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Lot 1

Jack Skelton

created by Sacred Heart School stands about 4 feet tall ...[more]

Created by Dani Curry & Linnea Miller  WDACS Admin.   ...[more]

Created by Leonard Sememuik ...[more]

Lot 4

Grim Reaper

Marcial Castro WDACS Connections ...[more]

Created by Dan & Carol Curry WDACS Admin.  Stands abour 2.5 feet tall ...[more]

Lot 6

Mi Amor

Created by Vision Credit Union ...[more]

Lot 8

The Wedding

Created by Marcial Castro  WDACS Connections ...[more]

Lot 9

Ahoy Matey

Created by Mackenzie Walker  WDACS Connections ...[more]

Created by Beth Manuel WDACS Connections ...[more]

Lot 11


Created by Angie Trkulja WDACS Connections ...[more]

Lot 12

Hobbit House

Created by Leonard Pacot WDACS Connections.  It lights up! ...[more]

Created by Enelyn Salazar   WDACS Res # 2   ...[more]

Created by Marcial Castro Stands about 3 feet tall ...[more]

Lot 15

Fall Delight

Created by Rodney Schmidt WDACS LOP ...[more]

Lot 16

Baby Yoda

Created by Nicole Buwalda WCHS ...[more]

Lot 17


Donated and Created by  Miranda Gandam, Montrose Dental Care ...[more]

Created by Angie Trkulja   ...[more]

Lot 19

Witch's Brew

Created by Marcial Castro  WDACS Connections ...[more]

Donated by Marilyn Conner WDACS Admin ...[more]

Lot 21

Blessed Fall

Created by Mira Malazzab WDACS Residential ...[more]

Created by Mackenzie Walker ...[more]

Lot 23

Venus FlyTrap

Created by Mackenzie Walker WDACS Connections.  Stands about 2 feet tall ...[more]

Created by Lori Goodrich WDACS Connections ...[more]

Lot 25


Created by Hillary Buwalda WCHS ...[more]

Created by Trish Halisky ...[more]

Lot 27

PJ Masks

Created by Stephanie Goodrich ...[more]

Created by Mylene Castro WDACS Connections Stands about 2.5 feet tall ...[more]

Lot 29


Created by Connections Team WDACS  Stands about 10 feet  tall ...[more]

Created by Mackenzie Walker WDACS Connections ...[more]

Lot 31


Created by Leonard Pacot WDACS Connections. Makes noise!! ...[more]

Created and Donated by Doctors Eye Care Wetaskiwin ...[more]

Created by Veronica Stevens WDACS Connections ...[more]

Created by Lailaine Revilla WDACS Connections ...[more]

Lot 35

Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat was donated by  WCHS ...[more]

Lot 36

Toy Box

Created by Mackenzie Walker   ...[more]

Created by Cameron Ball WDAC LOP ...[more]

Created by Cameron Ball WDACS LOP  Stands about 2.5 feet tall  Lights up ...[more]

Created by WDACS Res # 1 ...[more]

Created by Carol Casacop WDACS Connections ...[more]

Lot 41


Created by Selby Quinn WDACS LOP Lights up!! ...[more]

Lot 42


Created by Mackenzie Walker   ...[more]

Lot 43

Witch Way?

Created by WDACS Res # 6 ...[more]

Created by Angie Trkulja WDACS Connections ...[more]

Lot 45

Huh?! Minion

Created by Bryle Cordero   ...[more]

Created by Lalaine Revillo ...[more]

Lot 47

Bright Idea

Created by Mylene Castro It Lights up ...[more]

Lot 48

Sly Mr. Fox

Created by Veronica Stevens ...[more]

Lot 49

Splish Splash

Created by Lori Goodrich WDACS LOP ...[more]

Lot 50

Hello Fall

Created by Samantha Cochrane ...[more]

Lot 51

Let Me Out!

Created & Donated by Loons Golf Club ...[more]

Created & Donated by  Stephanie, Shantel & Tristian Goodrich ...[more]

Created by Marie-Anne  van Deventer. Lights up!! ...[more]

Created by Luanne Hurd ...[more]

Lot 55

Fall Harvest

Fall Harvest was created by WDACS Res # 3 ...[more]

Created by Arlyn Mendoza WDACS LOP ...[more]

Created by Veronica Stevens Lights up!! ...[more]

Lot 58

Very Berry

Created by Analiza Dispo WDACS Connections ...[more]

Created by Blade Hunker WDACS LOP ...[more]

Created by Veronica Stevens ...[more]

  • 90 item(s)

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