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460/575V, Cat No. 3RW4444-6BC35; Tag: 304182

Tag: 304194

(1) Square D Mag-Gard 400A Circuit Breaker; Fuses; (1) Yaskawa Varispeed V7 Drive, Model No. CIMR-P7U4132, 480V, 260A, 200 HP; Tag: 304231

Cat No. NQOD430L225CU; 225A; 208Y/120, 240, 240/120 Delta; 3 Ph; 4 Wire; Square D Add-On Breaker Kit, NQODKA, 225A, 240VAC; Includes Breakers; Tag...

600V, Type SBS2020; Tag: 304180

Includes: GE Transformer; Square D Switch; Multi-Outlet Panelboard with Circuit Breakers; Tag: 307319

400A; 480Y/277V; Tag: 304362

Cat No. AD370-Y0104, HV: 690, LV: 480; Tag: 304166

Includes: (3) Nema Size 4 Starters; Fuses; Tag: 304201

Size 1; 600V; Includes: Square D Powerpact Circuit Breaker, 30A; Fuses; Tag: 304202

Eaton Enclosure, ECN5532AAG, NEMA 3R; Size 2; 600V; Westinghouse Series C Motor Circuit Protector, 50A; Tag: 304203

4 Verticals; 600A; 300V; Tag: 304171

Size 1; 600V; Square D Powerpact Circuit Breaker, GJL36030M04; 600Y, 480VAC, 30A; Tag: 304204

Size 0; 600V; Square D Mag-Gard 15A Circuit Breaker; Tag: 304205

100A, 208V, Cat No. D07ATSB30100C50C; Tag: 304191

Perfect Harmony Drive; Part No. M6SR42020SF415AK0; Input: 13.8 KVC, 3 PH, 55.77A; Output: 0-4160V, 3 PH, 260A; 5KV; Type 1 Enclosure; Tag: 304403

Size 2; 600V; Square D 50A Circuit Breaker, FAL34050; Tag: 304206

Size 2; 600V; Square D Mag-Gard 50A Circuit Breaker; Tag: 304207

Cutler-Hammer Enclosure; Nema Size 2 Starter, 600V; 50A Circuit Breaker; ; Tag: 304208

Cat No. MTVXNBA31000ERU; 3 Pole; 3 Phase; 4 Wire; 600V; Tag: 304216

HV: 480; LV: 208Y/120; Tag: 304217

Square D Enclosure, 8539SCA13V81, 15A, Type 12/3R, 120V; Nema Size 2 Starter, 600V; 50A Circuit Breaker; Tag: 304210

HV: 480; LV: 208/120; Tag: 304218

Size 2; 600V; Cutler-Hammer 50A Circuit Breaker; Tag: 304211

HV: 480; LV: 208/120; Tag: 304219

Size 3; 600V; Square D Circuit Breaker, 125A; Tag: 304212

Part No. 97508982L; HV: 480V; LV: 480V; 3400 lbs; Tag: 304220

Toshiba, DV Circuit Breaker, 41SM-10, 4.2 KV, 120VAC, 400A; Tag: 304213

HV; 12000/20780GRDY/12000; LV: 480Y/277; Style: F11E0144PG;Tag: 304168

Hammond Power Solutions Control Transformer, Cat No. PH350MBMH, 350VA, Fusible; Westinghouse 250A Circuit Breaker; Cutler-Hammer Control Interface...

5KV; (3) Cutler-Hammer Contactors, SLT50XVW430, Model B, 400A; Tag: 304259

Includes: (3) Eaton Cutler-Hammer Contactors; (1) Eaton Cutler-Hammer Nema Size 7 Starter, 230V 300HP, 460/575V 600 HP; (1) Westinghouse 800A Circ...

HV: 480; LV: 208Y/120; Tag: 304224

Cat No. 37DG211188; Starter Cat No. 14DP32AF71-40DP32AF; Starter Size 4; Type 3R; 3 Phase; Tag: 304269

Type: SBW43; Form: BP21P22SX11; 15A Disconnect; Nema Size 1 Starter; FPE Control Transformer, .050KV; Circuit Breaker; Tag: 304275

HV: 480; LV: 208Y/120; Tag: 304226

HV: 600/690Y; LV: 480 Delta; Tag: 304227

8539SCW13V81CFF4K1012P51P52TX22; 30A; Enclosure Type 4X; 575V; 30A Circuit Breaker; Nema Size 1 Starter; Tag: 304278

Voltage Rating: 12470GRDY/7200-480Y/277; Mineral Oil Insulated; 24500 lbs; Tag: 304384