Fogg 18, 28 & 30 Valve Rotary Fillers, 12 oz. to 1.5 liter Bottling Line, 5 Gallon Water Filling Systems, Alvey 800 Series Auto Palletizers & more
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Lots 101 to 112 are being offered as a complete line, and lot by lot. The winning bid(s) will be based upon the greater of the closing on Lot 101...

Lot 101


High-Level Empty Bottle Depalletizer, with accumulating belt discharge, pallet infeed, associated stairway [Loc: Culver OR]

Lot 102

Bottle Rinser

Bevco Bottle Rinser, model M96-42, type 510, s/n J1101, 460 Hz, 3 Phase, 460 V, includes all stainless steel accumulating table infeed mounted on ...

Lot of Conveyor (3-1/2" Wide Belt by 69" Overall Height), From Depalletizer to Filler [Loc: Culver OR]

Fogg "F Series" 48 Valve Rotary Filler, Model FAA 4816, S/N 719-1-9-98, 16-Head Capper (Flat & Sport Caps), include complete sets of change parts ...

Table Top Conveyor From Filler Discharge to Labeler Infeed, 3-1/2" Wide Belt by 50" Overall Height [Loc: Culver OR]

Trine Roll-Fed Labeler, Model 4500, S/N 028M45208, with Parker Touchscreen Operator Terminal, Slautterback KS20H Hot Melt, Fife CSP-01 Sensor Guid...

Table Top Conveyor from Labeler to Polypack Bundler, CHSC 18" Wide Belt Conveyor [Loc: Culver OR]

Polypack CLP-24 Shrink Film Bundler, Model CLP-24, S/N 3881, with Air Blower at Discharge (Lot 110), Schneider Electric Magelis Operator Terminal,...

Lot 112

Case Wrapper

PMI GR-30 Tray Overwrapper, Model GR-30, S/N 98183, with Allen-Bradley Comm PLC, 26-3/4" Wide Belt, 17" High Tunnel Opening by 6' Long Tunnel, Tun...

(Lot) Table top Conveyor consisting of (1) 7-1/2" Wide Belt by 23' Long, (1) 4-1/2" Wide Belt (Slightly Inclined, Highest Part is 42" High), exten...

Lot 121

Case Packer

Hartness Fully Automatic Case Packer, Model 100, with Side Load Case Entry Assembly, Self Aligning Grid Finger System, Live Outfeed [Loc: Culver ...

Lot 133

Blow Molder

2012 Stretch Blow Molding Machine, Model HB-3000, S/N C11B3001, mfg by Ningbo Haibo, 30 Ton Mold Clamping Force, 5.5" Molding Clamping Stroke, Ca...

Lot 134

Blow Molder

2011 Stretch Blow Molding Machine, Model HB-3000, S/N C111306, mfg by Ningbo Haibo, 30 Ton Mold Clamping Force, 5.5" Molding Clamping Stroke, Cap...

270 Ton Plastic Injection Preform Molder, Series 268M6, 32" x 32" Platen, 10.62" Screw Stroke, Sure XCK Series 20-Zone Hot Runner Controller, Colo...

Lot 141


2012 Chiller, Model LJ-25AI, S/N S01208013 & 14, 66.3 kW (88 HP), mfg by Guangzhou Lingjing (Second unit identified as Lot 142) [Loc: Culver OR]

Lot 147

Air Dryer

ZEKS Refrigerated Air Dryer, Model 400HSGA408, S/N 556681, Type Heat-Sink Tru-Cycling, MAWP 300 Psig [Loc: Culver OR]

Lot 149

Water Chiller

2011 Industrial Water Chiller, Model SIC-5A-HP, S/N 3CA11030103, mfg by Shini, 6.35 HP (4,740 Watts) [Loc: Culver OR]

Lot 153

Air Compressors

Lot of (3) High Pressure Air Compressors, 29.5 HP (22 kW), Model 83SH, mfg by Shangair, with Control Panel [Loc: Culver OR]

Lot 201

Bottle Debagger

1 Gallon Bottle Debagger, mfg by Sim-Co Fabricator Inc, semi-auto, approx 36" wide x 15'long with modular plastic belt, approx 4' wide plastic b...

Lot 202

Rotary Filler

Fogg 28 Valve Rotary Filler, s/n 563-20-8-92, 10 head screw capper, 120 bpm, right to left process, with Cap -Snap-Co rotary cap sorter/feeder, ca...

Lot 301

Bottle Debagger

Bottle Debagger (5' Wide Belt x 10'-6" Long x 37-1/2" High), 62" Overall Height, with Connecting 39' long x 4" wide Empty Bottle Conveyor Loop (Lo...

Lot 302


Label-Aire Labeler, Model 3115NV-1500 7/16" RH, S/N 0330561105 [Loc: Kent WA]

Fogg 18 Valve Rotary Filler, 5 head Capper, S/N 510-97-3-93, with Kaps-All Automatic Bulk Parts Elevator Hopper, Model FS-B, Leeson Adjustable Spe...

Lot 403

Rotary Filler

Fogg 30 Valve Rotary Filler, 10 head screw capper, s/n 672-30-9-99, 10-head screw caapper, left to right process, with rotary cap sorter/feeder,...

Lot 411

Case Coder

Norwix Thermal Ink Jet Coder, 115/240v, case coder, with Teguar model TP4010-15 computer control, 2" max print height @ up to 500fpm @ 300dpi, 600...

Lot 502

Bottle Debagger

AIS Container Handling Semi Auto Debagger, s/n 1227-93, approx 36" x 11-1/2'long, plastic mat top staging/feed conveyor with pneumatic gate/bag st...

Lantech Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper, model S-Auto S2503, s/n SS001101,up to 110 loads/hr factory rating, min/max load @ 36"x36"x27" / 58...

Lot 801

Debagging Table

Dyco Fully Automatic Debagging Table, with connecting Empty Bottle Alpine Conveyor Extending to Filling Area (Lot 802) [Loc: Atlanta GA]

CTM Pressure Sensitive Wipe On Labeler, Series 360a [Loc: Atlanta GA]

Lots 817 to 829 are being offered as a complete line, and lot by lot. The winning bid(s) will be based upon the greater of the closing on Lot 816...

Lot 817

Debagging Table

Dyco Semi-Automatic Debagging Table, previously running 2.5 gallon bottles, with connecting Empty Bottle Transfer Conveyor extending to former 2.5...

Lot 821

Ink Jet Coder

Video Jet Excel 100 Ink Jet Coder [Loc: Atlanta GA]

Lot 822

Case Packer

Doran Drop Caser, model WSBLRPLS2.5, s/n WS1189 (2 x 1 Configuation) [Loc: Atlanta GA]

Lot 823


Label-Aire Pressure Sensitive Labeler [Loc: Atlanta GA]

Lot 824

Case Sealer

Case Sealer with Nordson Pro Blue 10 Gluer [Loc: Atlanta GA]

Lot 826

Box Coder

Marsh Patrion Plus Box Coder [Loc: Atlanta GA]

Lot 827

Case Erector

Moen Case Erector model PF129-B, s/n 129-1748 [Loc: Atlanta GA]

Lot 828

Case Palletizer

PAI Case Palletizer, s/n 4006 [Loc: Atlanta GA]

Wulftec Pallet Wrapper, Model WCRT-200 : SN 0500-5769 [Loc: Atlanta GA]

Texas Premier Pressure Sensitive Wipe On Label Applicator, model SL-1500 [Loc: Katy TX]

Universal Pressure Sensitive Wipe on Labeling System, model SL-1500 [Loc: Katy TX]

Lot 914

Case Palletizer

Alvey High Level Case Palletizer, fully automatic upgraded Series 800, s/n 01-K6271111, up to 35cpm, with approx 28" x 90" power roller case turn ...

Texas Premier Pressure Sensitive Wipe On Label Applicator, model SL-1500, with approx 4" x 24" v-belted bottle gripper/straigthener [Loc: Katy TX]

Complete 5 Gallon Bottle Filling & Capping System mfg by Tech Long, 2013 Installation previously producing 600 bph, Complete with Bottle Washer, R...

Lots 1001 to 1015 are being offered as a complete line, and lot by lot. The winning bid(s) will be based upon the greater of the closing on Lot 1...

Lot 1001

Debagging Table

Debagging Table [Loc: Kentwood LA]

Lot 1002

Rotary Filler

Filler Specialties 24-Valve Rotary1 Gallon Filling Machine : s/n SN 1198GWSF248L, with connecting filler discharge table top coveyor extending to ...

Label-Aire Pressure Sensitive Label Applicator, model 3111-2000 RH 4X5/12", s/n .0315270911 [Loc: Kentwood LA]

Lot 1004

Bottle Coder

Video Jet Ink Jet Bottle Coder, model 1520 [Loc: Kentwood LA]

Lot of (4) Stainless Steel Ozone Contact Tanks, each with centrifugal pumps, Thermo Fisher Ozonator assembly and stainless sensors (Includes Lots ...

Ambec Bottle Diverting Table & Transfer Conveyor, stainless frame construction, approx 85' overall lenght inclusive of diverter segment (#1005), w...

Lot 1011

1 Gallon Caser

Cannon 1 Gallon Case Packer, with Hamrick Case Sealer (Lot 1012) and interconnecting Case Conveyor [Loc: Kentwood LA]

Full Case Power Belt Conveyor Systems, approx 150' overall length, with 25' elevating section and 90 degree turn, extending from case sealer to pa...

Lot 1014

Case Palletizer

PAI Automatic High Level Full Case Palletizer, model P-OK17, Palletizer previously running approx 35 case per minute [Loc: Kentwood LA]

Wulftec Automatic Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper, model WCRT-200, s/n 18901-1-0205, with associated power roller pallet conveyor with 90 degree discha...

Lot 1017

Case Erector

Pearson Case Erector, s/n 8902096679 [Loc: Kentwood LA]

Quadrel Pressure Sensitive Label Applicator, model Q41, s/n 79290-01, new 2008 [Loc: Ft Lauderdale FL]

Quadrel Pressure Sensitive Label Applicator, model Q41, s/n 79290-02, new 2008 [Loc: Ft Lauderdale FL]

Lots 1301 to 1311 are being offered as a complete line, and lot by lot. The winning bid(s) will be based upon the greater of the closing on Lot 1...

  • Lots per page
  • 60

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