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Parksville, British Columbia


Tradewest Asset Solutions Inc.


Sale Date(s)
Venue Address
1480 Grafton Road
British Columbia
V9P 0A1

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Important Information


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AUCTION DAY: Wednesday, February 12th, at 9:00 am 

PREVIEW: Tuesday, Feb 11th, 9am to 4 pm. 

PLACE: 1480 Grafton Road, Parksville, BC

Contact Details:

Matt Ardiel Phone: 604-530-9351 Email: mtardiel@tradewestsales.com

FEATURING: (too much to list it all!, partial listing)

2000 Cat 972G Front End Wheel Loader, 26.5-25 Tires, Grapple, Brush Guard, Light Pkg, Fire Suppression System, Hours N/A 7LS00306
Cat 980B Front End Wheel Loader, 29.5-25 Tires, Grapple, Brush Guard, Light Pkg, Air Filter Off, Meter: 8336 hrs; s/n 89P6842
Cat 966C Front End Wheel Loader, 23.5R25 Tires, Weldco Grapple, Welds on Frame & Cyl, 1163 hrs; S/N 30K2469
2015 Bobcat S530 Skid Steer Loader, Quick Attach, Bucket, Plumbed, Meter Reading 1241 hrs; S/N ALR814015
Cat 980B Front End Loader, 26.5-25 Tires, Grapple, Brush Guard, Tires Poor, Belts Off Needs Work, 89P1204
10' Loader Clean Up Bucket
2012 Hyundai 45DS-7E Forklift, Diesel; 9,240LB Cap, Side Shift, 2-Stage Mast, 177" Lift; Meter Reading 7,296 hrs; S/N HHKHFV09CC0000332
2002 Cat DP70 Forklift, 15,000LB Cap, 177" 2-Stage Mast, Fork Positioners & Side Shift, Diesel, Meter Reading 21437 hrs; S/N T20C-61351
Cat P6000 Forklift 5,800LB Cap, Dual Front Wheel, 147", 2-Stage Mast, Diesel, No Side Shift, Meter Reading 6551 hrs; S/N AT14E00348
Linde H35D Forklift, Diesel, 6070LB Cap, 144", 2-Stage, Side Shift Fork Positioner, Hours N/A; S/N H2X393TO3685
Nissan 90 Forklift, 8,000LB Cap, Diesel,3-Stage Mast, Fork Positioner, Meter Reading 7692 hrs; S/N GF034A40U
Nissan 90 Forklift, 8,275LB Cap, Diesel, Fork Positioner, Meter Reading 20,321 hrs; S/N WGF03-920905
Rosser Style Debarking System, 40' Length, 50' Head Travel, 22 Trunion Rolls, Hyd Drive,6 Kickers, Control Booth With Push Button Controls
52' Single Strand Flyted Log Haul Conveyor, Hyd Drive
8' Bar Type, 25hp Cut-off Saw
75' & 55' Split Single Strand Flyted Debarker Cleanout Conveyor w/ 10hp Radicon Reducer
15' Single Strand Flyted Cross Clean Out Conveyor, Hyd Drive
30' Single Strand Flyted Log Hauler Conveyor w/ Twin 5' Overhead Kickers, 4 Strand Lugged Roller Chain Cross Transfer, Hyd Drive
8' Overhead 25hp L&M Bar Type Splitter Saw, 25' Travel
4 Strand 12' Transfer Deck w/ Twin Pneumatic Pop Up Gates, 5hp Drive Supports to Ground
12' Overhead 30hp L&M Bar Type Splitter Saw, 50' Travel, (3) Twin Arm Log Positioners, Hydraulic Drive
70' Single Strand Flyted S-Drive Incline Conveyor, 5hp Radius Reducer (Hog Infeed)
Hammer Hog; 48" x 34" Top Feed, Bottom Discharge; 300HP, 1790 rpm
Commander Disconnects
52' Single Strand Flyted Incline Conveyor, 5hp Drive
Custom 1/2 hp, 30' Augers, Chips & Sawdust
8 1/2' Dia Cyclone on Stand On Roof
Anderson Size 70, 60hp Blower
Spare Motors & Reducers In Area
Spare Hog Motor
Kockums-Cancar 7' HDF Double Cut, Double Column, Hyd Strain Headrig, 1-3/4" Meat On Wheels, Mist System, 33 1/2' x 8' Feed Through Belt Conveyor Control Booth w/ Controls, Kita Microset, Teco 250hp, 1187 rpm Drive
22', 8-Roll Outfeed Rollcase w/ 5 Strand H78 Lugged Decline Transfer, 18' w/ Radicon Drives
20' 8-Roll, 30" Rollcase, 5hp w/ Radicon Drive
14' S-Drive H78 Cross Exit Timber Transfer (To Outside Deck) 5hp Radicon, Log Stop Station
50', 15 Roll, 30" Rollcase, Twin Pop Up Gates, Radicon Drive

AND MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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