Breadsource Corporation, machinery equipment used in commercial bakery facility manufacturing rolls & other types of bread
Scarborough, Ontario
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Peerless Roller Bar Mixer mod. HS6 s/n 90042, 93"x 50" x118", 460 volts, SS, 600 lb. mixing capacity, w/ Allen Bradley HMI [Loc. Dough Mixing - Bu...

Peerless Roller Bar Mixer mod. HS10Hd s/n 206305, 108"x 70" x118", 575 volts, 1000 lb. mixing capacity, SS, w/ Allen Bradley HMI [Loc. Dough Mixi...

Guerin Bulk Flour Silo, 12ft diameter;16ft height, 230 volt, SS, w/ 30 tonnes capacity with fluidization system, positive blowers and flour delive...

Berg Chiller, mod. APS-30-1, s/n S03796A-AJ1-0521, 157"x50"x100", 575 volt, SS, 11.7 Tons Glycol (40% propylene glycol) with 50.1 GPM flowrate pu...

Mueller Falling Film Water Chiller mod. 165-FPC s/n 366766-3, 69"x39"x77.75", SS, 50 GMP, 7.67 ton capacity, w/ Roof-top air colled condenser 120...

Gemini Chuncker Divider mod. Tewimat S-HD, s/n 40019314-G, 39.5"x47.25"x59.0625", 230 volts [Bun Production Line]

Gemini Roll Line mod. Tewimat S-HD s/n 40019314-G, 24" belt weidth, 230 volts, w/ intermediate proofer, bypass conveyor, sheeter section, reverse ...

Index Cross Conveyor, 30ft x 34" x 31", 230 volts, w/ Burford pan shaker & outfeed conveyor belt [Bun Production Line']

Spraying Syst Egg/Water Sprayer, 6 wide, 110 volt (capable of 260 VAC) w/pan transfer conveyor and connecting 90 degree turn [Bun Production Line]

Spraying Syst Sprayer/Topper Belt mod. 1550+ Auto Jet, s/n ML001550PLUS, up to 8 wide, with Burford topper [Bun Production Line]

Pan Transfer Conveyor, 24", 90 VDC w/ 180 degrees turn, extending from toper discharge to oven infeed [Bun Production Line]

Gemini - Werner & Pfleiderer Tunnel Oven, mod. NUN-PLUS 4000x24, s/n 63306-199, dim. 25068 x 4100 x 260, 600 volts, w/ auto loader and unloader [B...

90 Degree Pan Turn, s/n 77, 7.5"W x 3 conv., 575 V, connects coven discharge to depanner infeed belt [Bun Production Line]

Pan Transfer Conveyor, 4.5"W x 2 conv., 575 V, extends from 90 Degree oen discharge to depanner [ Bun Production Line]

Capway Bread Depanner, 32" belt with 600 caps, 480 V, SS, w/ 44"x79"x26" vaccum chamber [Bun Production Line]

Stewart System Overhead Bun Transfer Converyor, 30" wide Wendway(rod) conveyor, 460 V, SS, w/ (2) 90 degree and (1) 180 degree turn to race-track ...

Stewart System Race-Track Cooling System mod. Monoflex 5 tier, 460 V, SS, w/ 26"wide belt with declining conveyor to bun slicing line [Bun Product...

Stewart System Bread & Bun Diverter Table, 460 V, SS, w/ connecting 180 degree rod style infeed conveyor [Bun Production Line]

LeMatic Bun Slicing & Bagging Line 42ft 9 inches, 230 V, SS, w/ model 29000 band slicer, model GU10W-S-2 hinge slicer, and model 26000 bagger wit...

Bun Transfer Conveyor P4, 24" w/variable speed drive, extending from bagger to metal detector [ Bun Production Line]

Werner & Pfleiderer Overhead Proofer, 8-pocket wide,8843mmx1850mmx4250mm, 230 V, w/ mobile base moulder [Bread Production Line]

Pfening Wet Proofer,mod. 110A, s/n 110-2121, 29ftx17ftx12.5ft, 575 V, SS, 5-lane design, 10 front and back doors, 2 zone system with exterior mou...

Gemini Werner & Pfleiderer Bread Tunnel Oven, mod. NU-DUO, 23870mmx3850mmx2600mm, 460 V, w/ with auto pan unloader, (1) 90 degree pan turn, and (...

Capway Bread Depanner, mod. EBS-DRBU-30, s/n BD0103-10, 32" belt with 600 caps, 230/460 V, w/ crossover inspection bridge and vacuum unit for depa...

G&H Systems Spiral Cooler, 21.8ftx13.2ft, 460 V, SS w/ belt washing unit. 910 ft long, 38" wide 1"x1" pitch 304SS belt with double bar links on bo...

Stewart System Overhead Bun Transfer Conveyor, Wendwat converyors approx 26" wide belt, 460 V, SS, w/ (1) 180 degree discharge turn from spiral c...

Miura High Pressure Boiler, mod. LX-50, s/n 44S48929, Nat gas fired, 170 psi, 400 deg design temp., 1840 lb/H rated steam capacity, w/ feed water...

Raymond Stand-up Forklift, mod. Easi R40TT, s/n ET-D-02-11759, 24 volt, 4500 lb capacity w/ battery [Production Support]

Bun Pans [Production Support]

Bread Bans [Production Support]

  • 41 item(s)

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