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Lot 3000

Pneumatic Drills

Pneumatic Drills, (1) Sioux #1455ESBR, (1) Jet #JSM-725 (Loc. Insp.)

Sioux Pneumatic Drills, (1) #1449HPB (1) #2P2120 (Loc. Insp.)

Aro Pneumatic Drills, (1) #7851-E (1) #7903-D (Loc. Insp.)

Dotco Pneumatic Die Grinders, (Loc. Insp.)

Ingersoll Rand Model 231 1/2" Pneumatic Impact Wrench, w/ (2) 3/8" Pneumatic Ratchets (1) Mountain #MTN7228, (1) Jet #JSM-30 (Loc. Insp.)

Assorted Pneumatic Tools, Descaler, Chisel, Skirt Tool & Right Angle Drill (Loc. Insp.) ...[more]

Pneumatic Grinders, (1) Sioux #1985A, (1) Ingersoll Rand #HXD180 (Loc. Insp.)

Black & Decker Model 6571 1" Pneumatic Impact Wrench, (Loc. Insp.) ...[more]

Rad Model 7GX-R 3/4" Pneumatic Torque Wrench, (Loc. Insp.)

Pneumatic Pen Engravers, (1) Ingersoll Rand #EP 50, (1) Dayton #4CA25 (Loc. Insp.)

Dynabrade Model 40381 3/4" Belt Grinders, (Loc. Insp.)

Scott Model SM-400 Signgraver Sign Engraver, Serial Number: 4510 ; (Loc. Insp.)

Milwaukee Cat # 1201-1 1/2" Right Angle Drill, (Loc. Insp.)

Milwaukee Cat # 1007-1 1/2" Drill, (Loc. Insp.)

Hilti Cat # TM-7 3/8" Drill, (Loc. Insp.)

Milwaukee Cat # 0222-1 3/8" Drills, (Loc. Insp.)

Milwaukee Cat # 0235-1 Hole Shooter 1/2" Drills, (Loc. Insp.)

Milwaukee Cat # C-313 1/2" Drill, (Loc. Insp.)

Vacuum Base Drill Stand, (Loc. Insp.)

DeWalt Cat # DC385 Cordless Reciprocating Saw, No Battery (Loc. Insp.)

Skil Model 9845 7-9" Angle Grinder, (Loc. Insp.)

Lot of Assorted Grinding Disc, (14) 7", (26) 4" (Loc. Insp.)

Hilti Model DX200 Piston Drive Tool, (Loc. Insp.)

Biax Model 7 EL4 Electric Scraper, Serial Number: 200 040044 3653 ; (Loc. Insp.)

Biax Model 7 EL4 Electric Scraper, Serial Number: 200 040044 1186 ; (Loc. Insp.)

Hilti Model HDM 500 Manual Anchor Adhesive Dispencer, (Loc. Insp.)

Hilti Hammer Drill Bits, (3) #TE-YX 1 1/8-23, (1) 1" x 18", (1) 3/4" x 12" (Loc. Insp.)

Lot of Assorted Hole Saws, (Loc. Insp.)

Lot of Assorted Flare Tools, (Loc. Insp.)

Xytronic Supertech 999SD Soldering Station, (Loc. Insp.)

Xytronic Supertech 999SD Soldering Station, (Loc. Insp.)

Weller Soldering Guns, (1) #8200, (1) #7200 (Loc. Insp.)

American Beauty Soldering Irons, (Loc. Insp.)

Hot Air Soldering Iron, (Loc. Insp.)

Lot of Assorted Biax Scraper Bits, (Loc. Insp.)

14" x 24" Steel Surface Plate, (Loc. Insp.)

J.C. Busch 14" x 18" Cast Iron Lapping Plate, (Loc. Insp.)

Challenge 18" x 24" Steel Lapping Plate, (Loc. Insp.)

Challenge 18" x 24" Steel Lapping Plate, (Loc. Insp.)

30" x 72" Wood Top Work Bench, (Loc. Insp.)

30" x 72.5" x 5/8" Thick Steel Table, (Loc. Insp.)

30" x 60" Steel Table, w/ 4.5" Wilton Bench Vise (Loc. Insp.)

Knaack Model Jobmaster 109 2-Door Storage Cabinet, Approx. Size 60" W x 24" D x 57" H; Capacity 47.5 Cu Ft; 3-Shelves (Loc. Insp.)

30" x 72" Work Bench, (Loc. Insp.)

Lista 30" x 72" Wood Top Work Bench, (Loc. Insp.)

28" x 60" Wood Top Work Bench, (Loc. Insp.)

Lot of Assorted Gasket Punches, (Loc. Insp.)

Bear Paw 600 lb. Magnetic Handles, (Loc. Insp.)

Woods Model Powr-Grip 8" Suction Cup Lifters, (Loc. Insp.)

Bushing Removing & Inserting Sets, (Loc. Insp.) ...[more]

Allen Model M-3 Gasket Cutter, (Loc. Insp.)

Lot of Assorted Metal Stamps, (Loc. Insp.)

Lot 3053

Cable Cutters

Cable Cutters, (Loc. Insp.)

Drum Cap Seal Crimpers, (Loc. Insp.)

Lot of Assorted Pressure Gages, (Loc. Insp.)

Tracerline Model Titan TP-8100 UVIBLUE UV Lamp, (Loc. Insp.)

Snap On Model MT2500 Vehicle Communicator, (Loc. Insp.)

Cummins Model 3823610 Fuel Injection Adjustment Kit, (Loc. Insp.)

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