(10) Rivet Buster Bits, assorted

In Surplus Assets to The Continuing Operations of...

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(10) Rivet Buster Bits, assorted - Image 1 of 3
(10) Rivet Buster Bits, assorted - Image 2 of 3
(10) Rivet Buster Bits, assorted - Image 3 of 3
(10) Rivet Buster Bits, assorted - Image 1 of 3
(10) Rivet Buster Bits, assorted - Image 2 of 3
(10) Rivet Buster Bits, assorted - Image 3 of 3
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Hingham, Massachusetts

(10) Rivet Buster Bits, assorted Lot


Strategic Auction Alliance

(10) Rivet Buster Bits, assorted Lot

Surplus Assets to The Continuing Operations of Fabrizio Construction, LLC

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100 Sharp Street
United States

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Important Information

OVER 600 Lots In Total !!!!   

Two Days of Preview/ Inspection!!  See Update!!

An 18% Buyers Premium Applies to all Sales in this Auction

MA Sales Tax 6.25% Applies

Payment Methods: Wire Transfer, Credit Card, or Cash

Auction Lots Start Closing on November 20, 2019 @ 11:00 AM Eastern Time

Inspection on 11/18/2019 and Tuesday 11/19/2019 From 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM 

Removal: Thursday 11/21/19, Friday 11/22/19, Monday 11/24/19, Tuesday 11/25/19 From 9 AM - 4 PM

Wednesday 11/26/19 from 9 AM - 12 PM ** By Appointment Only 

All Merchandise is sold as is, where is, with no warrantees or gurantees whatsoever

Gallo Moving & Storage is the Preferred Shipper for The Auction.  Contact Chris Hart at 508-422-4400 for Information.  Gallo Moving will have staff onsite immediately following the auction to prepare items for shipping via their carrier or yours.



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Surplus Assets to The Continuing Operations of Fabrizio Construction, LLC

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Auction Bidding Begins Closing on November 20, 2019 at 11:00 AM Eastern Time

All auction merchandise is sold as is, where is without warranty or guarantee.  Auctioneer and makes no warrantees, guarantees, or representations whatsoever.  All sales are final.  Buyers are responsible to conduct their own due diligence as they deem necessary.  Buyers are subject to an 18% buyer’s premium.  All payments must be made by direct wire transfer to auctioneer, or Credit Card within 48 hours of the close of the auction Wire Transfers are subject to a $20 fee per wire transfer. 

Winning bidders are responsible for any and all removal, packing, disassembly, re-assembly, shipping and removal costs.  Auctioneer is not responsible for any removal, packing, disassembly, re-assembly, shipping and removal whatsoever.  All items must be removed by November 27, 2019 at 12:00 pm Eastern Time.  Any purchases not removed within the allotted time will be considered abandoned without recourse by the buyer.

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