In Norseman Heavy Duty Repair & Fabrication

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2-SHEETS OF STAINLESS ALUM - 52"X10FTX1/8" - Image 1 of 2
2-SHEETS OF STAINLESS ALUM - 52"X10FTX1/8" - Image 2 of 2
2-SHEETS OF STAINLESS ALUM - 52"X10FTX1/8" - Image 1 of 2
2-SHEETS OF STAINLESS ALUM - 52"X10FTX1/8" - Image 2 of 2
225 CAD
Red Deer, Alberta


Montgomery Auction Services Ltd

Norseman Heavy Duty Repair & Fabrication

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Venue Address
Norseman Heavy Duty Repair & Fabrication
4308 Gerdts Ave
Red Deer
T4S 2A8

Arrangement for shipping with a freight or courier company is the buyers responsiblity.  Montgomery Auction Services staff will have the item or pallets ready for shipping. 

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Norseman Heavy Duty Repair & Fabrication

Auction Date & Time: lots start closing on Tuesday September 29 at 9:00 am MT

Location: 4308 Gerdts Ave, Blindman Industrial Park,

Red Deer, Alberta

Featuring: (partial) 


Norseman Heavy Duty Repair & Fabrication

Blindman Industrial Park, Red Deer, AB



Selling Shop Equipment, Welders, Service Trucks, Vehicles, Quantity of Used Heavy Duty Truck & Trailers Parts Plus Much More.


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