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IKA RET CV 81 Stirrer Hotplate, Electrical: 115V, 5060HZ, 620W Speed 0-1100RPM, SN: 03.065572, SSLLC # 213681, Est. Dims. 11x7x4

IKA MST D (OptiMag+) Heated Stirrer, Electrical: 115V, 50/60HZ, 610W, IP42 includes power cord and probe, SN: 03.407129, SSLLC # 213660, Est. Dims...

Sigma SD Microfuge, Electrical:100-220VAC, SN: 026406, SSLLC # 213650, Est. Dims: 5x6x5

VWR Model V microfuge, Includes two rotors, SN: 10MVSS-07236, SSLLC # 213649, Est. Dims. 7x7x6

Fisher 05-090-100 Microfuge, Electrical: 115-240V, 50/60HZ, 7W, SN: 100610019, SSLLC # 213648, Est. Dims. 7x7x5

BioRad C-1301 Microfuge, Electrical: 115V, 50/60HZ, 130mA, SN: 06110078, SSLLC # 213646, Est. Dims. 7x7x5

PicoFuge HF-120 Micro Centrifuge, Electrical: 115-120V, 50/60HZ, 1A, SN: 712204, SSLLC # 213644, Est. Dims. 5x5x5

Denville C1301 Microfuge, Electrical: 115V, 50/60HZ, 130mA, SN: 0605 0773, SSLLC # 213643, Est. Dims. 7x7x5

Mettler PB3002-S Balance, Electrical: 8-14.5V, 50/60HZ, 6VA, 9.5-20V=6W, SN: 1121242593, SSLLC # 213619, Est. Dims. 13x10x4

Eppendorf 5415C Centrifuge, Electrical: 250W, 115V, 60HZ, 14000RPM, includes Eppendorf F-45-18-11 rotor, SN: 516/334-7500, SSLLC # 213577, Est. Di...

Lot of (2) Vortex Mixers, American Scientific Products   S/N:016670 Electrial: 110-120V, 60HZ, 0.5A Baxter Diagnostics Inc S/N: 045443 Electrical:...

VWR VM3000 Mini Vortexer, Electrical: 120VAC, 150W, 50/60HZ 1 Phase, SSLLC # 213543, Est. Dims. 9x6x7

VWR VM3000 Mini Vortexer, Electrical: 120VAC, 150W, 50/60HZ 1 Phase, SN: 12311, SSLLC # 213542, Est. Dims. 9x6x7

Labnet Rocker 35 Shaker, Electrical: 120V, .4A, 60HZ, SN: 11M0209F, SSLLC # 213528, Est. Dims. 15x14x8

Labline 4625 Plate Shaker, Electrical: 50/60hz, 120w, 120V, 1.0A, SN: 0192-0222, SSLLC # 213525, Est. Dims. 12x12x8

Labline 4625 Plate Shaker, Electrical: 120V,0.4A, 20W, 60HZ, Phase 1, SN: 1472060676853, SSLLC # 213521, Est. Dims. 12x12x8

Labconco CentriVap DNA Centrifugal Concentrator , No rotor included Has power cord and strobe, SN: 030390305 F, SSLLC # 205188

Thermo Flex 1400 Recirculating Chiller, Electrical: 115V 60hz; 100V 50hz, 14.1 AMPS R134a, SN: 111244038, SSLLC # 205252 ...[more]

Thermo Flex 1400 Recirculating Chiller, Electrical: 115V 60hz; 100V 50hz, 14.1 AMPS R134a, SN: 110929101140226, SSLLC # 205251 ...[more]

Thermo Flex 1400 Recirculating Chiller, Electrical: 115V 60hz; 100V 50hz, 14.1 AMPS R134a, SN: 110793301131028, SSLLC # 205250 ...[more]

Feldmeier 5 liter Pressure Vessel, Vessel: MAWP 60PSI at 300F External: MAWP FV at 300F Vessel: MDMT -20F at 60/FV PSI MOC Shell 316L Includes Mix...

GE Healthcare Frac-950 Fraction Collector, Electrical: 100-240V, 300VA, 50-60HZ, SN: 1317744, SSLLC # 214310, Est. Dims. 24x16x19

Amersham Biotech P-900 Monitor, Electrical: 100-240V ,400VA, 50-60HZ, SN: 56119594, SSLLC # 214306, Est. Dims. 16x13x7

Amersham Biotech pH/C-900 Monitor, Electrical: 100-240V, 25VA, 50-60HZ, SN: 56110981, SSLLC # 214305, Est. Dims. 16x11x4

GE Healthcare AKTA Explorer Chromatography System, Electrical: 100-240V, 50-60HZ, 600VA Includes (1) GE Healthcare CU-950 Power Supply (S/N: 2057)...

GE Healthcare A-900 Autosampler, Electrical: 100-240V, 150VA, 50-60HZ, SN: 70462, SSLLC # 214294, Est. Dims. 23x11x18

Tecan 384 Power Washer with Incubator Shaker, Electrical: 100-240V, 50-60HZ Includes (1) Incubator (S/N: 809003701) Electrical: 24VDC, 150W, SN: 8...

Pharmacia LKB GE UV-1 Monitor and Control Unit, Electrical: 110-240V, 50-60HZ, 15VA, SN: X N 000114, SSLLC # 214291, Est. Dims. 15x4x6

Pharmacia Biotech UV-M II UV Detector, Electrical: 100-240V, 50-60hHZ, 15VA Includes (1) Power cord and (1) probe, SN: 56101433 M5 004927, SSLLC #...

Thermo Scientific Orion Star A215 pH/ Conductivity Meter, Electrical: 9V, 1A Includes probe, power cord and stationary stand, SN: X04976, SSLLC # ...

Thermo Scientific Orion VersaStar Advanced Electrochemistry Meter, (2) Probes and power cord with Stationary stand included, SN: V00462, SSLLC # 2...

Thermo Electron Orion 720A+ Selective pH Reader, Electrical: 9V Includes Power cord, probe and stand, SN: 092672, SSLLC # 214287, Est. Dims. 8x9x2

Applied Microsystems Procise 491-0 Protein Sequencing System, Electrical: 100-240VAC +/- 10%, 400W MAX, 50-60HZ Includes User Guides Manuals Flask...

Cole-Parmer Polystat Advanced 8.6L Heat/Cool Bath, Electrical: 115VAC, 60HZ, 11.7A, SN: 0111582601121120, SSLLC # 214281, Est. Dims. 20x11x27

Nova Biomedical Bioprofile 400 Analyzer, Electrical: 100-240V, 1.3-0.6A, 50-60HZ, SN: T80603010, SSLLC # 214278, Est. Dims. 21x19x22

VWR 89202-934 Advanced Digital 15L Heated Circulating Bath, Electrical: 60HZ, 10A, 120V, SN: 1A12B0784, SSLLC # 214275, Est. Dims. 23x15x16

Convergent Bioscience iCE280 Fast IEF Analyzer, Electrical: 120-230V, 50-60HZ, 1.1-0.8A, SN: 1247, SSLLC # 214274, Est. Dims. 14x12x31

Bio-Rad Column Heater, Electrical: 100-120V, 5A, 60HZ, SN: 67BR3701, SSLLC # 214270, Est. Dims. 17x9x4

Vacuubrand ME4 Diaphragm Vacuum Pump, Electrical: 100-230V, 50-60HZ, 3.8-1.8A, SN: 30024904, SSLLC # 214269, Est. Dims. 11x10x7

Hewlett Packard 35900E Multi Channel Interface, Electrical: 115-230VAC, 135W max, 50-60HZ, SN: LR 47359C, SSLLC # 214268, Est. Dims. 12x13x4

Precision Microprocessor Controlled 280 Series Water Bath, Electrical: 120V, 1200W, 1 PH, 10.4A, 50-60HZ, SN: 803071407, SSLLC # 214267, Est. Dims...

Thermo Scientific Orion 4 Star pH Conductivity Desktop, Electrical: 9V, 14A Includes probe and holder, SN: B30414, SSLLC # 214266, Est. Dims. 13x7...

Ohaus EP413 Explorer Pro Precision Balance, Electrical: 12V, 1A, SN: K363 1127460718 P, SSLLC # 214265, Est. Dims. 15x9x14

Barnstead- Thermolyne Labquake Shaker, Electrical: 120V, 0.1A, 60HZ, 1 PH, SN: 1834061205517, SSLLC # 214264, Est. Dims. 19x4x6

Corning PC-210 Stirrer, Electrical: 120VAC, 33W, 60HZ, SN: 250103163711, SSLLC # 214262, Est. Dims. 9x6x4

Agilent 1100 Series Autosampler Thermostat, Electrical: 100-240V, 260VA, 50-60HZ, SN: DE13204417, SSLLC # 214257, Est. Dims. 18x14x6

Agilent 1100 Series Micro Vacuum Degasser, Electrical: 100-240V, 30W, 50-60HZ Includes tray, SN: JP13209166, SSLLC # 214256, Est. Dims. 18x14x7

Hewlett Packard Series 1100 Autosampler Thermostat, Electrical: 100-240V, 280VA, 50-60HZ, SN: DE82203883, SSLLC # 214252, Est. Dims. 18x14x6

Agilent 1100 Series Micro Degasser, Electrical: 100-240V, 30W, 50-60HZ Includes tray, SN: JP13207425, SSLLC # 214250, Est. Dims. 18x14x7

Agilent 1100 Series Fluorescense Detector, Electrical: 100-240V,180VA, 50-60HZ, SN: DE23904895, SSLLC # 214248, Est. Dims. 19x14x6

Agilent 1100 Series Column Compartment, Electrical: 100-240V, 320VA, 50-60HZ, SN: DE23932145, SSLLC # 214246, Est. Dims. 18x16x6

Hewlett Packard 1100 On Line Vacuum Degasser, Electrical: 100-240V, 30W, 50-60HZ, SN: JP63203410, SSLLC # 214003, Est. Dims. 17x14x7

Perkin-Elmer Series 200 UV/VIS Detector, Electrical: 1.6A, 250V, 50-60HZ, SN: 292N3091903, SSLLC # 214242, Est. Dims. 19x14x7

Applied Biosystems 476A Protein Sequencer, Electrical: 100-240VAC +/- 10%, 360W Nominal, 50-60HZ Includes: Back plate (5) User Manuals (1) Applied...

Radiometer-Copenhagen ABL80Flex Blood Gas Analyzer, Electrical: 100-240V, 3A, 50-60HZ, SN: 300279, SSLLC # 214237, Est. Dims. 12x9x16

Varian 50Bio UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, , SN: EL05063228, SSLLC # 213999, Est. Dims. 23x20x8

Beckman-Coulter Allegra 6R Centrifuge, Electrical: 120V, 12A, 60HZ, SN: ALR01M56, SSLLC # 213994, Est. Dims. 30x28x16

Elga model PF2XXXXM1 Water Purification System, Electrical: 24VDC, 120VA Maximum Pressure Inlet / Working: 1.5 bar / 22 PSI Includes: Manuals LC P...

AB Library Builder System, Electrical: 100-240V, 50/60HZ, 240VA Year: 10/2011, SN: LBD1110B0133, SSLLC # 206988, Est. Dims. 22x20x23

BD FACSFlow Supply System, Electrical: 95-245V, 50-60HZ, 60VA Includes: (1) BD Sheath Container (Lot# 20070809) (1) BD Waste Container (Lot# 20070...

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