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Portales, New Mexico
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  • Ended Apr 11, 2024 11:14am CT (5:14pm BST)

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Currency: USD
Buyer's premium: 15.00%
Sales tax: 8.25%

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1827 S Industrial Dr Portales, New Mexico 88130 United States

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Unit model: YKEDEQQ7-CTG, S/N: SCYM-241180, This unit has NEVER been used, Been stored indoors since approx. 2013 when they were purchased brand n...

Unit model: YKEDEQQ7-CTG, S/N: SCYM-241020, This unit has NEVER been used, Been stored indoors since approx. 2013 when they were purchased brand n...

Mason #08-5333 (NB# 1731), 48in. diameter, 36ft. long, 16000lb. WL-WL Column, Tagged (C-1500) Degas Column, Stainless Steel, This unit has never b...

Mason #08-5334 (NB# 1684), 18in. diameter, 22ft. long, 3900lb. TS-TS Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, Tagged (E-1514) Degas Condenser, Stainless Ste...

Lot 12005

Holding Tank

Damaged, Salvage value only, 304-grade stainless steel, 37,000gal.

Lot 12006

Thin Stillage Tank

304-grade stainless steel, 70,000gal. 

304-grade stainless steel, 40,000gal.

2 - 61,200 bushel Butler Storage Bins, Ground level Butler Grain Bins with Conveyor System, Siemens VFD motor - 65Amp, 460V, 50HP, 3 phase, Elevat...

Refurbished, Frame: 284T, 1175 RPM, 3 Phase, S/N: 365225876

Refurbished, Frame: 324T, 1185 RPM, 3 Phase, S/N: H07AU14M

Refurbished, Frame: 326T, 3555 RPM, 3 Phase, S/N: SNG205218

Refurbished, Frame: 365T, 1770 RPM, 3 Phase, S/N: S75145857

Refurbished, Frame: 286TS, 3517 RPM, 3 Phase, S/N: E41250R07R053R066M

Frame: 284T, 1730 RPM, 3 Phase, S/N: PB0254FBAC037017

Refurbished, Frame: 405T, 1770 RPM, S/N: 658C03JPP3

Lot 12028

Electric Motor

Salvage value, Condition unknown

Refurbished, Frame: 284TS, 3550 RPM, 3 Phase, S/N: HB0252FBA801023

Frame: 364T, 1780 RPM, 3 Phase, S/N: PB0604FBAPI32002

Refurbished, Frame: 326T, 1765 RPM, S/N: S55343978

Refurbished, Frame: 324TDZ, 3555 RPM, 3 Phase

Refurbished, Frame: 254T, 1775 RPM, 3 Phase, S/N: E0301064039015F

Refurbished, Frame: 284T, 1185 RPM, 3 Phase, S/N: 10152EKJ

  • 38 item(s)

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