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Manufacturer: Wexxar Bel Model: ATL-SR+ Voltage: 460 Phase: 3Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: UVA Butler Model: XL460 Voltage: 480 Phase: 3Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Hoppmann Model: WEP80/22 Voltage: 480 ...[more]

Manufacturer: Safeline Model: Powerphase Aperture is 12 inches wide x 5 inches tall x 11.5 inches deep Voltage: 220 ...[more]

Manufacturer: TSA Voltage: 230/460 Hertz: 60Hz Amperage: 8.6/4.3 ...[more]

Manufacturer: Centice Serial: PP0123 Model: Pass RX Voltage: 110 Phase: 1Ph ...[more]

Manufacturer: MARQ Model: HPE-NS-MF/RH/DL Phase: 3Ph Voltage: 230 Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Modern Packaging Serial: MP441 Voltage: 230 Phase: 3Ph Hertz: 60Hz Amperage: 60 ...[more]

Manufacturer: MARQ Serial: Q98067 Model: HPE-NS-MF(RH)DL Phase: 3Ph Voltage: 230 Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Span Tech Voltage: 240 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Groen Serial: 22198HCF Model: NHFP/E-4 Voltage: 120 ...[more]

Manufacturer: CTM Labeling Serial: 360-0151-9907 Model: 360-1-00-01-4567-00 Voltage: 108-132 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz Amperage: 10 ...[more]

Manufacturer: All-Fill Model: B400SV Voltage: 120 Phase: 3Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Smoot Serial: 4483 Model: 49B40 Voltage: 208-230/460 ...[more]

Manufacturer: Priority One Serial: 97462 Model: ProPal 3500 Product Last Ran: Cases Voltage: 480 Phase: 3Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Priority One Serial: 97-557 Model: ProPal 3500 Product Last Ran: Cases Voltage: 480 Phase: 3Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Sealstrip Serial: M2613 Model: J681 Voltage: 480 Phase: 3Ph Hertz: 60Hz Amperage: 7 amps ...[more]

Volume: 50 gallons Hopper Diameter: 28 inches Hopper Depth: 22 inches Discharge Diameter: 7.75 inches Infeed Dimensions: 2 inches ...[more]

Manufacturer: SMS Model: Roll Tak 200 Voltage: 110 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz Amperage: 10 ...[more]

Manufacturer: Damark Model: STB22PC Voltage: 220 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz Amperage: 55 ...[more]

Manufacturer: Polypack Model: TR-15 Voltage: 480 Phase: 3Ph Hertz: 60Hz Amperage: 15 ...[more]

Manufacturer: API Voltage: 440 Amperage: 15 ...[more]

Manufacturer: Doboy Lug Conveyor Centers: 18.5 inches Rotary End Seal Jaws: 1 Seal Jaw Clearance: 4 inches Voltage: 208 Phase: 3Ph Hertz: 60Hz Amp...

Manufacturer: Doboy Serial: 88-24651 Model: J Wrapper Lug Conveyor Centers: 19 inches Rotary End Seal Jaws: 1 Seal Jaw Clearance: 4 inches Voltage...

Manufacturer: Tokyo Menki Model: MW-150 Capacity: 150 Gallons Voltage: 480   ...[more]

Manufacturer: Scott-Randall Systems Voltage: 230/460 Phase: 3Ph Hertz: 60Hz Amperage: 1.15 ...[more]

Volume: Approximately 70 Gallons Hopper Diameter: 48 inches Hopper Depth: 36 inches Infeed Dimensions: 6 inches ...[more]

Manufacturer: Conflex Model: E250 Sealing mechanism: Hot knife Phase: 1Ph Amperage: 6 amps ...[more]

Manufacturer: Eastey Model: ET2012 Tunnel Opening Height: 10 inches Tunnel Opening Width: 20 inches Number of Heating Chambers: 1 Voltage: 220 vol...

Manufacturer: Bolling Serial: 1556 Model: 500-M Fuel Source: Gas Number of Revolving Trays: 5 Tray Dimensions: 17 inches x 26 inches Footprint Dim...

Manufacturer: Link Belt Trough Length: 100 inches Trough Width: 12.5 inches Trough Depth: 9 inches ...[more]

Manufacturer: Lee Industries Model: 100D10T Kettle Capacity: 100 gallons Heating Source: Steam Jacket Coverage: Half Kettle Cover: Hinged Kettle O...

Manufacturer: Hollymatic Model: GMG Hopper Capacity (Pounds): 225 pounds Voltage: 240 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Glen Model: 2B Voltage: 208 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: AMF Bakery Model: 873 Voltage: 208 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Fristam Model: FKL-205 Voltage: 230/460 volts Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz Horsepower: 10 horsepower RPM: 1770 ...[more]

Manufacturer: APV Baker Inc Model: 48 Blade Width: 48 inches Voltage: 480 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Wrightflow Voltage: 240 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz Horsepower: 1 HP   ...[more]

Manufacturer: Stokes Model: 21-M-SF Working Capacity: 1 cubic foot Tilt Degree: 90 Blade: Z Blade Voltage: 208 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Beepex Model: SG 1300 Voltage: 240 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Hiley Conveyor Length: 75 inches Conveyor Width: 48 inches Voltage: 240 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Martens Conveyor Length: 55 inches Conveyor Width: 47 inches Voltage: 240 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: AC Smith Model: BTH 500A 104 Voltage: 120 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: AD Model: 172912 Pin Picker Voltage: 240 Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz Top conveyor mount w/ 15 rows of pins ...[more]

Manufacturer: Globe Food Equipment Company Model: SP20 Voltage: 115 volts Phase: 1Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

Manufacturer: Baldor Electric Voltage: 230/460 Phase: 3Ph Hertz: 60Hz ...[more]

(2) 15 horsepower motors 230/460 volts 37/17 amps (1) 10 horsepower motor 230/460 volts 23.6/11.8 amps ...[more]

Manufacturer: Ilapak Model: Vegatronic 3000/400 Bag Types: Pillow bag Seal Bar Width: 12 inches Additional Feature: Print Registration Voltage: 20...

Manufacturer: Wulftec Model: WLP-200 Maximum Wrap Height: 84 inches Film Width: 20 inches Turntable Diameter: 70 inches Film Pre-stretch Percentag...

Manufacturer: Doboy Serial: 00-22194 Model: Linium 303 Voltage: 240 Phase: 3Ph Hertz: 60Hz Output: approximately 120 packages per minute, dependin...

Manufacturer: CSM Serial: 8265 Model: 20A Catalytic oxidation system Destroys ethanol, oils, fats, greases and other VOCs from bakery oven exhaust...

Manufacturer: Allen Model: SD Approximately 18 inches wide x 5 inches deep x 96 inches long ...[more]

Manufacturer: Bil-Jax Serial: 1702 Model: DB-1169-A Extended platform height: 12 feet Lift capacity: 350 pounds Platform size: 24 inches x 36 inch...

Conveyor dimensions: 12 inches wide x 184 inches long Wire centers: .5 inches Infeed height: 16 inches Outfeed height: 34.5 inches .5 horsepower m...

Manufacturer: Sandvik Conveyor dimensions: approximately 120 feet long x 24 inches wide Stainless steel wire conveyor belt Aluminum frame Previous...

Tunnel Opening Height: 10 inches Effective Tunnel Height: 10 inches Tunnel Opening Width: 16 inches Tunnel Length: 48 inches Number of Heating Cha...

Manufacturer: Eastey Serial: 35718TL Model: T1610-36 Tunnel Opening Height: 10 inches Effective Tunnel Height: 10 inches Tunnel Opening Width: 16 ...

Manufacturer: Eastey Serial: 046R1622TPPK Model: RM1622T Seal Bar Width: 16 inches Seal Bar Length: 22 inches Maximum Film Width: 19 inches Sealin...

Manufacturer: Eastey Serial: 67728TPP Model: EM28T Seal Bar Width: 20 inches Seal Bar Length: 28 inches Maximum Film Width: 24 inches folded Seali...

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