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FT Assiniboine , Alberta


Tradewest Asset Solutions Inc.

DAY 1 - MAJOR Sawmill Auction - Timeu Forest Products, Ltd. - Well Maintained & Upgraded Sawmill Machinery & Rolling Stock

Sale Date(s)
Venue Address
Highway 661- 8 kms north of Ft Assiniboine
FT Assiniboine
V2W 0A3

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Wednesday May 9th and Thursday May 10th  9 am MDT each day

Preview: May 8 from 9 am - 4 pm MDT



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 On-line Bidders on the two property parcels and the HewsawR200 small log processor and related lots are required to provide a deposit by Wire Transfer or Cashier’s Cheque in the amount of 25% of your total expected spend, including bid value, buyer’s premium and taxes. Deposit must be received at the auction site or into the Tradewest bank account provided by 3pm Monday, May 7th, 2018. Unsuccessful bidders will be refunded within 72 hours of the auction.  

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 - Deposit of the greater of $2,500 or 25% of your total expected spend in the form of Cashier’s Check or Wire Transfer only.

- Cashier’s Cheques to be made payable to Tradewest Asset Solutions Inc.
- Email mtardiel@tradewestsales.com for Wire Transfer and other Information.

 Buyer’s Premium: 18% 

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