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Milwaukee 6230 Portable Bandsaw, S/N J405071606, 0-350-RPM 6" Throat, 120 V with Case ...[more]

Milwaukee 6509-22 Reciprocating Saw, S/N A609387681, 3/4" Stroke,0-2800-RPM, 120V 14A Motor with Case ...[more]

Milwaukee Hawk Rotary Hammer, 0-900-RPM,0-4500 BPM, with Case ...[more]

Shop-Vac 970C Industrial Wet/Dry Vac with Shop-Vav QPL650

Milwaukee 0264-1 VSR Electric Drill, 1/2" Chuck, "Magnum Holeshooter" with Dewalt 14.4V Cordless Drill, Charger, Case, Battery

Dewalt D21002 3/8" VSR Drill Dewalt 28402 Angle Grinder, 4-1/2" with Black and Decker 7548 Jig Saw

Makita 5820 Circular Saw 7 1/4" Blade, S/N 6733E, 4000-RPM, 120V 7.5A

Black and Decker 4075HD 7/9" Angle Grinder, 15A, 15,000-RPM, 120V

SPX Power Team P55B Hydraulic Hand Pump, S/N 1412AD24977, 10,000 PSI/700 BAR

SK 74250 Torque Wrench, 250 FT/Lb Capacity ...[more]

OTC Gear Puller Set with Flaring Tool ...[more]

Gear Puller Set ...[more]

Hi-Tech Model 87 Retaining Ring Tool with Automatic Lock, Internal/External Replacable Tips ...[more]

Buffalo 3/4" Drive 21 Piece Socket Set, with Assorted 3/8" and 1/4" Socket Sets ...[more]

Assorted 1/2" and 3/8" Drive Sockets with Ratchets ...[more]

Combination Wrenches, Both Metric/Standard ...[more]

Ridgid 18" Pipe Wrenches, (3) In Lot

Assorted Pry Bars ...[more]

Black and Decker 3924 Chop Saw, 14" with Stand, 14" Abrasive Blade, 1" Arbor, 120V

Delta 17-900 Floor Standing Drill Press, 16.5" Capacity, 3 - 3/8" Plunge Depth, 250-3000-RPM, 12" x 12" Table, Work holding Vise, 3/4-HP 120/240V ...

Rigid 300A Pipe Threader, S/N 5236, with Stand, Deburring Tool, No. 42A Cutter, Universal Die Holder

Rigid No. 450 Tri-Stand, 1/8"-5" Capacity ...[more]

Rigid Thread Die Holders and Ridgid Taps, 3/4", 1", 2" Diameter Pipe Thread Holders, 1-1/2" and 2" Taps ...[more]

Rigid No. 42A Four Wheel Pipe Cutter, 3/4"-2" Capacity ...[more]

Greenlee No. 737 and No.735BB Knockout Punches ...[more]

Waterloo Trax Series 11-Drawer Tool Chest, 40"W x 18"D x20" H ...[more]

Kennedy 6-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest with Waterloo Top Chest, with Contents ...[more]

Lawson Products 6-Drawer Hardware Chest and Contents, Including Test Clips, Wire Terminals ...[more]

Lawson Products 4-Drawer Hardware Chest and Contents, Including Cap Nuts, Screws ...[more]

Lawson Products 4-Drawer Hardware Chest and Contents, Including Cotter Pins, Heat Shrink, Brass Adapters ...[more]

Square-D Facility Electrical Spare Parts, Including Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers, Relays, Conduit Fittings

Kimball Midwest Electrical Wire Spool Rack with Contents ...[more]

Kimball Midwest / Lawson Products Hardware Bins with Contents ...[more]

Baldor VEM3546 1-HP Super-E Induction Motor, S/N F201182652, Frame 56C, 1760-RPM 230/460V ...[more]

Baldor EM3538 1/2-HP Super-E Induction Motor, S/N F1208211857, Frame 56, 1730RPM, 230/460V, Used with Bagger Chain ...[more]

Baldor M1707T 3/1.5-HP Super-E Induction Motor, S/N F1303260854, Frame 184T, 1725/850-RPM, 460V, Used with Bemis Bagger ...[more]

Baldor VM3559T 3-HP Standard-E Induction Motor, S/N W1210083340, Frame 145TC, 3450-RPM, 208-230/460V, Used with Hulls Filter Fan Tanks

Sweco TENV Vibro Energy 5-HP Induction Motor,4 S/N 51805-007-83L, Frame 215, 1120RPM, 230/460V ...[more]

Lincoln Electric 50-HP Induction Motor, S/N 3195828, Frame 326TSC, 1770-RPM, 230/460 V

Baldor M24A Super -E 60-HP Induction Motor, S/N 91365230, Rebuilt, Frame 364TS , 3600-RPM, 460V ...[more]

Baldor Super -E 40-HP Induction Motor, S/N C0405200063, Frame 324T, Rebuilt, 1775-RPM, 460V ...[more]

Louis Allice 40-HP Pacemaker Induction Motor, S/N 2140800001, Frame 326T, 1775-RPM, 460V

Baldor M4109T-S 40-HP Induction Motor, S/N 12H52W168, Frame 324TZ, 3550-RPM, 460V ...[more]

US Electric Motor 60-HP Induction Motor, S/N F214-50-T01S298R021M, Frame 364TS, 3545-RPM, 460V ...[more]

Baldor EM4102T 20-HP Induction Motor, S/N 1292C-308, Frame 286T, 1170-RPM, 230/460V ...[more]

General Electric 5K286811150 Induction Motor, Frame 286TS, 3550-RPM, 230/460V ...[more]

Siemens Allis 015, 10-HP Induction Motor, S/N 51-396-278, Frame 256T, 1160-RPM, 230/460 ...[more]

Baldor EM3665T 5-HP Induction Motor, S/N F1612081960, Frame 184T, 1750-RPM, 230/460V ...[more]

Hyundai Crown Triton HLS254SR335B, 7.5--HP Motor, S/N 16W005D27-004, Frame 254T, 1175-RPM, 230/460V ...[more]

Baldor VM3546 1-HP Induction Motor, S/N W1006150203, Frame 56C, 1725-RPM, 208-230/460V ...[more]

Baldor VM3546 1-HP Induction Motor, S/N W0912280173, Frame 56C, 1725-RPM, 208-230/460V ...[more]

Louis Allice 40-HP Pacemaker Induction Motor, S/N 2140800003, Frame 326T, 1775-RPM, 460V

Baldor EM2333T 15-HP Induction Motor, S/N Z1411240106, Frame 254T, 1765-RPM, 230/460V ...[more]

Baldor M3558T 2-HP Induction Motor, S/N W055/2038, Frame 145T, 1740-RPM, 208-230/460V ...[more]

  • 282 item(s)

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