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Lot 103

Tablet Tester

Schleuniger tablet tester, model 6D, s/n 1421 with Epson printer

Lot 104

Tablet Tester

Schleuniger tablet tester, model 6D, s/n 3505

Lot 105


Electrolab friabilator, model EF-2, s/n 1112233 (USP)

Lot 106


Clay Adams centrifuge, model Dynac, s/n 2850004, bench top

Lot 107


Mettler Toledo digital balance, model AG204, s/n 111331256, max. cap. 210g, d=0.1 mg

Lot 108


A.N.D. digital balance, model GH-202, s/n 15103804, max. cap. 220gg, min. 1 mg, e-1 mg, d- 0.01/0.1 mg

Lot 109


Mettler digital balance, model PJ3000, s/n F31101

Lot 110


(Lot) (3) Digital scales, battery/AC power, cap. 6 lb / 3 kg, d=0.001 lb/ 0.5 g ((2) A.E. Adam, (1) Intelligent)

Lot 111


(Lot) (2) Digital scales, battery/AC power, (1) EJ 120 cap. 120 g, d=0.01 g, (1) EJ 300i cap. 300g, d=0.01 g, with case

Lot 112


(Lot) (3) Digital scales, battery/AC power (1) RadwayWTB 2000, cap 2000 g, d+0.01g, (1) Radway WTB 200, cap 200 g, d=0.001 g, (1) Doran PC-400, ca...

Lot 113


(Lot) (7) Ohaus digital scales, model Scout Pro, battery/AC power, cap. 200 g.

Lot 114


(Lot) Digital scales, battery/AC power, various capacities

Lot 115


Bruker spectrometer, model Tensor 27 FT-1R, s/n 2980 with computer and accessories

Lot 116


Bruker spectrometer, model MPA, s/n 1982, with computer and accessories

Agilent/HP HPLC system, model Series 1100, including (1) G1315B DAD s/n DE03013449, (1) G1313A ALS, s/n DE03013449, (1) G1311A Quant pump s/n DE14...

Agilent gas chromatograph, model 7820A, s/n CN10242003 with accessories, computer and printer

Hewlett Packard gas chromatograph, model 5890 Series II, s/n C12883

Milton Roy spectrophotometer, model Spectronic 20D, s/n 3326235003, with accessories

KEM Karl-Fisher moisture titrator, model MKS 500, s/n NDC34708, with Epson printer

Lot 123


AO digital refractometer, model Abbe Mark II, s/n 01841302

Oakton pH/mV/conductivity/C/F digital meter, model PC700, s/n 952244

Oakton pH/mV/ion/C/F digital meter, model Ion 700, s/n 2021727

Oakton pH/mV/ion/C/F digital meter, model pH 6+, s/n 969224, handheld

Lot 127A

Ph Meter

Fischer Scientific digital pH meter, model 915, s/n 408S

Thermo Scientific digital hot plate/stirrer, model HPS RT2, s/n FKT06002

Scilogey digital hot plate/stirrer, model MS7-H550-Pro, s/n MN31001741

(Lot) (2) Scilogey hot plate/stirrers, model MS-H-S, s/n MC4JO1 2964 and 2931

(Lot) (2) Fistam magnetic stirrers, model 752, s/n 12695 61 and 60

(Lot) (4) Fisher Scientific magnetic stirrers, model 120S

Lot 133

Vortex Mixers

(Lot) (2) Vortex mixers, (1) Fisher Scientific, (1) Thermolyne

Lot 134

Lab Mixer

Arrow lab mixer, model 6000, s/n MC1501152

Lot 135

Lab Mixer

Arrow lab mixer, model 6000, s/n MC1211191

Lot 136

Clean Trace

3M clean trace, model NG, s/n TNJ021

Lot 137

Test Meters

(Lot) (4) test meters, (1) TIF model TIF800X combustable gas detector, s/n 071714011362 with case, (1) Extech 407730 sound level, s/n 10086114, (1...

(Lot) Various lab equipment and table including (1) mono scope, (4) pipettes, (1) Lightning Bio control, (1) hot plate/stirrer, (1) stirrer, (1) d...

Lot 139

Lab Oven

Lab Line lab oven, model M5520-S, s/n 1180147

Lot 140

Utility Pump

Jabsco utility pump, model 6050-003, s/n 14J27176, 3/4 hp, 1 x 1

Lot 141

Chemical Pumps

(Lot) (3) Stenner chemical pumps, (1) model 85MHP40 dosing, s/n 08301117670, (1) model 85MHP17 dosing, s/n 010815KC0000016, (1) model SVPI, s/n 11...

Lot 142

Vacuum Pumps

(Lot) (2) vacuum pumps, (1) KNF, (1) Thermal

Lot 144


(Lot) labware, glass, plastic ceramic

Lot 145

Lab Coats

(Lot) lab coats, (contents of 3 boxes)

Lot 146

Lab Supplies

(Lot) lab supplies, contents in cabinet with cabinet

Lot 147

Fume Hood

Labconco fume hood, 5', bench mounted

(Lot) (2) Aero stainless tables, 2-tier, galvanized lower tier, with (8) Sandusky 2-door undercounter storage cabinets

(Lot) (2) Aero stainless tables, 2-tier, galvanized lower tier, with (2) Sandusky 2-door undercounter storage cabinets

Lot 153

Stainless Sink

Aero stainless sink, 2-compartment with drain board

(Lot) (5) Metro-style shelf units, with extra shelves

(Lot) (2) Metro-style shelf units, (1) 6-shelf mobile with contents (miscellaneous janitorial), (1) 3-shelf

(Lot) (2) Justrite acid, corrosive storage cabinets, model 25871, 12 gal/47 litre cap., mounted on stainless 2-tier stand

Whirlpool laboratory refrigerator/freezer, model WRT311FZDW00, s/n V543997504

Conference table with (8) black swivel armchairs and roll-front credenza

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