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Grand Chain, Illinois


Myron Bowling Auctioneers


Sale Date(s)
Venue Address
2500 Portland Rd.
Grand Chain
United States

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Important Information

Auction starts at 10AM local time. Register 24 hours prior to start of auction.
Inspection: Day prior to auction from 9AM to 4PM.
Last day for removal is Friday, 3/29/19.

Must have deposit or bank letter to bid.

Call for wire instructions  513/738-3311   Fax bank letter  513/738-0221

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(3) ABB 7,500-HP Motors (New/Unused) & (6) Crates of Parts (New/Unused) • (6) TOSHIBA Motors to 350-HP (New/Unused) • ABB Electric Switchgear • (2) 2009 SIEMENSTransformers • (15+) VIRGINIA TRANSFORMER CORP Transformers to 5,000-KVA • (50+) TOSHIBA ALLEN-BRADLEY Motor Control Centers (MCC) to 3,000-AMPs • (10+) EMERSON & TOSHIBA Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) • (10+/-) SQUARE D HVL Load Interrupter Switches • Slag / Asphalt Dryer System •  MTU ONSITE ENERGY Diesel Generator • 2007 METSO MINERALS HDV Car Shaker • INTERSYSTEMS RS Sampler, PNEG-2194 • (6) HARTZELL 40-HP Fans • (2) CHICAGO 15-HP Blowers • (8) EATON CUTLER-HAMMER HD Safety Switches • ADVAC Circuit Breakers • Sprung Tent • UREA SYSTEM #1 Kiln • Tire Derived Fuel System • Breaker Boxes & Electric Panels • Dozens of Skids of MRO Surplus

I-Beams • Angles • Jumbo Steel Columns (Up to 4” Web) • Flange • Fabricated Structures • Duct Work (3’-15’ Dia. to 30’L) • Ventilation Systems • Rebar to 1-1/2” • Heat Exchangers • Manifolds • Pipe • Wire Mesh Grating • Step Platforms • Safety Railing • Hardware • Safety Ladders • Raw Steel & More



From St. Louis - Auction is approx. 159 mi Southeast of St. Louis.  Take I-64 E to 1-24 E (exit 44) to US-45 (exit 14) Take County Rd 400 to Portland Rd.

From Nashville - Auction is approx. 160 mi Northwest of Nashville. Take I-24 W to US-45 (exit 37) to IL-145 N. Turn West onto Country Club Rd, North on US-45 N, West onto Joppa Rd and West onto County Rd 1000 N. Continue onto Portland Rd.

From Louisville - Auction is approx. 239 mi Southwest of Louisville. Take i-65 S to US-31 W/KY-61 N (exit 91). Merge onto I-69 S to I-24 W (exit 68B). Take exit 37 to US-45 to IL-145 N. Turn West onto County Club Rd, North on US-45 N, West on Joppa Rd and West onto County Rd 1000 N. Continue onto Portland Rd.

Removal at the main Joppa - Plant will be coordinated with: Dale Smith, Project Engineer, Joppa Plant
2500 Portland Road, Grand Chain, IL 62941
Office: 618-543-3915, Mobile 618-658-0734    dale.smith@lafargeholcim.com   www.lafargeholcim.com

Contractors will be held to the Contractor Safety Management document, and must have MSHA certification / training for surface/above ground mines. A copy of the MSHA 5000.23 form will be required to be provided for each individual worker. All workers have to complete the on-line convergence training (see attached instructions) prior to arrival, and must print and turn in the completed form upon first arrival. The Joppa Plant has a clean shaven policy with facial hair for all workers that will be working on plant property.

Last day for removal is Friday, March 29, 2019.

The following contractors have been pre-approved. However, rigging is not limited to the following contractors. Any contractor meeting LafargeHolcim’s requirements may work at the site.

STERETT CRANE & RIGGING - Mike Williams -   T: (270) 519-7574 • F: (270) 663-0277 m.williams@sterettcrane.com

BARNHART CRANE - Mason Denton - 270-713-0399 office mdenton@barnhartcrane.com

ELMO INDUSTRIAL SERVICES - Rob Moser - 419-605-8422 Cell • 419-238-1100 Office • 419-238-1114 Fax Rmoser@elmcoohio.com

Lots 1 through 45 will be sold “walk-around” style at the main site. The remaining lots will be sold “theatre-style” from the cafeteria at the main plant.

Lots: 1-45
2500 Portland Road, Grand Chain, IL 62941

Lots 47 & 48
2942 US Hwy 61, Bloomsdale, MO 63627

Lot 49
1170 Transit Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Lots: 51-64
Mount Mission Road, Metropolis, IL 62960

Lots: 65-65C, 66-66C, 67, 68-85
727 E 12th Street, Building 10, Metropolis, IL

Lots: 65D, 66D, 67A-67D, 86-114
1530 E 5th Street, Metropolis, IL 62960

Lots: 65E, 66E, 67E, 115-213
1031 Division St., Paducah, KY 42003


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Frequently Asked Questions

Terms and Conditions

NOTICE:  All Bidders and other persons attending this sale agree that they have read and have full knowledge of these terms and agree to be bound thereby.

– All purchasers are required to give full name and address at time of registration.

2.  DEPOSIT – Each Buyer will be required to make a deposit in cash or by certified check of 25 percent of the bid on each lot at the time of knockdown.  In default of such deposit, the lot may be put up again immediately and resold.

3.  TIME OF PAYMENT – All invoices must be paid in full by the sales conclusion.  Any other arrangements must be made with Auctioneer prior to bidding.  If not, the merchandise will be deemed abandoned and Buyer will lost any right, title or interest Buyer may have acquired and the merchandise shall revert and repossess to Auctioneer without further notice to Buyer and the transaction shall be null and void as to Buyer.

4.  REMOVAL – All purchases must be removed not later than the date specified in the auction Catalogue and/or announced at the sale time.  No lot can, on any account, be removed during the sale.  All goods are sold “Where Is”.  Removal shall be at the expense, risk and liability of the Buyer.  Purchases will be delivered only on presentation of paid bill.  Auctioneer shall not be responsible for goods not removed within the time allowed, but shall have the option to remove and store at the expense and risk of the Buyer any article purchased, but not paid for and removed within the time aforesaid.

5.  MANNER OF PAYMENT – All payments must be made by cash, cashier’s check or company check with a bank letter of authorization guaranteeing funds to Myron Bowling Auctioneers.  All check for deposits and balances due shall be payable to the order of “Myron Bowling Auctioneers”.  All bills must be paid to representatives of the Auctioneer at the plant unless otherwise announced.  The full purchase price on all lots sold to the same Buyer must be paid within the time fixed and before removal of any goods.

6.  CONDITION OF ARTICLES SOLD – The Auctioneer shall not be responsible for the correct description, genuineness, authenticity of, or defect in any lot, and makes no warranty in connection therewith.  NO sale will be set aside nor allowance made on account of any incorrectness, error in commentary, cataloguing, or any imperfection not noted.  No deduction allowed on damages articles, all goods being exposed for public exhibition are purchased and accepted by Buyer “AS IS”, “WHERE IS” and “WITH ALL FAULTS”.  Auctioneer makes no warranties or guarantees whatsoever whether written, oral or implied as to quality, quantity, condition, usability, salability, weight, measurement, year, model, mechanical condition, performance or other specifications and without recourse.

7.  CLAIMS – No Claims will be allowed after removal of goods from premises.

8.  RESPONSIBILITY FOR NON-DELIVERY – Auctioneer shall not, in any event, be liable for non-delivery of such lot, storage or removal fees or costs, lien satisfaction or for any other matter or thing, to any Buyer of any lot, other than for the return to the Buyer of the deposit or sum paid on said lot, should the Buyer be entitled thereto.

9.  COMPLIANCE WITH TERMS OF SALE – In default of payment of bills in full within the time therein specified, the Auctioneer in addition to all other remedies allowed by law, may retain all monies received as deposit or otherwise, as liquidated damages.  Lots not paid for and removed within the time allowed herein may be resold at public or private sale without further notice, and any deficiency, together with all expenses and charges of re-sale, will be charged to the defaulting purchaser.

10. RISK TO PERSON AND PROPERTY – Persons attending during exhibition, sale or removal of goods assume all risks of damage of or loss to person and property and specifically release the Auctioneer from liability therefor.  Neither the Auctioneer nor his principal shall be liable by reason or any defect in or condition of the premises on which the sale is held.

11. ADDITION TO OR WITHDRAWAL FROM SALE – The Auctioneer reserves the right to alter the order of the sale, withdrawal from the sale any of the property listed or to sell at this sale property not listed, and also reserves the right to group one or more lots into one or more selling lots or to subdivide into two or more selling lots.  Whenever the best interest of the Seller will be served, the Auctioneer reserves the right to sell property listed, in bulk.

12. SALE BY ESTIMATED WEIGHT, COUNTY OR MEASURE – Where items are sold by estimated weight, count or measure, the Buyer will be billed for and required to pay for the estimated weight, count or measure.  If, upon delivery, any shortage exists, the Buyer will receive a refund at the rate of the purchase.  If there be an excess, the Buyer will be required to take and pay for such excess, at the rate of the purchase.

13. DISPUTE BETWEEN BIDDERS/BID INCREMENTS – If any dispute arises between two or more bidders, the Auctioneer may decide the same or put the lot up for sale again at once, or resell to the highest bidder.  Auctioneer may reject a nominal or fractional bid advance if, in his estimation, it proves injurious to the sale.  The Auctioneer’s decision shall be final and absolute.

14. RESERVE – The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject any and all bids.  On lots upon which there is a reserve, the Auctioneer shall have the right to bid on behalf of the Seller.

15. RECORDS – The record of sale kept by the Auctioneer and bookkeeper will be taken as final in the event of any dispute.

16. AGENCY – The Auctioneer is acting as agent only and is not responsible for the acts of its principals.

17. SALES TAX – All sales are subject to state and local taxes, unless a proper exemption certificate including tax exempt number is presented at the time of payment.

18. BUYER’S PREMIUM – The Auctioneer in its sole discretion may impose a Buyer’s Premium on any goods sold.  The Buyer’s Premium is a percentage that is added to the final purchase price of any items.

19. SHIPPING – All coolants, oil and fluids must be drained from all machinery and equipment prior to removal.  All of the above must be shipped in compliance with state and federal regulations.

20. INSURANCE – All Buyers, or the Buyer’s riggers, must provide the Auctioneer, Owner and Landlord a certificate of insurance in amounts acceptable to the above parties prior to removal of any machinery and equipment.

21. ADDITIONAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS – The Auctioneer may modify or supplement these terms and conditions of sale by language in the catalog available at the sale site or by announcement at the start of the sale.

22. Auctioneer reserves the right to bid on behalf of the seller/buyer/secured parties.

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