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Spartanburg, South Carolina
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  • Ended Sep 13, 2022 2:32pm ET (7:32pm BST)

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Approx (9) Welding Materials Part No. CA45XF19; Approx (12) Mold CI Pipes Part No. CAHBA1L12; Tag: 247418

Model No. 35002020HTJP; Serial No. 02432010-0851; 2 HP; 15A; 120V; 60 Hz; Tag: 248562

(1) Microme Torque Wrench Part No. 0415033853; (1) General Heavy Duty Electric Blower Vent Model No. EP8; Tag: 247404

Model No. 2475F13GH; 175 Max Pressure; 1500 Pump Speed; 30-Gallon Tank Cap; Tag: 248902

(1) Max Breaker Hammer Model No. TE 700-AVR; (1) Powder Actuated Tool Model No. DX 351; Tag: 247407

Model No. F412; 8.3A; 115V; 60 Hz; Serial No. 176442; Tag: 248613

(1) Electric Cutter Model No. DCH 300, 20A, 120V; (1) Core Drill Model No. DD 110W, 120V; Tag: 247408

Item No. CTAH0150TAC001; Tag: 248708

(1) Pneumatic Sullair Air Compressor Model No. 1306047; (1) Breaker Hammer Type: CP 1260, Serial No. 083358; Tag: 248763

Model No. HF 2.75; Tag: 247466

Model No. GC255; Serial No. 06-02666; 40" Fork Length; Not Running; No Sideshift; 5000 lb Max Cap; 173" Max Lift Height; 9001.4 lbs Truck Weight; ...

(2) Gleason Cat No. ER41640, 8A, 600V; (1) Misc; (1) ECNO Model No. ER41640; Tag: 247413

Model No. CRHL100K0H00; Tag: 248793

Model No. SC4.7; Tag: 247467

Model No. MMD211001-143-12-1-CSA; 35A; Tag: 247415

Model No. 9H6066EF; 400/460-3-50/60; Tag: 248794

Model No. SC4.7; Tag: 247468

(4) Hubbell Gleason Reels Type: ER41640; (1) Econo Reel Model No. ER41640; Tag: 247424

Model No. F412-GRN; 8.3A; 115V; 60 Hz; Serial No. 8805; Tag: 248614

Model No. SC4.7; Tag: 247469

(4) Hubbell Gleason Reels Type: ER41640; (1) Econo Reel Model No. ER41640; Tag: 247425

Model No. UA201-25A; R134A-0 Refrigerant Type; Tag: 247414

3 HP; 230V; 60 Hz; 1PH; Serial No. 515254; Tag: 246252

Model No. F284; 3A; 115V; 60 Hz; Serial No. 47465; Tag: 248573

Model No. 6K639D; 3/4 HP; 115/230V; 1725 RPM; Tag: 246253

Model No. P5000; Serial No. AT3502189; 41-1/2" Fork Length; Running; No Sideshift; 4500 lb Max Cap; 188" Max Lift Height; 8670 lb Truck Weight; Ba...

Type: GC40/153; 67,200 lbs Max Gross Weight; 8' 4"H x 38' x 11"L x 8'W; Tag: 249368

Lot 49


Tag: 248274