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{ Group of lots: 0A, 0.A } Quitting BusinessLive Virtual AuctionCentral Iowa Portable WeldingAugust 10, 2022Starting at 11:00 AM1200 SW Brookside...

Lot 0A


{ Group of lots: 0A, 0.A } Quitting Business Live Virtual Auction Central Iowa Portable Welding August 10, 2022 Starting at 11:00 AM 1200 SW Broo...

Lot 1


Snap-on screwdrivers, Molded plastic container, no case, red handle, assorted sizes and types.

Lot 2


Snap-on file handles.

Snap-on ratchet wrenches, flexible head, 1/2” drive.

Lot 4


Snap-on files, part number SGHBF600A, with bag.

(2) Sunex combination wrenches, ratchet tape, 1-1/2" and 1-5/8”.

Lot 6

Vise Grip

Vise grip adjustable wrench, 24".

Torque wrench, 100 foot pounds, 1/2" drive.

Snap-on screwdriver and pick.

(7) Combination wrenches, metric, adjustable box end.

Lot 10


Starrett drive pin punches, model S565, pin vises model S166.

Lot 11

Pipe Wrench

(2) Milwaukee pipe wrenches, (1) Milwaukee cheater 14", Milwaukee standard 14".

(2) Klutch combination wrenches, 2" and 1-5/8”.

Lot 13

Breaker Bar

Klutch 40" breaker bar, 180° swivel head, maximum torque 1,000 foot pounds.

Lot 14

Breaker Bar

Klutch 24" breaker bar, maximum torque 1,000 foot pounds, swivel head.

Lot 15


Ivy classic extension, was only with 1" bit insert.

(4) assorted adjustable wrenches, various brand names and sizes.

Lot 17

Nail Puller

New crescent nail puller model 56 sure grip.

Lot 18


Slide hammer puller, limited use.

Lot 19


New gear puller, 6" -150 mm.

Lot 20


Dewalt 15" adjustable wrench.

(4) Strong hand adjustable welding clamps, model UM125, UM205.

(4) Adjustable clamps, Wilton and Bessie brand-name.

(4) Adjustable clamps, various brand names.

Lot 25


Milwaukee clamps, various types and sizes. Quantity of 10.

Lot 26


(9) Vise grip clamps.

Lot 27


(8) Vise grip clamps.

Lot 28

Grease Gun

Milwaukee battery powered grease gun, catalog number 2646 - 20, 18 V, S/N E988D193402807, battery charger and battery, no case.

Lot 29

Impact Wrench

Milwaukee battery powered impact wrench, catalog number 276720, S/N H96AD1751731, 1/2" drive, M 18 red lithium high demand 9.0 battery, and rap...

Lot 30

Impact Wrench

Milwaukee battery powered impact wrench, catalog number 2852-20, S/N J73AD190201414 M 18 red lithium xc 5.0 battery, 3/8" drive, and rapid char...

Lot 31


Milwaukee 1/2" drive deep impact sockets, English, with case.

Lot 32

Rivet Tool

Milwaukee cordless rivet tool, catalog number 2550 - 20, S/N J53AD201401058, bare tool, no battery or charger, no bag.

Lot 33


Milwaukee hackzall, catalog number 2420 - 20, S/N B56CD153109183, bare tool, no battery or charger, bag

Lot 34


Milwaukee 1/2" hammer drill driver, catalog number 2404 - 20, 12 V, S/N E28DD153202211, with charger, one battery, no bag.

Lot 35

Impact Wrench

Milwaukee impact driver, catalog number 2753 - 20, S/N 076AD12870581, 1/4" hex, M 18 red lithium XC5.0 battery, no bag no charger.

Lot 36


(3) Milwaukee M 18 red lithium XC5.o batteries various conditions no chargers.

Milwaukee battery charger, catalog number 4850 91806, S/N E50D9190450998G, 120 V, 18 V output, six pack charger, M 18, no case.

Lot 38


Milwaukee Bluetooth radio 12 V, S/N G458S144527587, includes M 18 power source charger, catalog number 4924 2371.

Lot 39


Milwaukee metal saw, catalog number 6370 - 20, S/N 835DD192200187, 120 V, 15 amp, 8", no case.

Lot 40


Milwaukee sawzall catalog number 6519-30, S/N C25A610461791, 120 V corded, with case and saw blades.

Lot 41


Milwaukee cordless fan, jobsite fan, catalog number 0886 - 20, S/N G47 VA 200642461M, 18 V, with battery and AC adapter, no case.

Lot 42

Transport Box

Milwaukee pack out, lower case, wheels and handle.

Lot 43


Milwaukee pack out radio and charger, M 18, catalogue number 2950 - 20, S/N L0789194106019C, 120 V.

Lot 44


Milwaukee pack out carrier crate.

Lot 45


Milwaukee pack out box compact organizer 4822 8435.

Lot 46


(2) Milwaukee pack out low profile organizer.

Lot 47


(2) Milwaukee pack out low profile organizer.

Lot 48


(2) Milwaukee pack out organizers with contents.

Lot 49


Milwaukee pack out adapter tray.

Lot 50


2020 Ellis miter bandsaw, model 3000, S/N 30201118, blade size 13'6" x 1". Capacities: 13" round at 45°, 13-1/2" round at 90°, 19" flat at 90°...

Lot 51

Belt Grinder

Baldor belt grinder, catalog number 248 - 151TD, S/N F286, 1-1/2 hp, 115-230 V, single phase, adjustable idler, includes new 36 grit belts, mou...

Lot 52

Wire Welder

Miller Multimatic 255, S/N MK248515N, 350 amp, up to 100% DC, single phase, self-contained wire feeder, fully programmable, purchased new, very go...

Lot 53

Power Supply

Miller Dynasty 350, S/N MB420258L, 208/230/460/575, three phase, 208/230/460/575 single phase, 350 amp, 60% DC, includes foot control, water co...

Lot 54

Wire Feeder

Miller suitcase 12RC 24 V wire feeder, S/N MK423051U, with gun, flow gauge.

Lot 55

Power Supply

Miller XMT304CC/CVDC inverter arc welder, with auto link, S/N LC059677, 230/460 V single and three phase, includes a shop made cart, the front ...

Lot 56

Power Supply

Miller Maxstar 161STL, S/N NB070167L, includes arc welding stinger, TIG torch, purchase new, limited usage, includes the case.

Miller Bobcat 250, S/N LH330110H, gas power, 754 hours on the meter, 10,500 watt generator, capable of welding wire, stick, TIG, AC, gas powered, ...

Miller Trailblazer portable welder, model 325EFI, S/N MJ051214R, 325 amp, DC welder generator professional series, 120/240 V outlets, electric ...

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