations in Massachusetts by the buyer, out of state reseller, their agent, etc – MA Sales Tax applies and Must be paid by buyer!

To apply for a refund, please send your freight carrier shipping document, along with your bank details for payment to

If you paid by credit card, then your card will be refunded.

Shipping & Removal:

***Removal & Loading fees are also noted where provided by the vendors. Please see item description for more details.***

All items must be removed from the facility by October 13, 2017.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to pay for the removal, packing, shipping, and/or insurance, as required, on items won at the Auction. All items must be removed within the specified removal period or shall be deemed abandoned and resold by EquipNet, Inc.

Please be sure to read the Listing description carefully as ALL items sold are subject to a handling fee. Costs may be provided by Seller provided/approved vendors for on-site removals. EquipNet loading charges are figured using industry recognized box & pallet size calculations and as well as the weight of the purchased items. As such, oversized (extra wide/ long or excessively heavy items) may be designated as custom; and will be priced accordingly on the listing. Crating and additional packing services are optionally available, please contact our Logistics Team x2504 for a quote/more details.

If you would like to arrange shipping and packing through EquipNet or would like to pick up the equipment personally, please contact EquipNet Logistics at 781-821-3482 x2504. Pick up appointments and Quotes will be scheduled/requested ONLY after the equipment has been paid for in full.