New Surplus SMC Components: Cylinders, Valves, Regulators and More
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  • Ended Feb 07, 2023 3:18pm ET (8:18pm GMT)

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Lot 1

SMC Cylinder

Part No. CQ2B160-200-CJR-C0510; Tag: 260812

(23) Special 2.5” Gauge, Part No. CCK00452; (1) Cylinder, Part No. CQ2A540-40DC; (4) Air Cylinder, Part No. NCDME088-0800; (68) Terminal Blocks, P...

Model No. AF50-NI0D-Z, 150PSI; Tag: 259822

Part No. NCDGBN32-0225-03005CDN; Tag: 259997

(3) SMC Regulators, Part No. IT402-304BG-X37; (12) SMC Electronic Pressure Switches, Part No. NZM053HT-J5LZ-E55L; (1) SMC Electronic Pressure Swit...

Part No. NCQ2KB32-40D; Tag: 259003

Part No. CKZ2N80-105-DCK0982K; Tag: 259100

(2) SMC Solenoid Air Control Valves, Model No. VFS2-JIH16B, Supply Press 0.1-1.0MPA; (1) SMC Valve, Model No. NVF5120-60-03T; (1) SMC Solenoid Val...

Part No. CKZ2N63TF-90DP-CA034XXXXXP; Tag: 260868

(4) Part No. SF4-3GS-21; (4) Part No. SF4-2DB-8D; Tag: 259025

Part No. CKZ2N50TF-135DP; Tag: 261245

Model No. NCDA1D200-1400-AS3S-95650CDN; Tag: 259019

Part No. NBFS6110-3DZ-10T; Tag: 259040

Part No. CKZ2N63TF-15LT; Tag: 261273

Lot 23

SMC Cylinder

Model No. NVV5FS3-01T-101-03T-T0402CDN; Tag: 259021

Part No. CKZ2N63TF-15LT; Tag: 261277

Lot 26

SMC Cylinder

Model No. NVV5FS3-01T-101-03T-T0402CDN; Tag: 259022

Part No. CKZN63-90R-CC100206; Tag: 261290

Part No. CP95SB40-50; Tag: 259023

Part No. CP95SB40-50; Tag: 259024

Lot 34

SMC AF Filter

Part No. NAF5000-N06-2; Tag: 259148

(2) Part No. NCDAIG325-1400-XA28F; (1) Part No. NCAID325-1200-XB7; Tag: 259026

Part No. VQZ3351-5L0-Q VQZ3Q06; Tag: 259054

Part No. CP95SDB63-300-03006CDN; Tag: 259028

Part No. AS3301F-U03-08-X35; Tag: 259059

Part No. CQ2A540-40DC; Tag: 262389

Model No. AF50-NI0D-Z, 150PSI; Tag: 259823

(1) Part No. NCDAIB400-0300-X35CDN; (1) Part No. NCDA1B400-0350-97111CDN; (1) Part No. CQ2B125-150DC; Tag: 259029

Part No. VVFS2-J1K07; Tag: 259072

(2) Part No. NCDAID200-1400-A535-95650CDN; (2) Part No. CP95SDB63-300-03006CDN; Tag: 259030

Part No. VX2340G-02N-9D, AC24VI; Tag: 259073

Part No. NC400F-6; Tag: 260657

(4) SMC Compact Cylinder, Part No. NCQ2A25-6D-XB10; (2) SMC Compact Cylinder, Part No. NCQ2A25-24D-XB10; (14) SMC Cylinder, Part No. NCQ2KB40-30D;...

Part No. NC400F-6; Tag: 260658

Part No. NCQ2A32-75D-03005CDN; Tag: 259032

Part No. AMG350-N06C-X221; Tag: 260722

Part No. AC60B-NI0DG-Z; Tag: 260847

Part No. NCDGTN25-0264+0253-XC11; Tag: 259045

Part No. PDM-0003-02CDN, Serial No. 709816-1, Controller Front, PR3474-1, Serial No. BT-0689, 24V; Tag: 259090

(8) SMC Cylinders, Part No. NCMC150-0050C-03005CDN; (5) SMC Cylinders, Part No. NCMC150-0200-9225CDN; Tag: 259046

Part No. TEC 44, 1/2" NPT, 115V; Tag: 259095

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