12 Ton Bantam Model B2120GFO Pneumatic Press Brake, 12 Ton x 2'

In Facility Closing: Fabricating Machinery, Press...

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Elk Grove, Illinois

12 Ton Bantam Model B2120GFO Pneumatic Press Brake, 12 Ton x 2', s/n: B9650

Loading Fee: $150

12 Ton Bantam Model B2120GFO Pneumatic Press Brake, 12 Ton x 2', s/n: B9650

Loading Fee: $150

Facility Closing: Fabricating Machinery, Presses, and Other Surplus

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Melrose Park
United States

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Facility Closing: Fabricating Machinery, Presses, and Other Surplus  

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  • Purchased lots will not be released until payment has been received in full.  Wire transfers must clear in order for payment to be considered “received in full”.


  • Rigging/RemovalIS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BIDDER/BUYER and all riggers are required to be licensed, insured and approved, in advance, by KI Auctions.  Every effort will be made to facilitate the timely and professional removal of the assets.  All removal activity must be in accordance with OHSA guidelines and at the direction of on-site KI Auctions and/or Seller staff.  Removal may begin when the auction has been completed and Payment in full has been made (each Invoiced lot and any other invoiced line item – sales tax, Buyer’s Premium, etc. – must be paid).  Any lot not removed from the premises by the published removal deadline shall be removed and may be resold at public or private sale and/or scrapped by KI Auctions, in their sole discretion, without further notice and the costs of same shall be charged to the defaulting buyer.


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  • REMOVAL DATES: Removal will take place from THURSDAY, JULY 18th – FRIDAY, JULY 26th, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Alan’s Machinery Movers will be offering on site loading for a fee. Fees will be listed with each lot in the sale on Bidspotter. Please contact Enrique at Alan’s Machinery Movers to coordinate rigging, 773-302-2362. Winning bidders may send in other riggers, only if proper insurance is provided to KI Auctions prior to removal. KI Auctions reserves the right to approve or deny any rigging company access for removal of items.
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