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Salt Lake City, Utah
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  • Ended Dec 08, 2022 10:09am MT (5:09pm GMT)

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Currency: USD
Buyer's premium: 5.00%
Sales tax: 7.75%

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954 S 4400 West Ste 390 Salt Lake City, Utah 84104 United States

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Lot 1

Gummy Bears

Albanese gummy bears approximately 216 bags

(1) Pallet of water bottles

(1) Pallet of water bottles

(5) Pallets - Kirkland signature olive oil, Cat and dog food, window AC covers, Plastic sheeting

Lot 9


(1) Gaylord - Misc furniture

Lot 10


(1) Pallet - Chair, bike, consoles

Lot 11


(1) Pallet - Chairs

Lot 12


(1) Pallet - Fireplace console, bed frame, and more

Lot 13


(1) Pallet - Christmas Tree (may be incomplete), trampoline boxes

(1) Pallet - Pool box, trampoline boxes, Abbyson, mini fridge, and more

Lot 15


(1) Pallet - Trampoline boxes

(1) Pallet - Microwave, office chair, Christmas tree, Christmas Sleigh, and more

(1) Pallet - Christmas trees, cosco folding table, patio heater, office chair, nutcracker

(1) Pallet - Chair, Christmas Tree, Evergreen porch decore

(1) Pallet - Consoles, lifetime play house

Lot 21

Misc Pallet

(1) Trampoline boxes, DeLonghi 3 in 1 portable AC, Abbyson, and more

(1) Pallet - Kids ride on forklift, chair, console, Abbyson, and more

(1) Pallet - Kids bumper cars, Zinus, Christmas decorations, Jetson hoverboard, and more

Lot 24


(1) Pallet - Multiple consoles

Lot 25


(1) Pallet - Various bedroom furniture

(1) Pallet - Various Christmas trees, Abbyson, Jetson, and more

(1) Pallet - Folding kchairs, Abbyson, Christmas decorations, and more

Lot 28


(1) Pallet - Various chairs, table, Suncast shed, and more

(1) Pallet - Multiple area rugs, inflatable castle/bounce house, EZ-Up, basketball hoop, and more

(1) Pallet - WeeHoo, Rhino Rack, Saris Freedom 2 bike, bike rack, and more

(1) Pallet - Eno hammock stand, Rocky Mounts monorail, Yakima, and more

Lot 32

Yakima, Thule

(1) Gaylord - Yakima, Thule, LA Sportiva, Desk standing & cycling desk, and more

pallet of kinetic product. kinetic control power unit, interactive trainer, pumps, weehoo and more

pallet Yakima hold up Evo 2 bike helmets tires handlebars gyro ranger much more some could be returned

pallet of swag Man semi add-on, bike rack, Yakima rack, two timer racks, dually and more some could be returned

pallet of kicker snap boost buddy gecko small bike and much more some could be returned

pallet of dorito XR, two timer hits trade, bike rack and more

pallet of split board cramp and regular dually out on kit and more

NordicTrack NTL 17916.17 treadmill

Lot 40

Two Pallets

two pallets of miscellaneous items. car mats, racking decor and more

Lot 41

Two Pallets

two pallets of HomeGoods bedding and other miscellaneously items

Lot 42


industrial cables, tooling and more

Lot 43


GL shoes and some clothing adidas, Carhartt, sorrell, Sperry, Skechers and much more

Lot 44

Misc pallet

miscellaneous GL toilet seat turkey serving platter who gives a crap toilet paper, rose vase glass crystal and more

Lot 45


pallet of shoes, clothing, weatherproof, snowpack, boots, gloves, accessories, t-shirts, backpacks, Kohl's clothing and much more

Lot 46

Misc pallet

GL beat the heat pool accessories, some HomeGoods and more

Lot 47

Pokemon etc

GL pokémon cards. Dremel tools. Tonka truck, toys, diapers, fabric patterns and more

GL has toys, paper towels, Grinch, dual moisture heating pads, stuffed animals, binders, HomeGoods filters and more

Lot 49


industrial tools, parts hoses mostly new in the box

Lot 50

two pallets

two GL's heater storage, bench, talls furniture, a few rugs and more

Lot 51

two pallets

two pallets of talls bootz kayak, yellow slides and more

Lot 52

two pallets

2gls slides, rugs canopy, Brooklyn bicycle cove, Brighton 726-in rugs and more

GL, talls and other items

Lot 54


pallet furniture. Sharon ottoman vivo stand black mobile TV, car and more

Lot 55


pallet vision Wheels DeWalt tough system tools, large speaker and other items

Lot 56


GL talls rug bumper slide and more

Lot 57

misc pallet

pallet miscellaneous items. aluminum wire, spool wheels and more

Lot 58

Misc pallet

GL talls slides, furniture and More

Lot 59

misc pallet

pallet cascading jar fountain with LED lights, padding, furniture, wheels and more