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Lot 1


Wrenches, assorted lot of wrenches, open end, combination end, English and metric, various sizes.

Machinist vise, 6 inch, basic type.

Lot 3

Oil Cans

(3) oil cans, two are new.

Assorted roller keys and dowel pins, various sizes and types various conditions various brand names.

Assorted hardware, screws, coarse thread, various sizes and types.

PanaVise products soldering vise, used for soldering of circuit boards, includes soldering iron.

Jackson Welding shield, HSL - 100 black, non-electronic.

Brown and Sharpe dial caliper, code number 599 -579 - 5, .001 inch, 6 inch maximum capacity.

Lot 9


Eyebolts, assorted sizes, all are new.

Combination sander, model BDS - 1008, serial number 110181, 1/2 HP, belt size 1“ x 42“, disk size 8 inches, 110 V, includes steel storage cabin...

Lot 11

Air Hose

Air hose, includes filters various size holes various condition.

Lot 12


Casters, assorted type, two are swivel and two are stationary, new. Plastic wheel, medium duty, 5“ wheel.

Pro Cutter oxygen acetylene torch, includes a new hose, two gauges, torch and striker.

Lot 14


Assorted wrenches, including Allen wrenches and combination wrenches.

Lot 16


Westover refractometer, model RHB10 ATC, with case.

Lot 17

Hex Key Set

Hex key set, T handle, 10 piece set, English.

Lot 18

Plunger Can

Justrite plunger can, 1 quart capacity, new condition.

Impact sockets, deep type, metric, in case, half inch drive.

Lot 20

Drill Press

Drill press, MSC, model 95124, serial number 8U111, new 1986, nine speed, step pulley head, manual down feed, 16 1/2“ x 18 1/2“ table, 10 inch ...

Lot 21

Flow Meter

Flow meter, in operating order.

Proto ratchet and breaker bar, three-quarter inch drive, limited usage, model 5649.

Adjustable bracket, bolt down base, adjustable.

Lot 24


(4) New casters, 5 inch diameter wheel, hard rubber, all swivel.

Brown & Sharpe dial indicator, Bestest, jeweled, .0005 inch, in case. ...[more]

Precision instrument, Starrett Master level, number 98, 8 inch, good condition.

Lot 27

Drill Bits

(5) Assorted taper shank drill bits, sizes vary, 1 61/64, 1 1/2, 1 21/64, 1 47/64, 1 5/16.

Adjustable parallel sets, in near new condition.

Lot 29

Welding Wire

(4) Assorted welding wire, aluminum and steel, .030 and .035.

Three bar power roll, open end 36 inch with 2 inch diameter rollers, rod and groove, added Baldor motor 1/4 hp, gearbox drive, foot control, mon...

Lot 31


(4) WD 40, 3 cans are full, 1 can is partially used

Lot 32

Drill Index

Assorted drill bits included in a drill index container, various sizes and types.

Lot 34


(2) sets casters, new, in bag.

Telescoping gauges, six piece set, 5/16 up to 6 inch.

Mitutoyo inside micrometer, catalogue number 141 -133, ims - 12 inch, complete set, appears to have limited usage.

Brown & Sharpe dial indicator, jeweled, .0005 inch, Bestest, in case, incomplete. ...[more]

McGraw Hill, The New American machinist handbook.

Small hole gauges, .125 -500, four piece set.

Baldor carbide grinder, catalog number 500, serial number F984, 1/2 horsepower, 115 V, single phase, excellent appearance limited usage.

Precision Square Set, (3) custom made machine squares, 7 1/4 inch, 5 inch, four-inch.

Lot 42


Dowel Pin over/under Straight Flute HSS reamer set 1/16 to 1/2 dia, various sizes and types.

Lot 43

Drill Bits

Assorted Huot drill index boxes with assorted drill bits. A-Z, 1-60.

Assorted Allen wrenches various sizes and types.

Lot 45


Assorted champs, various sizes and types.

Lot 46

Angle Blocks

Suburban Tool, Inc., angle blocks, model PAW050505, serial number machine, 5“ x 5“ x 5“.

Ames Precision hardness tester, model 2, with test blocks, in wooden case.

Lot 48

Ejector Pins

DME ejector pins, various sizes and types, are new.

Lot 49


Assorted dowel pins various sizes and types.

Alliant vertical milling machine, serial number 20318298, 9“ x 42“ T slide table, the table has the original feathering, the table does not have...

Enco broach bar set, English, wooden case.

Mitutoyo electronic height gauge, code 570 -213, model HDS - 12 inch, serial number 000-0060, 12 inch capacity, English or metric.

Lot 53

Thread Repair

Thread repair, recoil, fine thread and metric thread.

Mitutoyo bench comparator, Granit-Chek, sn 12653 model G.

Lot 56


Precision vise, 3 inch angle lock.

Dayton Submergible pump, 38871, 1/2 HP, 3450 RPM, 120 V, cast iron housing, 2 inch discharge, new discharge hose, quantity of new couplers, appe...

(4) Parallel blocks, 1-2-3 blocks.

Precision brand punch and die set, model 40110.

Lot 60

Blast Cabinet

Cyclone blast cabinet, maximum inside dimension is 37” x 21” x 24”, door opening is 18 1/2“ x 16” includes just recovery dust unit, the glove...

Lot 61


Taps, assorted sizes and types

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