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Alliant 42S vertical milling machine 42" Table, Servo 150 X axis power feed 220/440/3ph ...[more]

Mitutoyo electronic output drop indicator code number 543-425-1digimatic mini processor, cables and paper included2 Inch range/.0001 resolution ....

Mitutoyo gage block set grade 3 Code number 516-915, set number BE1-35-3 ...[more]

Made in England gage block set up to 4 inch in wood case

Mitutoyo Digimatic 12 inch height gauge Mitutoyo digital beep test indicator, code number 192-655 ...[more]

Mitutoyo dial 8 inch height gauge 0.001"/divlinear dial caliper gauge 0.001"/divplastic digi caliper Moore & Wright 12 inch square ...[more]

Starrett 0-1" sheet metal micrometer Mitutoyo 0-1" sheet metal micrometer Mitutoyo 0-1" tubing micrometer Starrett sheet metal mic no.256, new in ...

Indicator stands Mitutoyo surface gauge Mitutoyo mag baseEclipse push button mag base ...[more]

Baker dial depth gauge, Teclock dial indicator Baker dial depth gauge with case Type E158/1B, 0.001" resolution Teclock dial indicator 0.001" reso...

Dorsey Gage Co. model TI4-006 dial indicator set, 0-1" thread micrometer set 0.0005" resolution with case 0-1 thread micrometer set, 0.001" resol...

Meyer pin gage set Model C-10 0.011 to 0.250" PLUS Range ...[more]

Tapping heads Small tapping head model JS12-J6 Larger tapping head model JS12-M16 with MT to R8 Adapter ...[more]

Tapmatic tapping heads Model R3 #0-1/4", 1/2" straight shank Model 30X #0-1/4" 1/2" straight Shank ...[more]

10 Piece angle block set and SPI bore gauge SPI Bore Gauge No.14-580-5 with Case 6-10mm Range 0.01mm Resolution ...[more]

Fowler & Phase II bore gauges 0.5" to 1.0" Range, 0.0005" resolutionPhase II No. 900-214 bore gauge range 2"-6", 0.0005" resolution ...[more]

Brown & Sharpe micrometers 3" - 6" range with boxes. 3"-4" Range, 4"-5" Range, 5"-6" Range ...[more]

Mitutoyo, Lufkin, Brown and Sharpe, import micrometers Mitutoyo 1"-2" Lufkin 2"-3" Brown and Sharpe 3"-4" NSK 3"-4" Import 2"-3" ...[more]

Mitutoyo 0-1" digital micrometers and Mitutoyo analog micrometerMitutoyo 0-1" Digi Micrometer, No. 293-761-10, 0.00005" ResolutionMitutoyo Analog ...

Shars inside micrometers, telescoping gauges, Starrett small hole gauges Shars inside micrometer 0.2-1.2" range Shars inside micrometer 1"-2" Rang...

8" Rotary table

Lot 45

5C fixtures

5C fixtures

Precision blocks & vice ...[more]

MT shank reamers

Lot 49

Counter bores

Counter bores

Lot 52



Lot 54

Vise jaws

Vise jaws

Lots 55 &56 Lathe tools & boring accessories ...[more]

Lot 56



Tap & die sets ...[more]

HSS & Carbide endmills ...[more]

Threading dies & handle ...[more]

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